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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 11 Recap

Tang Guoer misunderstood that Tiantian and Mingyuan had been together a long time ago, and she tried to get herself drunk when she was completely broken in love, and called Wang Ye to accompany her. Wang Ye felt distressed and deplored when he saw Tang Guoer’s ghost appearance. He wanted to send Tang Guoer home, but Tang Guoer was so distressed that he didn’t want to go home, he just wanted a hangover.

Tiantian and Mingyuan searched almost the entire fishing village but did not find any clues about dyes. She remembered the boat painted with the sunburning heart, so she lied that she had given up and asked Mingyuan to look for it alone. After Mingyuan left, he quickly boarded the boat and asked the punting sister Ajin about the dye for drawing the sun’s heart. She didn’t expect Ajin sister to be very vigilant, not only refused to tell, she accidentally pushed her into the sea every day.

A Jin sister took Tian Tian home, and Tian Tian learned from A Jin sister that the dye was accidentally developed by A Qiang from a special plant, and A Qiang was still trying to make this dye. Here, Aqiang discovered the perfect soil for the development of dyes. On the way home, he saw a group of gangsters making counterfeit drugs in a small broken house. When Aqiang took photos and collected evidence, he forgot to turn off the flashing lights and exposed himself. I had to rush back and hid with sister Ajin.

Unfortunately, the gangster who did not find Aqiang kidnapped Tiantian inside the house. Aqiang and Ajinmei told the news to Mingyuan who was still in the fishing village. Mingyuan made a decisive decision and decided to save Tiantian alone, and Aqiang And sister Ajin went to the police. Mingyuan followed the signals left by Tiantian all the way, and finally found the broken house that Tiantian was trapped in.

Mingyuan desperately rushed into the small ruined house to rescue the kidnapped Tian Tian. He knocked down all the gangsters, tore off the seals, untied the ropes, and rushed out while pulling Tian Tian. Mingyuan rode a motorcycle to flee here every day. Unexpectedly, the motorcycle ran out of gas. Every day, Mingyuan wanted to leave her alone. He quickly left. Mingyuan, who didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of her sister every day, chose to flee with her back.

They came to the ferry and left in a small boat, and the gangsters here were also controlled by the police. Unfortunately, the two of them lost their way in the sea and could only take refuge on the island in front. They were very afraid of being in danger again every day. They kept dragging Mingyuan to find the stones and firewood that made the fire. They were very afraid of being alone. Go back quickly.

The two had a fire and examined each other’s wounds. Later, Mingyuan took out the mark left by Tiantian and questioned Tiantian. Tiantian confessed that when he was kidnapped, he especially hoped that Mingyuan would come to rescue her. Mingyuan understood that it was their fate and teased Tiantian if he wanted to repay him. You can only agree with your body.

At this moment, the meteor flew by, and Mingyuan wished that he could spend a good time with Tiantian again on this deserted island, and Tiantian patronized Mingyuan and forgot to make a wish. Then, Mingyuan took Tiantian’s hand and spent this wonderful night together.

The next day, Aqiang and Ajin sister came to rescue them and gave them the scorching sun as a gift. Tiantian and Mingyuan both tried to win over Ah Qiang, but they were both rejected by Ah Qiang. While Tian Tian was leaving, Ming Yuan asked A Qiang to give the dye for the two to him alone, not to Tian Tian, ​​so that he would have reason to meet Tian Tian again, and the innocent A Qiang did.

Mingyuan didn’t want to go back to Shanghai first every day, so he lied that he hadn’t healed from his waist injury and wanted to accompany him on the plane every day. Seeing Mingyuan’s love for saving his life, he agreed. Sang Rong came to the airport to meet Tian Tian, ​​and couldn’t help feeling that Tian Tian and Ming Yuan came back together. He didn’t mind that his daughter was tricked and teased by Ming Yuan.

Tian Tian explained to Tang Guoer that she and Mingyuan were not a romantic relationship, but Tang Guoer insisted on fulfilling Mingyuan and Tiantian, and said that if Tian Tian insisted on going against his own heart, they would really cut it off. Tang Guoer remembered that when he was a child, he showed his talent for painting every day, and he feared scissors, needles and threads, and Li Manli’s cultivation of Tiantian as a shadow designer. It turned out that Tiantian and Tang Guoer were half-sisters of the same father when they were children, and their father Also a fashion designer.

Tang Guoer wanted to repay her mother’s debt to Tiantian’s mother and daughter, so she knelt down and begged Li Manli to agree to Tiantian and Mingyuan together, but Li Manli insisted on going against Tang Guoer’s wishes and insisted that Tang Guoer marry Give Mingyuan to become a world-renowned top designer and help her grow the group, even if Tang Guoer is forced to die.

Li Manli wants to go all out to win the art festival championship every day and solve the company’s cash flow dilemma. She no longer has to look at Zhao Lange’s face and force Tang Guoer to marry Mingyuan, so she can go to Ai Mingyuan without any scruples every day. However, this is only Li Manli’s expedient policy. What she has to do now is to stabilize Tiantian and Tang Guoer to prevent bad things from happening.

Mingyuan soon received the dye from A Qiang, and deliberately avoided Tiantian. Every day, I had to come to the parking lot to intercept Mingyuan and get back the dye that belonged to her.

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