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Meeting You 謝謝讓我遇見你 Episode 19 Recap

Xia Rui and Nan Xi sandwiched Chen Hao, and finally put this little ancestor to sleep. This kind of picture looked like a family of three. Nan Xi insisted on holding Chen Hao and sleeping on the sofa. Xia Rui secretly looked at his sleeping face and couldn’t help but kiss him, as if she had done something wrong, she quickly ran back into the room with a guilty conscience and joy.

The early morning sun awakened Xia Rui. In Chen Hao’s “relentless” complaints, she carefully grinds coffee, for fear of waking Nan Xi. Chen Hao was young, and although he was a bit precocious under Mr. Shao’s ears and eyes, Xia Rui still didn’t worry about leaving him at home alone, and wanted to leave Chen Hao to Cheng Erluo for the time being.

At this time, Cheng Erluo was ignorant of Zhao Yishu as usual. When Tian Rui mistook him for Zhao Yishu’s boyfriend, Cheng Erluo’s hasty explanation made Zhao Yishu angry. Cheng Erluo didn’t care about Zhao Yishu’s falling in love with others. In his consciousness, the addition of anyone would not affect their relationship, but this was exactly what Zhao Yishu didn’t want to hear.

Xia Rui originally handed Chen Hao to Cheng Erluo to take care of him, but he only stared at the competition for a while, allowing Chen Hao to find a chance to sneak into Nan Xi’s class. Chen Hao used his brother-in-law’s status and whether his family would accept Nan Xi in the future, threatening the other party to accompany him, nicknamed it is to inspect her boyfriend for his sister, but it is a pain of “self-inflicted”.

Nan Xi took Chen Hao to drink coffee. By coincidence, he learned that he also had a deep understanding of coffee, so he took him to try a variety of coffees one by one, and made notes about coffee in different shops. Although Chen Hao complained, thinking of the endless homework and Nan Xi’s intentions at home, he had to sacrifice his life to accompany the gentleman.

At this time, Xia Rui was comforting Zhao Yishu, after all, Cheng Erluo’s dullness seemed to be an incurable disease. After so many years, Zhao Yishu has not known how many times he has tried, whether it is hinted or explicitly, but Cheng Erluo has not been moved.

This time, Zhao Yishu really intends to give up. After all, no matter how slow people are, they should react under such obvious performance. The only possibility that Zhao Yishu could think of was that Cheng Erluo really didn’t have any thoughts for her, and she didn’t want to pierce the window paper completely, at least maintain the status quo or continue to be friends.

Xia Rui felt distressed for Zhao Yishu but couldn’t do anything. While she was gritting her teeth, Mr. Shao made a call and lost her square inch. Mr. Shao suddenly came to pick up Chen Hao in advance, but Nan Xi’s phone number was lost. If Mr. Shao knew that she had lost Chen Hao and lived with Nan Xi, Xia Rui could not believe the consequences.

Xia Rui let Zhao Yishu and Cheng Erluo separate, and the whole school searched for Nan Xi and Chen Hao to find nothing, but finally met Yang Yufei to find out their whereabouts. When Xia Rui took Cheng Erluo to the cafe, Nan Xi and Chen Hao happened to have just left. They didn’t care about Zhao Yishu who was coming, and hurried to the direction where Nan Xi left.

When Xia Rui saw Nan Xi in front of him and shouted, the other party actually took Chen Hao faster and faster. Eventually, the reality was in Xia Rui’s vision. When they appeared again, Chen Hao seemed to have reached a consensus with Nan Xi, never Revealing what happened today to Xia Rui, it seems that Nan Xi’s behavior today is precisely preparing a surprise for Xia Rui.

Finally, Chen Hao, the little demon, was sent away without any risk. Nan Xi and Xia Rui also left side by side, and Zhao Yishu ignored Cheng Erluo’s leaving alone. Unfortunately, the dull Cheng Erluo still didn’t know why Xia Rui and Zhao Yishu didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

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