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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 36 Recap

After Chi Tiecheng killed Muto and Bai Songqi, he was promoted to major. Although Su Wenqian had contributed, he refused to join or receive the Medal of Cloud. Qin Henian brought Xiaoxue into the big world. Li Beifa and the others had a headache, so they could only search in different areas. Principal Fang wanted to be with Li Beifa because they were uneasy about their abilities.

Su Wenqian took the lead in finding the medal left by his father and asked Chi Tiecheng who he was going to kill. Chi Tiecheng said that even if he told him, it was too late. Su Wenqian was very excited to learn that Chi Tiecheng’s goal was Qin Henian, he could not kill Qin Henian, because Xiaoxue was his daughter, and he was the grandfather of Chi Tiecheng’s daughter!

People in the jellyfish group were looking for a target in the crowded crowd. Chi Tiecheng refused to believe that Xiaoxue was his daughter. He was clearly Su Wenqian’s daughter. Su Wenqian explained that the father column on Xiaoxue’s student status list was empty for three years. Xiaoxue was teased by his classmates before writing Su Wenqian’s name on it. Qin Zishu also had Chi Tiecheng in his heart.

Chi Tiecheng couldn’t turn around for a while, Su Wenqian told him that Xiaoxue’s birthday let him count the time. He felt that Chi Tiecheng was not worthy of being Xiaoxue’s father. Su Wenqian has no time. If Chi Tiecheng wants his daughter to hate him to the bone, kill Qin Henian. Chi Tiecheng was not calm, and quickly left with Su Wenqian.

Murder was hidden in the lively amusement park. Principal Fang gradually lost his patience and began to complain. Li Beicai told him that the first task was the principle that Chi Tiecheng gave them iron strikes, and he would never violate it. Shan Leng told Chi Tiecheng that the second assassination operation had failed, but they all went to the Great World to hunt down. Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng hurried to the Great World. Shan Leng asked Li Bei Rai to stop immediately. Xiaoxue was playing happily on the carousel. Principal Fang tried to prevent Li Bei Rai from stopping.

Ouyang Xiangling and Qin Zishu rushed to the big world and started looking for people aimlessly. Principal Fang told Li Beifa that as long as he completes the task with his own hands, he was in his early days, but Li Beifa didn’t care about fame. Principal Fang mentioned the task. The action criterion of the jellyfish group was to complete the task at all costs, and Li Beifa hesitated.

Leng Qiao blew the whistle after spotting Qin Zishu. Li Beifa immediately picked up the gun. Xiaoxue heard Qin Zishu’s voice and changed to shout. Li Beifa shot and hit Xiaoxue’s spaceship under the constant encouragement of Principal Fang. Xiaoxue was at stake, Qin Henian wanted to step forward very anxiously, and the scene was chaotic.

At the critical moment, Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng drove in on a motorcycle, and Section Chief Cao and others surrounded him. Su Wenqian rescued Qin Henian after finding a muzzle in the dark, but Chi Tiecheng saved him. It’s snowing. Chi Tiecheng watched Xiaoxue panicked, and Qin Zishu rushed forward desperately. Ouyang Xiangling found that Chi Tiecheng wanted to take a gun. Su Wenqian quickly stopped. Chi Tiecheng left Qin Zishu’s ear at the old place and ran away.

Qin Henian was safely escorted back, but Su Wenqian and Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter did not whereabouts. Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling led people to find them for a long time. Qin Henian wanted to find Xiaoxue and Qin Zishu.

The director hurriedly stopped him, but Qin Henian refused to listen. Section Chief Cao agreed with them because the jellyfish group refused to assassinate Qin Henian publicly and did not cause accidents to the enemy. The opportunity should be no problem. Ouyang Xiangling felt that it was not necessarily Su Wenqian who took Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, they should go to see Chi Tiecheng.

Qin Zishu took Xiaoxue to the church, and Chi Tiecheng’s piano sound came from inside, and Qin Zishu asked Xiaoxue to wait outside to find him. Chi Tiecheng played Qin Zishu’s favorite song but was stopped by Qin Zishu. Such a song full of sincerity should not be played by a pair of blood-stained hands. The six relatives of Chi Tiecheng didn’t recognize killing innocents. Isn’t it cold-blooded enough? ! Chi Tiecheng said that he was not the one who wanted to kill Qin Henian.

When Section Chief Cao learned of Chi Tiecheng, Xiaoxue’s biological father was very surprised, and he did not understand how Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng’s duel had joined forces to save lives. Ouyang Xiangling guessed that Su Wenqian had concealed that Xiaoxue was his daughter from Chi Tiecheng.

Things. Ouyang Xiangling remembered that Su Wenqian had told her to go back to the Public Security Bureau to get two letters if she didn’t receive a call, and quickly returned to the bureau. Chi Tiecheng said that he had skipped his own mission this time. Qin Zishu refused to believe it, she clearly felt that Chi Tiecheng followed her home yesterday, and he even used Xiaoxue to design a trap!

Chi Tiecheng began to quibble. He kept saying that because he was being monitored by the Bureau of Secrecy, he couldn’t do anything. The bureau’s order was that Yin Qiansu and Qin Henian must die. Chi Tiecheng chose to save Qin Henian, but he did not expect to be in the game. Still have a back hand. Qin Zishu gradually believed the nonsense of Chi Tiecheng, Xiaoxue walked in curiously, and was surprised to see Chi Tiecheng.

Qin Zishu told Xiaoxue that Chi Tiecheng was not an uncle cake, but her father. Chi Tiecheng eagerly hoped that Xiaoxue would come to him, but Xiaoxue refused to believe that if he was his father, why had he forgotten the appointment? But Chi Tiecheng didn’t understand those letters at all, Su Wenqian appeared in time to relieve the siege, Xiaoxue rushed into Su Wenqian’s arms, Chi Tiecheng was jealous.

Xiaoxue asked Chi Tiecheng what he had agreed with Chi Tiecheng in the fifteenth letter, but those letters were written by Su Wenqian. Where did Chi Tiecheng know. Looking at Su Wenqian and Xiaoxue as father and daughter, Chi Tiecheng felt jealous. Su Wenqian took Chi Tiecheng and left, leaving a note in Xiaoxue’s hand before leaving.

Qin Henian went to Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue’s house. Seeing such a simple environment, Qin Henian immediately made up his mind to pack up their things and take them back. Ouyang Xiangling and Section Chief Cao returned to the bureau and found the two letters left by Su Wenqian.

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