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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 5 Recap

Boya sent Meng Xinyu home to want her to confess that she hoped that she could be his girlfriend. Zhong Kui saw this scene. Boya watched Zhong Kui leave with a gift and hurriedly pushed Boya away.

After Meng Xinyu returned home, he was afraid of Zhong Kui’s misunderstanding and sent him a message, but no one responded to him thinking that it might be because they had no idea about him. As a result, she was a little disappointed when she heard that the ringtone of the text message was from Boya.

After Zhong Kui returned home, King Qin Guang went there, looking at Zhong Kui, he looked a little disappointed, and said that his dignified ghost king could not even deal with a rookie.

Meng Xinyu and Li Enxi knocked down a group of people who were looking for her. Li Enxi’s mother owed them money and wanted to take her away. Zhong Kui heard Meng Xinyu’s call and disappeared suddenly from the house and rushed to the scene. He controlled the group of people with his spiritual power, and without using his hands, he could cause them headaches and scared the group to flee.

After the group of people left, Li Enxi asked her mother why she owed so much money and why she had been addicted to gambling since her father left. As a result, her mother said that she had made up her mind to quit drinking and gambling, and hoped to believe her. Li Enxi took out a card to her mother to pay her gambling debt, and her mother cried gratefully when she saw her daughter believe that she was so grateful.

King Qin Guang went to Meng Xinyu’s restaurant and asked if Li Enxi was so good at divination, could he tell Meng Xinyu about her past and present life, but Li Enxi did not have such a profound skill that she could not do it, but King Qin Guang said she could. The clock went to block her plan.

King Qin Guang and Zhong Kui said that even though Po Meng has lost her memory, her craftsmanship is still very good. The craftsmanship of bartending is really superb. Zhong Kui has a taste. It seems that their relationship is very ambiguous. Li Enxi and Meng Xinyu secretly talked about whether they would not It would be a couple, but Zhong Kui had heard all the quiet conversations. He was afraid that Meng Xinyu would misunderstand him and immediately said that he was not a couple. Li Enxi and Xiali jumped, and they could hear whispers.

Meng Xinyu wanted to find out if King Qin Guang knew herself before, but was stopped by Zhong Kui and led King Qin Guang out of the restaurant. King Qin Guang asked Zhong Kui why she knew of Po Meng’s whereabouts and did not report her. Now she is almost no different from a mortal. There is no need to keep memories for her that she shouldn’t have, but Zhong Kui is still attractive, otherwise Po Meng will not have no memory. Will love him.

Po Meng really wanted to see Zhong Kui when she was off work, but she was pursued by Boya to send her home. King Qin Guang and Lord Chenghuang both went to give Zhong Kui ideas and made him a lot of strategies for pursuing women, but they were rejected by Zhong Kui.

When Zhong Kui watched Meng Xinyu being sent home by Boya, he instantly teleported to the door of Meng’s house, but couldn’t find the topic, so Zhong Kui invited Meng Xinyu to his house for supper, which Meng Po readily accepted. King Qin Guang and Lord Chenghuang monitored their actions at home, and felt that Zhong Kui had done a good job, and they were able to invite Po Meng home.

When the two arrived home, Meng Xinyu wanted to cook and eat, but there was nothing in the refrigerator. Meng Xinyu wanted to take the opportunity to ask King Qin Guang that he had never cooked for him and wanted to test their relationship. At this time, King Qin Guang instantly took the ingredients. Teleported to the door of Zhong Kui’s house, Zhong Kui had to lie that it was the takeaway he taught.

Meng Xinyu cooks desserts for Zhong Kui to drink. Meng Xinyu looks at the atmosphere so good that Zhong Kui will confess to her, but when he sees Zhong Kui just drinking the soup and not talking, he just praises the soup she made is delicious. Without saying anything, Meng Xinyu felt that she was a little idiot, suddenly blushing ashamed of her own thoughts, and bid farewell to Zhong Kui and ran home. King Qin Guang and Lord Chenghuang asked him to chase him, and he succeeded in just one step, but Zhong Kui didn’t have the courage to do that.

After Meng Xinyu came home, Li Enxi asked the boss why he didn’t like him. Meng Xinyu didn’t figure it out. He felt that he was a boss, he didn’t feel in love, and he would have lost his memory. Who is not qualified to like others. Li Enxi relayed these words to Boya, hoping they could get together soon.

When Zhong Kui was teaching his apprentice to cook pastry in the store, he discovered that his new friend Yao Muqing was not right. The apprentice said that he would celebrate her birthday tonight. Boya also invited Meng Xinyu to join him. Zhong Kui must go and see.

Zhong Kui put on his gown and waited at the door of Meng Xinyu’s house early. Unexpectedly, Boya and Meng Xinyu were going out. Zhong Kui instantly lost his confidence and quickly hid. Chenghuangye showed up and told him to chase him or Po Meng would become someone else’s girlfriend. At this time, the two received a secret report that Wu Qingyuan appeared and told them to return to the bakery.

Boya took Meng Xinyu to Yao Muqing’s birthday party. Many people cast envy eyes and thought they were too beautiful. After the two entered, Boya was called away by a friend, leaving Meng Xinyu standing alone. Yao Muqing passed by. Po Meng looked at her with something wrong, but Yao Muqing asked her unceremoniously why she was not asked. Appeared at her birthday party and told her to get out. But Po Meng asked her why she would occupy someone else’s body, and Meng Xinyu seemed to have some spiritual power.

Zhuo Kai and Chenghuangye rushed to the bakery to see that everything was quiet, and Wu Qingyuan was nowhere to be seen. But there was a strange scene at Yao Muqing’s birthday party. A person was talking about the piano and controlling the sanity of everyone on the scene. Everyone got up to each other and Boya hurried to control that person. As a result, a plume of smoke fell from the piano player. Emerging from the top of the head, everyone was calm again.

Boya drove Meng Xinyu home and apologized to her, but when Meng Xinyu asked him why he knew how to subdue those weird powers, Boya learned it at school.

Li Enxi helped the drunk Ouyang Kai home, and saw that his family was indeed too luxurious for the rich. Unexpectedly, she just put Ouyang Kai on the sofa and Yao Muqing went. Li Enxi opened the door for her and was shocked by the ghost on Yao Muqing.

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