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Charming and Countries 浮世双娇传 Episode 39 Recap

Li Huaijin reminded the ministers that Fu Yanxin had colluded with the Chenzhou thugs, which led to the impeachment of King Wei in the court. King Wei pleaded guilty to Xue Rong, expressing that he was very responsible and willing to hand over the military talisman, resigned and returned to his hometown.

Xue Rong agreed At the request of King Wei. After the court meeting, Jiang Shao went to find Xue Rong, but Guo Fu stopped him outside. Jiang Shao was very angry. He stood outside the door and shouted to Xue Rong, asking him when he could go to court, Xue Rong Get angry and let him go.

Jiang Shao came to Jinzhan, and Jinzhan asked him about the quarrel with Xue Rong. Jiang Shao angrily told Jinzhan that Li Huaijin had shown him the will, saying that he had tolerated repeatedly in order to preserve the brotherhood with Xue Rong, but Xue Rong did not appreciate him. And to do this kind of thing, he wanted to replace Xue Rong on the throne, and then Jiang Shao came to Li Huaijin and told him that he wanted to be emperor. Li Huaijin felt that his plan was successful and said that he would do his best to help Jiang Shao.

Yuzhan went out of the palace to look for Jinzhan. Jinzhan wanted to find a chance for Xue Rong and Jiang Shao to meet, so as to eliminate the misunderstanding between their brothers as soon as possible. At this time, Yuzhan coughed up blood. She was afraid of being discovered by others.

The blood-stained handkerchief was hidden, and when he thought that he was about to die, if Xue Rong and Jiang Shao hadn’t reconciled, then Xue Rong would really be a lonely man, so he promised that Jinzhan would lead Xue Rong out of the palace. Yuzhan and Xue Rong proposed that they wanted to go to the bamboo forest together. After all, there were many good memories of them there, and Xue Rong agreed.

Xue Rong and Yuzhan came to the bamboo forest. Yuzhan asked Xue Rong to move forward first, saying that he wanted to surprise him. At this time, Xue Rong saw Jiang Shao in the bamboo forest, so he wanted to turn around and leave, but Jiang Shao stopped.

He wanted to take the opportunity to speak clearly. Jiang Shao took out the arrow Xue Rong gave him at the time and asked Xue Rong to use the arrow to exchange his real power. After a while, Xue Rong and Jiang Shao came out of the bamboo forest and each pulled the jade. Zhan and Jinzhan left without a word.

In the court hall, Xue Rong discussed with the ministers about sending troops to fight against Peng Ze. One minister voluntarily led the troops and Xue Rong was about to agree, but the other minister said that the matter should be sent by the King of Qin, which made Xue Rong very angry and decided to impose an enlistment. .

Li Huaijin intends to arrange for the dead man to assassinate Xue Rong on the way he was conquered, so that Xue Rong will never return. Xue Rong ordered the soldiers to find the thief who stole the drawings. He stayed alone in the same place. The clothes man rushed out, and Xue Rong fought with the man in black. Xue Rong was in an ambush on the way to escape. The man in black thought that Xue Rong was dead and left. Then Li Huaijin showed his will to the ministers and suggested that everyone Make the King of Qin the emperor.

Lampei told Yuzhan that Xue Rong had been attacked and was in distress. Yuzhan vomited blood and fainted on the spot. Jinzhan hurriedly found Jiang Shao and wanted him to find the missing Xue Rong, but Jiang Shao said he Unwilling to find Xue Rong, the ministers wanted to establish themselves as emperor. Jinzhan looked at Jiang Shao in front of him and felt that he was no longer the one he knew.

At night, Jiang Shao sneaked into the secret room of Li Huaijin’s house, but did not find the edict. The next day, Jiang Shao stepped into the court with the help of Li Huaijin. Master Jing said that Xue Rong was unsure about his life and death and could not immediately discuss the matter of the other new emperor. Jiang Shao immediately ordered Master Jing to be dragged down, Prime Minister Fan.

At this time, when he expressed his disagreement to choose another new emperor, Jiang Shao ordered the staff to blame Prime Minister Fan. Lan Pei told Yuzhan and Jinzhan about what happened in the court. Jinzhan came to stop Jiang Shao from continuing to blame Prime Minister Fan, but Jiang Shao still insisted on holding the enthronement ceremony three days later.

Jinzhan received the note from Chai Zhenzhen and asked her to meet at Taohua Lane. After Jinzhan came to the agreed place, she was knocked out. When she woke up, she had been tied up by Yueying. It turned out that Yueying wanted to stop. Jinzhan once again disrupted Li Huaijin’s plan and disturbed his heart, so she decided to kill Jinzhan, she cut Jinzhan’s wrist. Chai Zhenzhen learned that Jinzhan had gone to Peach Blossom Alley, so he hurried to find her and rescue her.

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