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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 13 Recap

Tang Guoer came to visit Zhao’s design works as scheduled, and told Mingyuan everything he taught her every day. Mingyuan applauded for the dripping evaluation. However, Ming Yuan still remained suspicious and asked Tang Guoer to change the design on the spot. Fortunately, Wang Ye suddenly appeared and Tang Guoer was able to slip away.

Wang Ye and Mingyuan followed Tang Guoer to the cafe, and secretly observed Tang Guoer. Tang Guoer and Tian Tianze acted for them to see, completely dispelling Mingyuan’s doubts. In fact, Tang Guoer asked Tian Tian for help, every day to hide the modified design in a biscuit box and give it to Tang Guoer.

Mingyuan invited Serena to dinner through Mr. Deng’s relationship. Serena didn’t want to see Mingyuan, but when Mingyuan took out the silk scarf dyed with the hot sun, she expressed her infinite gratitude and her attitude was instant. From cloudy to sunny.

On the eve of the opening of the festival, Tang Guoer was worried that she would not be able to win and was very anxious. Li Manli mistakenly thought she was worried that Tiantian would rebel, but in fact, if Tiantian did not predict that Mingyuan would set a trap, Tang Guoer would not design things. It was about to be exposed, so she firmly believed that Tian Tian would not betray.

At the St. Martin Art Festival, Li won his wish and defeated his dead rival Zhao. Tang Guoer also officially appeared as a designer, while the defeated Mingyuan quietly left the scene to find Zhao Lange. Zhao Lange asked Sun Shu to bring Mingxin to meet Mingyuan. Unexpectedly, Mingxin escaped control and ran into Zhaolange. He threatened everyone to jump off the building. Fortunately, Mingyuan sang a childhood nursery rhyme to calm Mingxin and took the opportunity to save him. Mindful.

Ming Yuan, who was about to face the dilemma of marriage, came to the orphanage to go to Tiantian. The two opened their hearts against the background of flowers and windmills. Mingyuan congratulated Tiantian on her victory, and Tiantian told Mingyuan that she had decided to leave Li’s family and move to Zhao’s family to stay with Mingyuan forever. Mingyuan was very surprised when she heard this heartfelt remark, and she sighed with relief. . Then, Tian Tian begged Mingyuan not to let her participate in the business war with Li, but Mingyuan said that he would definitely do so, so he left in despair, leaving Tian Tian alone in place.

Wang Ye, who manages the Zhao’s marketing department, learned that Zhao’s sales problem occurred because Li Manli and other companies cut off Zhao’s sales. What made matters worse was that Zhengxi Department Store removed Zhao’s counter and focused on Li’s Wang Ye wanted to take the opportunity to bring down the Zhao clan, so he persuaded his boss to go to Zhengxi Department Store and make trouble together on the grounds that he was worried that Zhao’s high-end sales would be cut off.

Li Manli decided to treat Tiantian well and invited her to dinner, but Tian Tian was busy designing new products and refused. Innocent Tiantian didn’t know that Li Manli and Tang Guoer planned to frame her at this time. They wanted to make trouble from it, destroy Tiantian and Mingyuan’s relationship, and prevent them from being together.

Wang Ye deliberately clashed with Zhengxi Department Store, which was widely reported by the media, which caused the Zhao family to fall into a public relations crisis, and the sales were greatly reduced. Mingyuan excitedly accused Wang Ye of being arrogant, causing huge losses to the company. Guilty Wang Ye planned to resign and apologize, but Mingyuan wanted to expel him. Wang Ye’s boss pleaded for Wang Ye, and Wang Ye said that he wanted to make up for the loss of the company even if he was fired.

The old fox Zhao Lange thinks that Wang Ye cannot be fired because Wang Ye is a person who really considers the company. If Wang Ye is fired, the company will be disintegrated and face collapse. But Wang Ye must be punished severely, and Wang Ye must sincerely apologize to Zhengxi Department Store. Later, Wang Ye learned that Mingyuan had asked the agent to eat and got a specific position. He secretly sent the position to Tang Guoer so that Li Manli’s strategy could be implemented.

Mingyuan heard that Li Manli, Tang Guoer and Tiantian also came to this restaurant, and under the guidance of their colleagues, they spied the three of Lis. Ming Yuan saw that Li Manli and Tang Guoer wanted to spy on Zhao’s business secrets for Li’s every day, and “Tian Tian” nodded and agreed. Ming Yuan was cut through with a knife and was very desperate, but he didn’t know that he was caught in Li Manli’s tricks. Not really every day.

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