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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 26 Recap

Chu Xiuming heard that Shen Jin was imprisoned in the frontier fortress, and quickly prepared his horse to return to Beijing. In the prison, the family members of the Royal Palace of Rui were cold and speechless. Only Shen Zi cursed. It was clear that she personally forced Shen Jin to go to the sedan chair, and now she personally exposes Shen Jin. Flesh guarded the general’s mansion alone, holding Qi and was extremely anxious. He used to say anything he didn’t want to share the joys and sorrows with Shen Jin. At this time, when Shen Jin was in distress, she was ten thousand anxious, and Xiao Su had to comfort her. , Chu Xiuming hurry back, Shen Jin will be fine.

When Chu Xiuming came back to ask Xiao Su to find a way, he went to see Shen Jin in the prison. The prison was cold and Shen Jin was helpless, thinking about his elbows independently of the place, not knowing whether he was thinking of the child or worrying about the safety of Chu Xiuming. Suddenly, she burst into tears when Chu Xiuming called Jin’er. The grievances she had suffered over the past few days were like floods. In an instant, thoughts and suffering were entangled with each other. They urged and confided, but there was no time for the couple to share. To tell his heartfelt feelings, Chu Xiuming hurriedly came and left, leaving Shen Jin alone.

The emperor was angry about Shen Jin’s affairs, and the ministers of the Central Government were also afraid of avoiding Chu Xiuming. No one wanted to help Chu Xiuming. Thinking about going to Chu Xiuming to find Lord Situ, and finally seeing the emperor, he would never back down with the sword on his neck, but the emperor would never tolerate the crime of deceiving the emperor, and it would be useless to ask for it. So into the night, Chu Xiuming took Chu Xiuyuan and Xiao Su to jail, and Shen Jin away. Shen Zi yelled louder than anyone else, for fear that he would not be able to call the guard, Lord Rui was furious and ordered everyone in the palace to keep silent about today’s affairs, otherwise they would not be from the palace of Rui. He is using his last ability to protect Shen Jin.

After avoiding the officers and soldiers, they ran into a group of people in black who were covered in black robes. All of them pointed at Shen Jin. After a fight, Chu Xiuming was cut and hurried out of the city with Shen Jin. Shen Jinwo has been in the wooden box for a long time, but now he is out of the city, feeling sick in his abdomen. In Wu Ruonan’s village, there is a flower master who has good medical skills, and the small village is not easy to find, so the group diverted to the small village. Uncle Hua was deaf and dumb and withdrawn, and was disfigured by a fire, so Chu Xiuming and others avoided it when he went to see the doctor. Wu Ruonan accompanied Shen Jin. Uncle Hua made a diagnosis, indicating that Shen Jin was just too frightened, and it would be fine to drink a few medicines to recuperate. Shen Jin patted his stomach lightly, boy, that’s good.

Only then did Chu Xiuming have the time to look at the village where Wu Ruonan gathered together. Although the old and weak women and children can live in peace, but compared to his fighting on the battlefield, Wu Ruonan is a true female hero. The black robe man robbed and killed Shen Jin, and he did not show up. It should have been instigated by someone. For the present plan, I should return to Beijing and stay honestly, lest the emperor will trouble him when he suspects it.

Master Liu was drinking tea in the teahouse. Two black-robed assassins came to report that they had lost Shen Jin. It seemed that killing his wife and forcing Chu Xiuming to rebel would not succeed.

Shen Jin dreamed that the heads of the people in the Royal Palace were beheaded, and woke up in a cold sweat. It turned out to be a dream. Uncle Hua brought me the soup medicine at this time, and she came right after she finished drinking Chu Xiuming. Shen Jin remembered that dream, so it was better to push all the blame on her alone, so that she would never hurt her father, mother, and Chu Xiuming. Chu Xiuming shook her hand and asked Shen Jin to rest assured that everything outside was taken care of by him, and Shen Jin only had to get the baby right now. After taking her out to relax, Shen Jin saw a bright flower, Chu Xiuming picked it for her, and found that the lace grass looked like a sky lantern. He didn’t know if he found Wu Ruonan, and he went to ask Uncle Hua. He learned that this thing was called a phoenix. I don’t know if it was related to the Eagle Clan Sky Lantern. Wu Ruonan happened to go to the Eagle Clan to walk around with darts. know.

For a long time, from Shen Jin’s jade pendant, to the jade seal of the underground palace, to the rouge buckle secret to find the sky lantern powder, now the sky lantern seems to be related to the phoenix. Following this clue, Chu Xiuming has been led to this point. The insiders behind the scenes have painstakingly didn’t know. What is the reason? Chu Xiuming was thinking about his elbow, and suddenly the figure outside the window flickered, but when he chased it out, there was no one. Wu Ruonan came to tell him that the city was safe and turned back to the room to rest.

The emperor sent someone to search through the capital but couldn’t find Shen Jin’s whereabouts, but Chu Xiuming didn’t move, there were only two possibilities. Either Chu Xiuming and Shen Jin are flying together, or both are hiding in the general’s mansion. The emperor ordered an immediate search of the general’s mansion. Master Liu rushed into the general’s mansion with a group of soldiers. The flesh couldn’t stop him. When he was about to be found that there was no one in the mansion, Chu Xiuming walked out of the bedroom.

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