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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 33 Recap

Chi Tiecheng told Qin Zishu that he shouldn’t let her do this because she was the woman he loved and the two had a relationship. One night later, Chi Tiecheng only left a letter saying that he could not give up on assassinating Muto, and the Japanese army had decided to kill Qin Henian, and he would also assassinate Muto for her father.

Chi Tiecheng said that he would die with Mu Teng, Qin Zishu quickly went to the place he said in the letter to find Chi Tiecheng, and agreed to his plan. Ouyang Xiangling asked Qin Zishu whether he decided to help only because he was worried about his father? Qin Zishu said that there was no other reason.

Shan Leng suddenly returned to the hotel and changed her clothes. She was going to check the duel location of Chi Tiecheng. Yesterday she gave Chi Tiecheng a ride, so she knew the watch repairer. Li Beifa reminded Shan Leng that this was a matter between them, and Shan Leng would be punished if he left his post without permission to help, but Shan Leng asked Li Bei Fa to direct the action instead of himself and left.

The meeting place that Bai Songqi chose could not be assassinated. He was an experienced old spy, and he had to pass through layers of levels to go to his room. That’s how Qin Zishu went to Bai Songqi’s room through the levels. In order to prevent being sniped, Bai Songqi’s room curtains were pulled, and the lights were on. Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng took advantage of this to carry out countless tests to find the exact location of the person in the room.

That day, Qin Zishu told Bai Songqi that as long as Mu Teng arrived in Qin Henian before 6:30, Bai Songqi had to call Mu Teng, but before that, he called Qin Henian to confirm. Qin Henian didn’t know this at all, and Qin Zishu didn’t want him to take risks. When Bai Songqi called, Qin Henian went to the bathroom, and Yang Zhiliang helped Qin Zishu. Later, Bai Songqi called Muto, and Muto knew that Qin Henian was coming and immediately decided to go to the appointment.

On the other side, Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng followed the clues left by their father to find a location, and they met in the fitting room of an underwear shop. Qin Zishu then told the story with Ouyang Xiangling. Back then, Su Wenqian deliberately called Bai Songqi’s room. Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng told her not to show up at the window. The second time the phone rang, Chi Tiecheng wanted to kill Bai Songqi. when. The second time the phone rang, Qin Zishu almost revealed himself, Bai Songqi noticed that he ignored the call. The assassination of Bai Songqi must wait until Muto is within range, and Muto must be killed within two minutes after Bai Songqi’s death.

Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng received the signal again and went to the duel site at the same time. Bai Songqi refused to answer the phone, Qin Zishu went to the phone to call Qin Henian, and Su Wenqian quickly reminded him that it was not Bai Songqi when Chi Tiecheng was about to pull the trigger. Qin Zishu called Qin Henian, Qin Henian looked puzzled, Qin Zishu passed the phone to Bai Songqi and asked him to answer the phone. Bai Songqi walked over very angry, and Muto had already arrived at this time. Bai Songqi struggled repeatedly and decided to answer the phone. Su Wenqian failed to prevent Chi Tiecheng from shooting. He killed Bai Songqi and wounded Qin Zishu’s eyes.

Ouyang Xiangling was very moved when she heard this. Qin Zishu was just a 17-year-old female high school student at the time. She was very courageous to do so. Ouyang Xiangling was very curious about how Muto died. She had studied this case for a long time without an answer. In order to penetrate Muto’s bulletproof glass, Su Wenqian came up with two bullets to hit the same position, and because of the difficulty of the task, the person who fired the second shot would definitely be exposed, so to assassinate Muto, the person in the second position must be Expose, in order to decide who is No. 1 and No. 2, they decided to draw a lot of life and death.

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