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Dear Designer 亲爱的设计师 Episode 10 Recap

Zhao Lange apologized to Li Manli because of Mingyuan’s close ties with Mr. Deng of the Molai Group and attempted to disrupt the marriage. Li Manli said that the marriage must be agreed by Mingyuan. Zhao Lange also said that Tang Guoer was still entangled with Wang Ye. Finally, they reached an agreement and went back to persuade them to agree to the marriage.

Tang Guoer stayed at Wang Ye’s house. It happened that his family was hosting a banquet because of the housewarming. The guests all misunderstood Tang Guoer’s girlfriend, Wang Ye’s girlfriend, and forced them to ask when they got married and had children. They didn’t know what to do. At this time, Li Manli came to Tang Guoer, not only confided that Tang Guoer had a marriage contract, but also confided that Wang Ye was fired. Tang Guoer who did not want to go home was dragged away abruptly.

Wang Ye chased out to stop Li Manli, but Li Manli threw the money on the ground to humiliate Wang Ye, who was born in poverty. The enraged Wang Ye secretly vowed to take revenge. Upon seeing this, Zhao Lange, who was secretly observing, planned to let Wang Ye completely put to death and live, and ordered Sun Shu to keep an eye on Wang Ye and keep Wang Ye from finding a job.

Li Manli, who hates iron and steel, accuses Tang Guoer of having a marriage contract and does not know Wang Ye, Tang Guoer once again stated that she will never seize the beloved, she wants to give up Mingyuan to Tiantian, Li Manli then accused Tang Guoer of ignoring The group’s interests did not plan for their own happiness, and expressed strong distrust of Tian Tian. After that, Tang Guoer sent a message to Tian Tian and apologized.

Zhao Lange came to Mingyuan’s home to cook for Mingyuan, and apologized for his impulse. Mingyuan confessed that he wanted to truly defeat Li Manli at the art festival and was going to Lishui to find the dye that Serena liked. I hope Zhao Lange can Give him a chance, if he loses the game, he is willing to listen to Zhao Lange’s marriage with Li.

In the People Forum, Li Manli spoke in place of Zhao Lange. She secretly satirized Zhao’s inferior marketing of “Dreamers” new products and tarnished fashion. This reminded Mingyuan of Li Manli’s slander of his parents in the past, and there has been no such painful past. , Angrily left.

Li Manli learned from the eyeliner that Mingyuan would go to Lishui to find the dye that Serena liked, and wanted to let Tiantian, who was also in Zhejiang, take the lead and snatch the dye. After getting the news every day, I rushed to Lishui and asked the proprietress at a local bar about the footprints of Serena and the dye she wanted. The proprietress was the one who took Serena to find the dye, but she didn’t. Ken revealed a half point.

As soon as Tian Tian turned his head, he saw Ming Yuan, Ming Yuan also came to inquire about Dye and Serena, but was also rejected. Ming Yuan wanted to narrow the distance with the boss’s wife by meeting friends, making Tian Tian very despised and a little jealous. . Mingyuan’s boldness impressed the proprietress, and the proprietress secretly told Mingyuan the address, and Mingyuan flew away, following her footsteps every day.

Mingyuan’s taxi was refused, and the driver didn’t even go to pay for it. Every day when he saw the situation, he stepped forward and gave a little beautifying plan. Tian Tian generously invited Mingyuan to share taxis. After arriving at the destination, he found that the fare was too expensive and asked Mingyuan to pay. Mingyuan ridiculed that Tiantian was so beautiful that he could ride for free, and was countered by Tiantian.

The two teased each other on the road, Mingyuan mischievously asked not to follow her every day, but there was only one way to the dye production area. At this time, a three-wheeled agricultural vehicle drove towards them. Mingyuan asked the driver to take him alone. Everyday he took the opportunity to throw his luggage into the car in an attempt to preemptively occupy it. Although Mingyuan was helpless when he saw it, he could only help him. Get in the car. Tiantian thought that he would be able to escape Mingyuan if he escaped the city, but unexpectedly fate entangled the two of them again. Unfortunately, they only met because they were fighting for the same dye.

There was only one room left in the only hotel in the local area. The witty Tian Tian took the key first and checked into the hotel. Ming Yuan also followed in. Every day after the shower, I saw Tang Guoer’s intimate photo with Wang Ye and asked about it with Tang Guoer’s video. Unexpectedly, a snake appeared behind Tian Tian, ​​and he was so scared that Tian Tian lost his phone. Ming Yuan rushed in in time and drove the snake away.

Every day I found out that Tang Guoer saw her and Mingyuan together from the video call. She was afraid that Tang Guoer would misunderstand and let Mingyuan explain clearly, but Mingyuan said she had nothing to say, Tang Guoer warned Mingyuan to be kind day by day. Although Tang Guoer wanted Mingyuan to be with Tiantian on the surface, her heart was dripping blood.

The snake-afraid hoped that Mingyuan would go to bed every day, and she would sleep on the ground, so that Mingyuan could protect her, Mingyuan accepted it very rudely, and had to go to bed together every day. Embarrassed Tiantian thought that Mingyuan broke her clothes in order to push her into the car, and gave her water and food, so she helped Mingyuan sew clothes to offset the debt.

Mingyuan was very curious why Tiantian was so devoted to Li Manli. Tiantian didn’t want to talk too much, but because Mingyuan was kind to her, he told the whole story. Only then did Ming Yuan know that she lost her father every day when she was a child, and that Li Manli took in the mother and daughter and offered her to study and gave her work. Mingyuan believed that Tian Tian was the designer of the Guoer brand and tried Tian Tian. An angry Tian Tian immediately denied it and prevarication.

Tian Tian fell asleep with anger. Mingyuan was afraid that he would catch the cold every night, so he covered Tian Tian with a quilt. He sat next to Tian Tian with a broomstick to prevent snakes and scorpions from appearing again. When he woke up early in the morning, Tian Tian shouted that there was a snake to tease Ming. far. Afterwards, the two took a boat to the fishing village. They found the glittering graffiti on the boat and were very pleased. Perhaps this was painted with the kind of dye Serena was looking for.

Wang Ye was rejected for an interview, mistakenly thinking that Li Manli was doing the trick, and resented Li Manli even more. Then, Tang Guoer asked Wang Ye to meet again, because she didn’t answer her phone calls or answer her messages every day. She was worried that she would be cut off with her every day, so she wanted to pretend to be with Wang Ye so that she can continue every day regardless of previous complaints. Be a good girlfriend with her.

Wang Ye, who resents the wealthy, angrily revealed that he is a dignified person, not a tool for her to play with Tang Guoer and her mother, and her parents should not be insulted, and she likes Tang Guoer because she gave it Tang Guoer panicked with the dignity and warmth he should have. Although Wang Ye was very confused as to why Tang Guoer became like this, he still did not give up the idea of ​​returning Tang Guoer’s innocence.

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