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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 35 Recap

Su Wenqian refused to fight Chi Tiecheng any more, and Chi Tiecheng refused to let him go. He had no idea where the task was. Chi Tiecheng asked Su Wenqian to win and told him where the mission was. He ordered two bullets from Shanlin, one for each of them, but before the start, he told him something in Shanlin’s ear. Principal Fang invited Qin Henian to his office and said that he had admired him for a long time, and said that there was something wrong today, so he left Xiaoxue.

Principal Fang found an excuse to say that the Bureau of Education is going to inspect the school and the winning composition should be carved into a blackboard. Qin Henian took Xiaoxue and left. Qin Henian wanted to see Xiaoxue’s composition. Xiaoxue held the composition for a long time before giving it to him. The award-winning composition was my father, and Qin Henian was a little surprised when he saw it.

Li Beifa learned that the person had been kept and let Leng Qiao and Duan Zhenpeng wait on their way to the Great World. Su Wenqian got the bullet and officially started a duel with Chi Tiecheng. Qin Henian accompanied Xiaoxue to write a blackboard. Xiaoxue asked him if he hated her father. Why would he hate him after he had never seen him?

Qin Henian asked Xiaoxue who had never seen her father, but why did he believe that he was the best person in the world. Xiaoxue said that because Qin Zishu and Su Wenqian kept saying this, Su Wenqian was like her father living by her side every day. Qin Henian also saw that Su Wenqian had taken care of Xiaoxue very well. If Chi Tiecheng treated Xiaoxue as well as Su Wenqian, even half of it was wrong.

Qin Zishu took Ouyang Xiangling to Kailexi’s room, and the manager told them that he had gone to Hong Kong on leave. Section Chief Cao received a report that he had lost a military vehicle. He Fei, who he sent to protect Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, also returned, saying that Ouyang Xiangling had taken Qin Zishu away.

Section Chief Cao quickly asked about Jiang Lan’s situation, and was told that she had been sent by Ouyang Xiangling and did not go to the printing factory to print the wanted warrant. Ouyang Xiangling went to Chi Tiecheng’s room and restored his alarm measures through the leftover silk thread, but Chi Tiecheng was not cleaned up during the evacuation.

Ouyang Xiangling was a little confused. She must have missed something, but couldn’t catch it for a while. To. Ouyang Xiangling opened the window of the attic and suddenly realized his plan to call Qin Henian’s house and was told that he had gone to Songjiang Primary School. When Chief Cao was wondering, he received a call from Ouyang Xiangling, telling him that the second target of the jellyfish group was Qin Henian, and Qin Zishu fainted when he heard these words.

Section Chief Cao rushed to Songjiang Primary School. Qin Zishu was very excited when he woke up. Ouyang Xiangling asked her to wait here first, and he wanted to rush to Songjiang Primary School. The manager said that Chi Tiecheng’s last work was being baked, and Ouyang Xiangling once again noticed the abnormality, and hurriedly went into the kitchen to take out the bread, there was a bomb in it! Shan Leng called Li Bei Fa to ask about the action plan.

Li Bei Fa told the truth. Chi Tiecheng also told Shan Leng to cancel his advance order. As long as he could complete the task, it would be fine even if Xiaoxue was injured. After solving the bomb, Ouyang Xiangling and Qin Zishu hurried to the Qin’s house, but Qin Henian hadn’t returned yet. Qin Zishu wanted to go to school. Ouyang Xiangling quickly stopped. Section Chief Cao has already taken someone over. They are waiting here. Good choice.

After Xiaoxue finished writing on the blackboard, he bounced around and pulled Qin Henian to go to the big world. Li Beifa found the target and set off to prepare for action. Section Chief Cao also rushed to the elementary school. When Duan Zhenpeng drove a Communist Party car into Qin Henian, Section Chief Cao stopped him at all costs. Qin Henian and Xiaoxue were safe. go away. Li Beicai did not give up, intending to drag the police to let Leng Qiao and others go to the Great World to continue their mission.

Section Chief Cao and others have entered the room where Li Beicao is hiding, but Li Beicao has left early, and they have found nothing. Li Bei rafted in the principal Fang’s car, and Ouyang Xiangling received a call saying that Qin Henian and Xiaoxue were safe for the time being. The enemy had already escaped and they were likely to continue the assassination. Li Beifa was very angry when he learned that the action failed again.

Principal Fang cursed Chi Tiecheng while driving, but Li Beica couldn’t bear to interrupt him. Qin Zishu thought for a long time and still couldn’t think of where Qin Henian and Xiaoxue could go. Ouyang Xiangling calmed her down and Qin Zishu finally thought that yesterday Qin Henian said that he would take Xiaoxue to the big world. Section Chief Cao got the news and hurried to the Great World. Qin Henian didn’t let Adjutant Zhou in, and took Xiaoxue into the big world. Later, Leng Qiao and Duan Zhenpeng also arrived, and Ouyang Xiangling, Qin Zishu, and Section Chief Cao were all racing to arrive. The old man hid a special gift in the duel site. Whoever finds it first according to the prompt will win.

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