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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 12 Recap

In the LP Cup World Go King Tournament, Yu Xiaoyang defeated South Korean players to win the world championship. While sitting in front of the TV, I heard the host say that the hand that caused the game to reverse was called the hand of God by netizens. He was happy that when the hand of God finally appeared, Chu Ying said it was not. This step was as early as he had expected. Inside. In an interview with the media, Yu Xiaoyang also said that that step was not part of the gods, but any top player can make such a counterattack. Time doubts whether the hand of God really exists, and Chu Ying believes it exists.

When I wanted to become a professional chess player, I went to Yijianghu Dojo to sign up the next day, but the staff said that he was late and the number was full. But there is another way to sign up, and that is to ask people with more than five paragraphs to recommend. Time thought that Mr. Shirakawa was in the fifth dan professional, but the staff said that the fifth dan was not included. Shirakawa called to ask Mr. Shirakawa to get a promotion quickly, and Shirakawa promised to help him find a way. After that, Shirakawa asked Fangxu’s Jiudan for help. Fangxu had an impression of the Go prodigy and heard that he hadn’t settled the stage before he agreed.

Several new members came to the Go Club. Seeing the team grow, Jiang Xueming is confident about the next Go League between schools. She heard that Shi Shi wanted to become a professional chess player and went to the dojo and asked him if he had signed up. Shi Shi said she wanted to report but didn’t catch up. Jiang Xueming couldn’t help but feel relieved, because this year’s rules have changed and he wants to take a professional test. Teenagers are not allowed to participate in the Go tournament. Last year many schools felt unfair because of Yu Liang’s affairs. She asked Time again if he had signed up and he said he hadn’t reported.

When he got home, Chu Ying asked him why he didn’t tell the truth in the Go Club. Shi Shi argued that he didn’t tell the truth, and the dojo did not report his name. Chu Ying said that there is hope for Shirakawa Teacher to agree to help him. That day, Shi Shi was playing chess with the new members in the chess club. Suddenly, he received a call from the dojo informing him to take the entrance test. After hearing about it, Shi Shi was very pleasantly surprised.

When he looked back, he saw that all the people in the chess club looked at him. Jiang Xueming said that he could not participate in the league when he went to the dojo. Time knows that the league is very important to them, but this opportunity is also very important to him. Gu Yu satirized him on the surface and behind the other things, and he was so tired for him, Jiang Xueming was also disappointed in him.

On the way home, Chu Ying reminded him that the shoelace was opened when he was in a low mood. He bowed his head and tied his shoelace and sat on the ground. He told Chu Ying that he had to go to the dojo, and Chu Ying was surprised that he could not easily get the exam qualification. How can I give up? Time worrying about what to do when I go to the dojo club.

Chu Ying comforted him that more people would go to the chess club, and they could also take the first place, and they were good friends and would not blame him. After that, when I went to the Go club, everyone was very indifferent to him. He met Wu Di at the school gate. Wu Di gave him a note. The words written on it were exactly what Chu Ying encouraged the confused Wu Di. Wu Di didn’t know what these words were actually. Written by time, time is very warm after reading.

Then time asked Wu Di, He Jiajia and Gu Yu to go to the chess club to play chess. He would not go to the dojo if he lost one-on-three. Time has won Wu Di and Gu Yu lost to He Jiajia. He has won two wins and one loss as agreed. He Jiajia said that it is very good that time is one-to-three. If one-on-one he may not win, let him go to the game and wait for his good news. Wu Di also encourages time to believe that he will become a professional chess player. Jiang Xueming’s anger disappeared. She told Time that his dream was also the dream of all of them. Don’t forget to come back and say it when it is realized. Shi Shi nodded and said that she was her lifelong friend.

However, time’s mother did not agree with him to go to the dojo. The emotional time ran against his mother. He liked Go for three years. No matter how his mother blocked him, he had to sign up and ran back to his room. Chu Ying said that time talk was a bit too much for him to apologize to his mother, so he walked to the door of his mother’s room, bowed his head to the closed door and admitted his mistake, and said something from the bottom of his heart, hoping that his mother could support him.

On the day of the exam, Time went to the teacher to get the file but was told that his mother had taken it away. He intends to take the exam first. If he fails the exam, it will be useless. If he passes it, he will prove himself to his mother. When I came to the gate of the dojo, I was surprised to see my mother waiting for him. My mother returned the file to him, saying why he didn’t tell her that the tuition fee was expensive. This is not naughty.

It turns out that my mother didn’t fall asleep and heard what he said last night, and she deliberately said something ruthless. If he doesn’t play chess in the future, he will sell vegetables and carry a gas tank, and will not let him go back to school. Finally understand and support myself can not help but smile happily. At this time the exam bell rang, and time hugged my mother and ran into the dojo.

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