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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 9 Recap

Tang Guoer came to Mingyuan’s house to find Mingyuan, and at this time Mingyuan was socializing with Mr. Deng. When Tang Guoer learned that Mingyuan had moved away from home, she mistakenly thought that Yanzhaomen had dealt a big blow to Mingyuan, so she took out Yanzhao and begged Zhao Lange to explain clearly for her. The old fox Zhao Lange took the opportunity to insinuate that Tang Guoer still had something to hide, and then gave Tang Guoer Mingyuan’s new address.

The secretary sent the drunk Mingyuan home, and asked for the address every day and followed him. After entering the door every day, he saw Mingyuan lying on the ground and fell asleep, so he helped Mingyuan up. At this time, Tang Guoer also came to Mingyuan’s home to explain Yanzhaomen’s affairs, and by the way gave the tin of paper cranes to Mingyuan.

But as soon as she entered the door, she saw Tiantian delivering water to Mingyuan. She was very puzzled why Tiantian would be at Mingyuan’s house, so she hid in the door and spied on the two. Unanimously, some sober Mingyuan also had such doubts. Every day he told Mingyuan that Tang Guoer had known about Yanzhaomen, and was rushing to explain to him that he was worried that Mingyuan would confess to Tang Guoer that he was Zhao. The son of the group came early.

Tian Tian was about to leave, but was dragged by Ming Yuan, Ming Yuan asked Tian Tian to accompany him, and inadvertently revealed the secret of his liking Tian Tian, ​​which made Tang Guo’er shocked. Then, Tiantian complained that Mingyuan was not sincere, but just wanted to use her. Mingyuan pushed Tiantian to the ground and tried to kiss Tiantian. Tang Guoer, who couldn’t bear this scene, broke the can of paper cranes, making the two dull. In place.

Every day he came out to explain to Tang Guoer. Tang Guoer cried and complained that Tian Tian had concealed her male god from her. It was Mingyuan’s business. Every day, he confessed that he only hoped that Tang Guoer would be happy. Tang Guoer, who was sad and angry, refused to listen to Tian Tian. , Rushing away in tears.

Tang Guoer came to the design room to make a big fuss. Li Manli hurried to comfort Tang Guoer and told her that she agreed to the marriage, she would be able to marry Mingyuan smoothly, but Tang Guoer did not want to be loved by others. nest. Li Manli, who was obsessed, wanted Tang Guoer to use every means to get Mingyuan. Tang Guoer accused her mother of having only calculations in her eyes and didn’t care about her feelings, which angered Li Manli.

The guilty apology to Li Manli every day, Li Manli didn’t care, and she wanted to give every day a vacation, let every day leave this chaotic battlefield to take a good rest, participate in the art festival in the best state, and the well-behaved every day agreed. After that, Li Manli pretended to approve Tiantian and Mingyuan’s love affair in order to test whether Tiantian is loyal, and Tiantian said that she did not covet others’ beloved, and would not intervene between Tang Guoer and Mingyuan.

Wang Ye, who has restored his status as a courier brother, is still tracking down the Yanzhaomen incident, during which Tang Guoer called him to drink to relieve his troubles. Tang Guoer complained that Wang Ye had also concealed the relationship between Mingyuan and Tiantian from her, and then fell drunk on the wine table. Wang Ye put on Tang Guoer’s coat intimately, and called Tiantian to ask Li Manli to pick up Tang Guoer.

Tang Guoer, who woke up, saw Tian Tian’s emotions and wants Tian Tian to get off the car, and his girlfriend’s love broke down. Heartbroken Tian Tian wanted to leave the city quickly, so she booked a flight to Hangzhou tomorrow morning. And when Mingyuan woke up here, seeing the scattered paper cranes, he remembered the pitiful face of Tang Guoer crying and roaring after he knew the truth.

Sang Rong persuaded Tian Tian not to leave, and asked Ming Yuan to help her terminate the contract with Li Manli, and then he and Ming Yuan entered the marriage hall smoothly. Tian Tian was angered, and Sang Rong had to give up. Tiantian, who always regarded Tang Guoer as a good best friend, asked Sang Rong to hand over Tang Guoer’s mobile phone and blocked Wang Ye from looking for Tang Guoer. She didn’t want Tang Guoer to be injured again, but Sang Rong thought Tiantian and Tang Guoer ‘S friendship has been shattered, and it is really short-sighted to still consider Tang Guoer every day.

Wang Ye brought his adoptive parents to see the house, but Wang Ye, who was short of money, could only afford the deposit and was raising money everywhere. At this time, Wang Ye met every day, and Wang Ye was again excited. He complained that Wang Ye always misunderstood her, and said that he was matching Mingyuan and Tang Guoer, and that Wang Ye would leave Tang Guoer. When Wang Ye had an idea, he pushed Sang Rong the blame for losing his job with his father. He asked Tiantian for 20,000 yuan in compensation, and Tiantian agreed without saying a word.

Sang Rong told Mingyuan about going to Hangzhou every day to relax, but Mingyuan, who was about to meet, ignored it. Coincidentally, Wang Ye also came to find Mingyuan, and Sang Rong handed over Tang Guoer’s phone to Wang Ye, so that Wang Ye could conquer Tang Guoer and pave the way for Tiantian and Mingyuan’s love.

Mingyuan asked Mr. Deng for a drink again. Mr. Deng told the Mingyuan investment judges that what they did was the key to winning the art festival, and the chairman of the jury, Serena, liked a dye with a sunset-like color. Mingyuan went to Lishui, Zhejiang to find this Mingyuan is grateful for this dye.

Wang Ye came to Tang Guoer’s house to return her mobile phone. Tang Guoer saw the group photo of the old sisters and felt guilty for what he had done. He wanted to apologize to Tiantian, but couldn’t get through the phone. Tang Guoer pulled the reluctant Wang Ye to ask Mingyuan to get Tiantian back. Mingyuan explained that he was far away from her and did not want to marry her because the Zhao family and the Li family were in a competitive relationship, not Tiantian. Existing, I hope Tang Guoer will not remember the hatred of Tiantian, so he hurriedly left, but Zhao Lange was furious after learning of this, and accused Mingyuan of naive mischief.

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