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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 13 Recap

In the 2004 China Go jihad quarterfinals, Yu Liang played against Fang Xu. If Yu Liang wins this game, he will be able to reach the semi-finals. However, his senior said that he would not let him go, and Yu Liang also said that he would go all out. Time was serious in the entrance test of Yijianghu Dojo, but Chu Ying looked very anxious and wanted to help but was rejected. He felt that time was lost, and he disappeared if he couldn’t stand it. At this time, the teacher in the dojo understood the strength of time and asked him to go back and wait for news. Shi Shi felt that he was not performing well and his mother was walking back. The teacher behind him came out and asked him whether the chess book he had left was played one-to-three at the same time. Shi Shi nodded and said yes. The teacher said that he would give him a result within a week.

When I returned home, I saw the introduction of supernova in the book, and I couldn’t help exclaiming that Chu Ying’s crossing was due to the explosion of supernova. This kind of supernova appeared twice in history, once in Nanliang and once in Qing Dynasty. Ze Yaori, Chu Ying said that the day he left might be Geze Yaori. Time said that the two times were right, and Chu Ying traveled to the present because of this Geze day.

When time came to school, everyone gathered around and asked him how he did in the exam. He was not confident enough to say that the exam was OK. Everyone was very happy for him. Gu Yu saw him but turned around and left. Jiang Xueming explained that if Gu Yu knew he had passed the exam. I’m sure I won’t be angry. When time came home, I heard my mother said that no one contacted him and couldn’t help being very frustrated. Chu Ying felt that it was pitiful for him to be asked by a large number of people every day. Later, when I saw Jiang Xueming, Wu Di and others at school, he avoided them, for fear that they would be questioned again.

It has been several days for the dojo, but there has been no news. Time feels like it’s gone. Chu Ying comforted him to take the exam next year. If it doesn’t work next year, it will be the next year. After time, the mood is even worse. Suddenly the teacher asks him to get up to answer the question. He can’t answer the question. The teacher mocks the time when he is going to be a professional chess player. The player can’t sit still in class now, and he asked whether he can eat as a game of chess. Chu Ying was very angry when he heard that, and loudly said that Xiaoguang would be a professional chess player if he was more talented than them. Although others couldn’t hear Chu Ying’s words, he couldn’t help feeling very warm when he was so excited to speak for himself.

In the evening, the news of Fang Xu Jiudan’s victory in the early stage of Yu Liang’s victory in the chess match was broadcast on TV. Chu Ying deliberately blocked the TV, and when he lay on the sofa, he said that he had seen it a long time ago. Everyone is participating in this kind of competition. He felt uncomfortable not even entering the dojo. At this time Mom came back, and she excitedly showed him a big envelope. Shi Shi didn’t dare to open it for his mother, but he quickly changed his mind and took the envelope and quickly opened it. Inside was the admission notice of the dojo. Shi Shi was overjoyed when he saw it, and a big stone finally fell to the ground.

Shizhao and his mother went to the school to go through the suspension formalities. He went to find Wu Di and the others to say goodbye. As a result, the classroom and the Go club were searched but no one was seen. He wondered if they were hiding from him. At this time, someone called him behind him. Turning around, Wu Di, Jiang Xueming, He Jiajia and others are looking at him with a smile while holding the cake.

At the press conference, Fang Xu announced that he would build a Go club for young people with an average age of no more than 17 years old. This will be another pioneering work of Wei Da. He will also invite teacher Yu Xiaoyang to the Wei Da GC team as a coach. When time reported to the dojo, his enthusiastic roommate Hong He led him to the dormitory. He took out a gift from his classmates and hurriedly put it away as soon as one of the pennants read Yu Liang Nemesis, but was seen by the sharp-eyed Hong He. He told Hong He that he had beaten Yu Liang years ago, and Hong He told others about it.

One day I played chess with the second-to-last girl on the dojo list. The girl won but cried away. When other people saw Yu Liang’s nemesis at this level, they said that Hong He’s story was fabricated. That girl has been here for half a year, but only won one game. She was not confident enough to stay and left with the suitcase. Other students bet on how long they can stay in the bottom of the ranking, but Hong He proposed to bet when the time will rise from the second group to the first group. I didn’t win a game in the dojo, and when I was laughed at by my classmates, I wanted to retreat. Chu Ying encouraged him not to give up.

After Yu Liang lost the game, he shut himself in the room. When his father came back, he went to see him but found that he was playing puzzles. He asked him angrily how he lost such a simple chess game. He lost the game and found the reason. Not doing his job properly, Yu Liang said that he was a little immobile, and his father was even more annoyed when he heard that and turned away.

Fang Xu took Yu Liang to the dojo to see how the young Chong Duan played chess. Maybe he could find motivation. Yu Liang walked to the chess room and saw the time when he turned his back to practice chess. At this moment, Hong He walked over and saw him and greeted him with a smile. Yu Liang turned and left without responding. Hong He walked in and told Shi Shi that Yu Liang was here.

Shi Shi hurriedly chased him out. He told Yu Liang that he would never give up chasing him. Although it was a bit difficult now, Yu Liang was not afraid of time chasing him. When Shi chased him where he was. He was no longer there. The meeting between the two once again inspired each other’s fighting spirit. Fang Xu and Chu Ying were very happy to see this scene.

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