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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 34 Recap

Chi Tiecheng took out a coin and tossed it into the air, following the old rules with Su Wenqian. Qin Zishu told Ouyang Xiangling that Su Wenqian drew a death lottery from Chi Tiecheng. Su Wenqian pretended to be a master who repaired the clock and entered the attic.

He hid the gun in the mezzanine of the box and set it up to shoot with his father. Time, and Chi Tiecheng cooperated with each other and fired a second shot, successfully killing Muto. Soon the Japanese army locked the position of the clock tower. Su Wenqian left the clock tower and was surrounded by the Japanese army. There was a sudden explosion. People took the opportunity to flee.

Su Wenqian fought the rest of the Japanese army to the death. Su Wenqian didn’t think he could get away, he had already made up his mind to die from the moment he entered the bell tower. Besieged by the Japanese army, Su Wenqian had only the last bullet left. When he decided to shoot and commit suicide, his father helped him from the opposite floor. Even though he was seriously injured, he still caught Su Wenqian who was about to fall.

Su Wenqian found out afterwards that Chi Tiecheng had done tricks in the lottery, and he had planned for Su Wenqian to be number two. After escaping from the dead, Su Wenqian hated Chi Tiecheng and cut off contact with him. Ouyang Xiangling saw that Qin Zishu had lied. She happened to know another version of this story.

It’s not Chi Tiecheng but Su Wenqian who played the silver dollar. Su Wenqian took the initiative to sacrifice himself to be No. 2. Chi Tiecheng violated the principle of the jellyfish group because of this. They did not do what Qin Zishu said, but gave each other a forgiveness Out of life, this is the true version that Ouyang Xiangling had heard from Yang Zhiliang.

This time, Su Wenqian also did number two, fighting Chi Tiecheng in the abandoned clock tower. Qin Zishu was surprised to learn about Yang Zhiliang’s identity as the Communist Party. She did not understand why Yang Zhiliang had not agreed to participate in the operation before and then changed her mind. Ouyang Xiangling replied that one of our party’s principles is not to engage in assassinations.

It involves reporting and reviewing for cooperation and participation. Yang Zhiliang, who cooperates with the jellyfish group, requires organization approval. Qin Zishu still refused to admit that she lied. Ouyang Xiangling didn’t know the whole process, but Ouyang Xiangling pressed on every step of the way. Her guess was not entirely wrong, it was Qin Zishu who lied.

Songjiang Primary School. Leng Qiao told Li that the food stall was not out today, and Li Beica could only decide to wait, hoping that Qin Henian would show up again. Ouyang Xiangling knew that Qin Zishu not only lied about the relationship between Chi Tiecheng and Su Wenqian, but also concealed the real reason for participating in the action. She was not only worried about Qin Henian, but more importantly, love.

Ouyang Xiangling pierced Chi Tiecheng and Qin Zishu are not ordinary friends, but her lover, Xiaoxue’s father! It is impossible for Su Wenqian to take advantage of the feelings of a seventeen-year-old girl, so only Chi Tiecheng took advantage of Qin Zishu. At that age when his love began, Qin Zishu’s worship of heroes turned into love, but she must be sober. Qin Zishu was very emotional, she didn’t want to admit that Chi Tiecheng had been using herself, she loved her when she deceived Chi Tiecheng!

Su Wenqian found a single-sided figure during a duel. Ouyang Xiangling understood that Qin Zishu wanted to help Su Wenqian to remove the suspicion, but she also believed in Su Wenqian, so Qin Zishu didn’t have to hide her. Ouyang Xiangling only knew that Chi Tiecheng had a new assassination target, and no one knew what tragedy would happen. Su Wenqian was using a duel to prevent the tragedy from happening and was also buying time for them. Qin Zishu is someone who can help them. Ouyang Xiangling asked if she still had contact with Chi Tiecheng. Qin Zishu hesitated and refused to speak, and it was four o’clock in seven minutes. Su Wenqian would definitely call!

Ouyang Xiangling and Qin Zishu stood by the phone, time kept advancing, and Qin Zishu firmly believed that Su Wenqian would call. At four o’clock, the phone still didn’t ring, Qin Zishu was a little broken. Qin Henian did not go to Songjiang Primary School, and Li Beica cancelled the mission. Ouyang Xiangling reprimanded Qin Zishu for wasting two full hours, Su Wenqian used his life for two hours, but Qin Zishu has been protecting Chi Tiecheng, is she worthy of Su Wenqian!

Qin Zishu had to tell the truth. She had seen Chi Tiecheng and knew where he was. Seeing Shan Leng slapped her, Chi Tiecheng angered that she didn’t need to make trouble. Chi Tiecheng explained to Su Wenqian that they were surprised to find red balloons floating outside the window, how could there be problems with their actions! Su Wenqian was very angry when he saw that Chi Tiecheng had arranged the task, and slapped him on the neck.

As soon as Leng Qiao was about to leave, he saw Qin Henian’s car approaching, so he released the green balloon, and Li Beicai quickly arranged the action. Chi Tiecheng, Shan Leng, and Su Wenqian were shocked when they saw the green balloon. Su Wenqian asked him who he was going to kill. Chi Tiecheng obviously did not intend to tell him. Duan Zhenpeng’s car drove towards Qin Henian, but suddenly stopped because of the sudden appearance of the students. He was afraid of Xiaoxue inside. Li Beicai was very angry when he saw this, and he could only ask Principal Fang to find a way to keep the child and Qin Henian. As soon as Qin Henian received that Xiaoxue was about to leave, Principal Fang suddenly appeared.

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