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Insect Detective 破茧 Episode 1 Recap

Police Officer Liang and Police Officer Tang’s faces were stung by a hornet and their noses were blue and swollen. They found Tan Jingtian and asked him where he had been last night. Tan Jingtian went to the People’s Park to catch the hornet. His scientific name is Hu Feng.

The one who stung them is Hu Feng. Tan Jingtian said he was experimenting with Hu Feng, but they broke in. Officer Chen told them to send Tan Jingtian to the hospital, but Tan Jingtian said nothing. Tan Jingtian said that he was doing the experiment, in case he was treated by the doctor. The experiment was done in vain.

Jin Ling and Doctor Wen drove home after eating the barbecue. Doctor Wen asked Jin Ling to take a good rest, and she would have experience in the future. After all, this was the first autopsy.

When Tan Jingtian was questioned by Officer Liang, he interviewed Officer Li and Officer Tang how they reacted after they were stung. At this time, Officer Li asked Tan Jingtian why Tang Shaopeng called him before he died. Tan Jingtian didn’t know that Tang Shaopeng was dead, but Officer Li Asked him why Tang Shaopeng’s phone book recorded that Tan Jingtian was actually Liu Ying’s name.

At this time, Officer Li posted a video to Tan Jingtian. In the video, Tan Jingtian went to a place and stole a bucket of things. Tan Jingtian said it was lamb. At this time, Officer Li Q. Tan Jingtian The Fijian iguana was eaten by marching ants.

Only Tan Jingtian raised the marching ants in the entire institute. It must be Tan Jingtian who let the marching ants eat the Fijian iguanas in order to destroy the evidence. At this time, police officer Tang was sent urgently because of a bee venom attack To the hospital, officers Liang and Tan Jingtian were left.

At this time, the two had an attack of bee venom, but Tan Jingtian said nothing to go to the hospital in order to study the whole process after the attack of bee venom. Officer Li also insisted on bee venom and asked why Tan Jingtian wanted to kill Tang Shaopeng.

At this time, Tan Jingtian was also unconscious, and Officer Li did not wake up afterwards.

After Tan Jingtian’s bee venom improved, he asked Jin Ling that Tang Shaopeng might have died after being bitten by a bullet ant, but Jin Ling said that Tang Shaopeng died after being restrained. Tan Jingtian said that Tang Shaopeng knew Tan Jingtian was a researcher on insects, so he met him on the Internet. Tan Jingtian said that the bite death of bullet ants ranked first, and that Hu Feng ranked third. Just ask Officer Li and Officer Tang to know about bullet ants. How powerful is it?

Captain Chen asked Jin Ling to investigate whether the deceased had any traces of insect bites.

Dr. Xie found Dr. Wen for breakfast. Dr. Xie said that Jin Ling sent several people to the hospital. They were all stung by Hu Feng. Dr. Wen hurriedly asked if there was anything wrong with Jin Ling. Dr. Xie looked at Dr. Wen and asked him or Wouldn’t it be better to ask for your own phone number?

The TV news reported that Tang Shaopeng’s death had been broken. Tang Shaopeng’s grandmother cried silently in front of the TV series. Shen Sanxiang was also watching the news, and Liu Ying did the same. Officer Li was looking at the surveillance system placed in Tang Shaopeng’s home.

Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling were also watching. Shen Sanxiang was keeping care of all Tang Shaopeng’s insects and alien pets. Tan Jingtian applied for an account for Officer Li in the heterogeneous pet forum, and Jin Ling decided to chat in the forum to find clues about the case.

Jin Ling asked Tan Jingtian why he wanted the police to arrest him, as the bait called out the real murderer. Tan Jingtian said that if one day he answers Tang Shaopeng’s phone, he will be fine.

Officer Li and Officer Tang went to a courier company to check a bullet ant express that was sent to China. The sender was Germany, but the recipients were all space accounts and they could not find themselves. They could only trace clues from Germany.

Jin Ling and Tan Jingtian said that Captain Chen had already applied for Tan Jingtian as an expert consultant, so that Tan Jingtian could feel at ease in investigating the case and whitewash him, but Tan Jingtian thought these were boring.

At this time, someone responded to Jin Ling’s online message, Tan Jingtian. While teaching Jin Ling how to reply to the other party, many of Tan Jingtian’s replied words seemed very pitiful. Jin Ling said that Tan Jingtian could be a screenwriter, but Tan Jingtian said that these were all his personal experiences. After Jin Ling heard this, she felt a little reckless and hurt Tan Jingtian.

Tan Jingtian and Jin Ling fished a person on the Internet to a spot where they monitored it secretly, but this person was hooked. Officer Li on the other side also captured the recipient of the bullet ant.

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