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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 11 Recap

Time and Gu Yu were remembered once by life teacher Shen Yilang because of absenteeism. Gu Yu, who came to the training camp to relax, felt that it was necessary to be so strict. . As a result, Shen Yilang called them up the next morning at a fixed point. It turned out that he could wake up at the time and the alarm clock was set for them. Time couldn’t help sticking out his thumb, sleepily saying that the go player is cruel.

On this day, the training camp organized them to take a day trip to the nearby ancient town of Go. Chu Ying asked Xiaoguang if this mountain was called Wangyou Mountain. Time looked at the scenic spot brochure and said it was Wulu Mountain, but Chu Ying felt that this place was very familiar, much like the place where he and Xiaobailong retreat. They were still there. A small tree was planted in the retreat.

After entering the scenic spot, the teacher urged everyone to go together. This place is relatively large in case it gets lost and is hard to find. Time did not play with them. He went alone to find the tree that Chu Ying had planted in the past. Chu Ying remembers that there was a spring in front of the door, an apricot forest behind the house, and an ancient temple on the top of the mountain. Never fall.

As a result, he didn’t see the springs or temples for a long time. He was so tired that he sat on the ground and said where Chu Ying had planted the trees, but Chu Ying couldn’t remember. When I couldn’t find it, I prepared to go back with Chu Ying. Suddenly a bell rang in my ears, and the two of them continued to move forward, but they didn’t find a sign on the roadside to tell the tourists to stop. They went on to see a towering ancient tree. The broken stone table under the ancient tree was engraved with a chessboard. Time seems to have seen the scene of Chu Ying and Xiao Bailong playing back then. Chu Ying stretched out his hand to touch the ancient tree and couldn’t help feeling thousand.

The bus is about to return, but time has not yet returned, Gu Yu called him anxiously but failed to get through. Shen Yilang asked the bus to go back first, and he and Gu Yu and others went to find time. Time walked around but always saw a pavilion, Chu Ying couldn’t remember the way, and it seemed that they all looked the same. The sun seems to be setting, and time is worried that they won’t be able to go down the mountain as soon as it gets dark.

Chu Ying asked him to call Jiang Xueming, but he found a way but still didn’t have it. Suddenly he saw a public telephone booth on the roadside ahead, and went to pick up the phone to dial. Who knew that Jiang Xueming’s number was not in the service area, and he didn’t get through to Gu Yu. He didn’t know that they were looking for him in the mountains at this time.

Chu Ying asked Shi Shi to call Yu Liang, but Shi Shi was angry that he was trapped in this mountain and would not call this guy. At this time, Yu Liang was sitting in the car going to the concert. He received a call from Time, saying that he was lost and trapped in the mountains. He wanted Yu Liang to help Shen Yilang and they call him. He just said The phone at his location was disconnected, and Time was so angry that he put down the phone and left. He couldn’t go out if he didn’t believe it, but Yu Liang called back but it was busy.

It’s getting dark, and time goes around but always can’t get around the pavilion. He is scared to say that something is not going to hit the wall. Chu Ying blames himself if it’s not because of Xiaoguang, he wouldn’t be trapped in the mountain. . Time does not blame him for just worrying about the danger in the mountains at night. Chu Ying suggested that he sleep in a tree so that he could avoid the beasts.

Time went to climb a tree but didn’t climb it, and suddenly he saw Yu Liang standing by the pavilion. Time was curious about how he found him. It turned out that Yu Liang called Telecom and asked about the location of the phone booth. Time saw that he was dressed very formally, so he smiled and said that he was very important to him, and he was exhausted from climbing in small leather shoes. Yu Liang was very annoyed when he heard that he said that he was an idiot + Lu Chi doing everything to mess with others. As time went by, he was inexplicably angry, and he turned back. He didn’t want to come. Suddenly, a beam of light dazzled them and made them dizzy. It turned out that Shen Yilang and others had found it with a flashlight.

After returning home, in order to thank Yu Liang, Shiguang bought a Go book for him. Gu Yu told Shi Guang that Shen Yilang was deducted from Wang Chong’s early report because of a work error. When Time couldn’t help but feel the fire, he came up with a trick to rectify Wang Chong. He put something in Wang Chong’s tea cup, Chong drank and hurried to the toilet when his stomach became uncomfortable. Who knows that time, they occupied the toilet seat in advance. Wang Chong covered his stomach and was uncomfortable. In the end, he couldn’t help but went to the women’s toilet. When he came out, he saw The girl walked away embarrassedly, laughing while covering her mouth outside.

Time went back to the dormitory, and saw that Shen Yilang was packing his things to return to the dojo in advance, so he offered to play with him, and Shen Yilang readily agreed. Shen Yilang is very capable, Chu Ying let time take his time, and finally time lost. Shen Yilang thinks that time is playing very well, but he always wants to eat his chess too fierce.

Even though he is so powerful, he lost to Yu Liang in this year’s fixed-stage match. Many people have not succeeded in the fixed stage for several years. Like Yu Liang, it is rare to pass. Time is curious about who Yu Liang lost in that game. Shen Yilang said that he abandoned the game in the first round to go to someone else’s online game. Time then knew that Yu Liang abandoned the game to play against Chu and he and Yu Liang. The gap was so big, but he will not give up having to become a professional chess player.

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