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The Devil’s Punisher 天巡者 Episode 3 Recap

Because of the haunting, Auntie Zhou asked Xinyu to give Aping a lunch by herself, and Xinyu went to Aping’s house with Zhengnan. Zhengnan told Aping’s father Hong Chengyou that he shouldn’t stay here, and Aping drove them out, Xinyu thought Zhengnan was too busy to help, so angry and left. At night, Xinyu went to the park to find other ghosts for help, but couldn’t find it. She was still asleep in the park. She woke up the next morning and found that Zhengnan helped her put on her coat, gave her a cup of coffee, and put her hand in her pocket.

Send her to work. Ouyang Kai came to Xinyu and Enxi, asking them to help explain clearly to his ex-girlfriend. Boya told Xinyu that she liked her and asked Xinyu to think about it before answering him. Xinyu went to find Aping, but Aping said he hated her and asked her not to find them again. Xinyu came to the bakery and gave Zhengnan a coat and apologized to him. Zhengnan took her to a bistro for a midnight snack. Xinyu was drunk, and Zhengnan hugged her home.

When Zhengnan could not help kissing her, Xinyu suddenly Woke up and said someone confessed to her. Xinyu woke up the next day and found Enxi was also sleeping on the sofa, but she couldn’t remember why. Enxi finally had money to pay for the tuition, but her mother turned up to borrow money from her, so she had to lie to her and take out the rent. Enxi was read by the dean again for not paying the tuition, but Ouyang Kai saw her and asked her if she wanted to help, but she said no. Xinyu asked Enxi to help her count the tarot cards, but she was drawn to the doomed catastrophe.

Boya told Xinyu that the person who was afraid of ghosts was the ghost king Zhongkui, but Xinyu did not recognize the name. Hong Chengyou died in a car accident because he was overworked by driving. Zhengnan brought Xinyu to Hong Chengyou’s company. Ouyang Kai asked Hong Chengyou’s boss to produce an employee insurance certificate, but the boss refused and kicked them out. Xinyu asked Zhengnan to take them. Go back to the past to find evidence.

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