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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 6 Recap

Boya met Zhong Kui on the way home. After being ordered by Zhong Kui to check it, he did not find anything unusual. Zhong Kui asked him who he was. He was able to subdue the evil ghost curse. Boya was surprised when he heard that. Know how to use Grandpa’s spell. His grandfather is a Taoist priest. He has liked mysterious things since he was a child, so he just looked at those things when he was fine.

After Zhong Kui went back, he asked Lord Cheng Huang to help check Boya’s details. The result was the same as Boya said. This clock Kui received news from Ah Fu, Wu Qingyuan was nowhere to be seen, and Xiao Qi would also go to the bakery. Zhong Kui wondered why a female ghost appeared today, and who was actually arranging those things.

Ouyang Kai woke up early in the morning to find that Yao Muqing was sleeping next to him and ran away in fright. Zhong Kui rushed to look at Yao Muqing’s ghostly spirit and it was not very heavy. I don’t know why she cursed with evil spirits. So Zhong Kui shot the evil spirit out of Yao Muqing’s body, but soon went back.

Zhong Kui showed the female ghost’s obsession with his strength in front of Ouyang Kai’s eyes, asking him to see why the female ghost pestered them two. It turned out that the female ghost had a crush on Ouyang Kai when she was alive, but he Yao Muqing with each other, so she committed suicide without asking. She has been pestering Yao Muqing’s body ever since. Zhong Kui asked Ouyang Kai to do what he said later.

Ouyang Kai and Li Enxi ran back to the restaurant and told them about the ghost they had encountered, and Meng Xinyu comforted them that they wanted to talk to the ghost. Several people called the ghost in and asked her if she had anything to ask. Although she had made her request, the female ghost was not appreciative and had a great temper, and told them not to be nosy.

In short, where did Ouyang Kai go, where did she go, Ouyang Kai invited her home to prepare a candlelight dinner, and then tied her up. The female ghost was very angry and asked Ouyang Kai if she had forgotten herself. She went to school first. God likes Ouyang Kai. Is it because Li Enxi didn’t want her? So I asked Ouyang Kai to settle the account. This clock appeared, and the female ghost was very persistent. No matter who was in front of him, she had no regrets and wanted to talk to Ouyang Kai. Together, even if the soul is lost. Ouyang Kai prevented Zhong Kui from apologizing to the female ghost, and he remembered that the female ghost’s name was Jiaqi. Ouyang Kai and Jiaqi’s apology is just that they met too late, or they might fall in love, but he now has a sweetheart. Jiaqi knew that Ouyang Kai remembered her crush and cried so moved, Zhong Kui asked Jiaqi if only I like why Ouyang Kai chose to commit suicide, but Jiaqi didn’t know how she would die. She just heard people say that standing in the abandoned classroom in red clothes can be with the person she likes. What happened later She doesn’t remember either. This made Zhong Kui feel a little weird, so he asked Master Cheng Huang to go out and help Jia Qi investigate.

After Li Enxi woke up, he watched as he was lying on the bed of Ouyang Kai’s house and turned and walked away. There were some conditions on the way, and the street lights suddenly flickered.

Zhong Kui sent Meng Xinyu home and was asked if the person who rescued her at the birthday party was Zhong Kui, but Zhong Kui could not answer positively. She had to change the subject and gave her a piece of bread to eat, and Meng Xinyu and him both ate a piece of bread. It made Zhong Kui feel so happy, he was still feeling the sweetness when he got home.

Master Cheng Huang went back and told Zhong Kui that Jia Qi was not suicidal, and he had arranged to reincarnate. Zhong Kui felt that Jia Qi’s memory would have gaps in it. There must be weirdness. At this time, the news on TV was broadcasting the bridge and exploding. Ah Fu and Zhong Kui reported that Wu Qingyuan has not been informed, and it seems that what is happening now is related to Wu Qingyuan. The Assassin Zhong Kui remembered why Po Meng suddenly disappeared from the trial, there must be a greater secret behind this, and Ah Fu gave Zhong Kui an idea to tell Po Meng the truth.

Zhong Kui took the employee number thrown to him before Meng Po disappeared, and went to find Meng Po, but it was destroyed by Boya’s appearance, so Zhong Kui had to hide again. Po Meng also seemed to feel Zhong Kui’s arrival but did not see that he was a little bit lost.

Zhong Kui returned to the bakery and saw Xiao Qi asleep. Wu Qingyuan’s mother and Zhuo Kai said that she dreamed that Wu Qingyuan would go home, and said that she would not go back in the future. Mother Wu was worried about her son’s safety and hoped that Zhong Kui could help. Here is his news. Zhong Kui is safe, she will help, don’t worry too much. Mother Wu repeats the news of her son driving accident every day, hoping that he can return safely.

Zhong Kui and Lord Cheng Huang discussed that if this ghost had a grievance and kidnapped Po Meng to the world, and then disappeared, there must be a greater secret behind it, otherwise he should avenge his grievances.

When Zhong Kui and Cheng Huang Ye were getting a little drunk when they were drinking, they said through Jiu Jin that he felt that Meng’s mother was happy after losing her memory, especially when he was with Boya. Zhong Kui’s heart was broken. The Lord Chenghuang asked Zhuo Kai to take the opportunity to take the initiative to attack, so Lord Chenghuang gave him an idea, holding flowers and playing the piano to create anger, so as to win the favor of women.

Boya and Li Enxi saw a boy Chen Zhexuan playing the piano all day at school. His expression was very ecstatic, and the music was pleasant to the ear. Many students were attracted by his music. There was a cell phone on the piano stand showing mother’s call, but Chen Zhexuan was too involved and did not answer the call. Everyone was discussing that Chen Zhexuan was practicing piano in the piano room day and night, a bit like an evil spirit. Li Enxi looked at Chen Zhexuan a little familiar, then Boya passed by and said that he is a music genius at school to have such accomplishments, but it is still inseparable from his efforts.

Boya and Meng Xinyu seem to cooperate in the restaurant very tacitly, which makes Li Enxi feel that their home is a good match, but Meng Xinyu has always had no feeling for Boya, and I don’t know what she thinks. Li Enxi asked Meng Xinyu why, but she also thought Boya was very good, but there was a voice in her heart that always told herself not.

What Boya teaches to everyone at the university is metaphysics. His theory is that metaphysics can be explained by science, but the current scientific level cannot explain more problems temporarily.

The piano sounded in the piano room in the middle of the night, and Chen Zexuan walked over and saw that his mother was playing the piano. He also joined in.

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