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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 4 Recap

In past time, Zhong Kui and others saw that Hong Chengyou had to work overtime and caused fatigue driving, but it was also because the boss failed to send out Hong Chengyou’s insurance policy in time, which resulted in no insurance compensation. In desperation, the boss tampered with the overtime data sheet privately, and transferred all the responsibility to Hong Chengyou.

Afterwards, the three of them had to go to Aping’s house to find out about the situation. Aping would rather not let his father leave. Hong Chengyou persuaded Aping to trust Meng Xinyu and Zhong Kui’s help, and he could not stay with his son forever. . Ouyang Kai was very curious about Zhong Kui’s spells. He asked long questions and short questions. Zhong Kui stunned the long-winded Ouyang Kai while he waved his hand. This also made Meng Xinyu doubt Zhong Kui’s identity, especially he could drag the ghost to the underworld. , Meng Xinyu remembered what Lu Boya had said, the god of ghosts was Zhong Kui, and Zhong Kui did not tell Meng Xinyu his true identity.

When Ouyang Kai woke up, he found that he had fallen asleep in the sports car. He could not remember what happened before. When Enxi asked, he thought Ouyang Kai was not serious.

When Enxi came to pay the fees, he saw that Gao Jiaqi was reprimanded by the school manager because of an accident at home, but Gao Jiaqi was reprimanded by Gao Jiaqi for being nosy. Ouyang Kai came to persuade the school manager to let Gao Jiaqi pay in installments. As a result, Enxi made a run. But it made Gao Jiaqi look at Ouyang Kai differently and like it.

Because Zhong Kui looks handsome and the bread is very delicious, it attracts the love of many little girls. They are eager to buy. Auntie and Meng Xinyu are very happy. Zhong Kui has to continue to make bread. Meng Xinyu is handsome by Zhong Kui making bread. The appearance was attracted, and everyone came in to take pictures together. Zhong Kui deliberately took Meng Xinyu in his arms and took pictures together. Meng Xinyu ran into the deer.

Ouyang Kai ran to learn how to make bread with Zhong Kui. He apologized to his grandmother for smashing the shop before, but the bread he made was not in front of anyone. Zhong Kui was full of people and the gap was so big that Ouyang Kai stunned. .

The boss of Hong Chengyou wanted to burn down the shop and wipe out all the evidence, and would not compensate Hong Chengyou. However, Zhong Kui brought Meng Xinyu and Ouyang Kai to come with him. When Hong Chengyou was seen by the boss, he was scared to kneel and begged for mercy and proactively confessed himself. He was willing to compensate for his mistake. Ouyang Kai couldn’t see the ghost, but he cooperated with the video of the boss’s confession. The police also rushed to take the boss away.

Zhong Kui wanted Xiao Qi and Ah Fu to take Hong Chengyou away. At the request of Hong Chengyou and Meng Xinyu, he agreed to let him see A Ping one last time. A Ping cried and cried and would not let his father leave. Zhong Kui could make A Ping and Hong Chengyou come into contact with him by using magic techniques. Hong Chengyou held Aping in his arms to comfort him, and promised to watch Aping grow up and get married on the clouds every day. A Ping hugged Hong Chengyou and did not want to throw it away. Meng Xinyu persuaded A Ping that only letting him leave is the best choice for his father, otherwise he would never be reborn, and eventually disappear into a plume of smoke. A Ping understood Meng Xin’s words and wept in tears, and agreed to let Hong Chengyou leave. Hong Chengyou disappeared and A Ping cried sadly.

Lu Boya’s shop business gradually improved under Enxi’s solicitation. In particular, many girls came to measure the tower dominoes. Lu Boya also gave Enxi a bonus for this, but Eunxi was chased by his mother for money as soon as he went out. Eun-hee was holding her schoolbag tightly for her tuition, so she pushed her mother and ran away. Enxi’s video quickly spread in the school, and they felt that she was a person who ignored her mother for money. For this reason, Li Enxi was bullied at school and no one wanted to be friends with her. Only Ouyang Kai was very good to Li Enxi. Take the initiative to bring Eun Hee to live broadcast to make money. Enxi told not to tell Meng Xinyu about her, she didn’t want Meng Xinyu to worry about her.

Meng Xinyu felt that Enxi was a little weird, so he let Zhong Kui accompany and follow Enxi. Ouyang Kai was set up in the old house as a haunted house. The live broadcast attracted everyone’s attention, but he didn’t expect to be in the room. There really was a female ghost in a red dress. The female ghost was so scared that he disappeared when he saw Zhong Kui’s arrival. Zhong Kui found that the female ghost was following the grievance. This is not her first death scene.

Yao Muqing is a joke in the Chinese Department. Many suitors hold a book every day. They are usually cold to others, but suddenly they have a birthday party, causing a sensation in the school. Yao Muqing also specializes. Give Ouyang Kai an invitation letter and go to the bakery to find Ouyang Kai.

Ouyang Kai was also curious that Yao Muqing looked coldly towards him before, but now he is indeed an idiot. Zhong Kui, who walked out of the bakery, noticed Yao Muqing’s difference, and wanted to explore her memory, but found that it was Gaped.

Meng Xinyu saw that Zhong Kui had no news for several days, and couldn’t help but want to call, but before Zhong Kui answered the call, Lu Boya arrived, and Meng Xinyu hung up the phone quickly. Seeing that Zhong Kui had been unsure of Meng Xinyu, Chenghuang made an idea for him to make a cake for Meng Xinyu and send it to him. He would surely capture his heart.

Enxi wanted to buy clothes for the live broadcast to be more attractive, but Ouyang Kai firmly opposed Enxi’s purchase of explicit clothes. At this time, he ran into Yao Muqing to buy clothes. Yao Muqing and a rich wife bid for a piece of clothing, which made Ouyang Kai. I don’t think Yao Muqing looks like Yao Muqing before.

Lu Boya invited Meng Xinyu to go shopping, once again expressed his intentions, and was willing to accompany Meng Xinyu to slowly retrieve his memories, but Meng Xinyu thought that he was not clear to anyone, and was unwilling to accept Lu Boya, Lu Boya Suddenly embraced Meng Xinyu, and it happened to be seen by Zhong Kui who was here to deliver the cake.

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