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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 23 Recap

In the classroom, Song Siyi was a model, and Qin Shen guarded them like a door god. Qin Shen heard that Yuan Qianpin’s Song Siyi was very similar, and said coolly that he was a childhood sweetheart. Yuan Qian ran out of the classroom so scared, Song Siyi told Yuan Qian that she had changed a lot after falling in love, and Qin Shen appeared behind Yuan Qian anytime and anywhere.

Jia Sicheng wanted to ask Qin Shen’s advice. Jia Sicheng was very unwilling. Qin Shen suggested that they redo it, thinking that the delicate and feminine style is not suitable for their rough style. Professor Jin also suggested that Jia Sicheng discuss with Qin Shen. Jia Sicheng emotionally catches up with Professor Jin to explain. Ling Wei just came over. Ling Wei wanted to persuade Jia Sicheng, but Jia Sicheng told Ling Wei that she would hurt herself forever. Will forget.

Qin Shen came to the classroom to get his mobile phone, but saw the destroyed sculpture on the ground. Jia Sicheng ran out of the classroom secretly. At this time, Liu Chengren came to the classroom and thought that Qin Shen had destroyed the sculpture, and immediately became angry. Yuan Qian heard the news from the group and hurried to the classroom. Professor Jin also came to the classroom. Looking at the scratches on the sculpture, he said that he would continue to investigate.

Professor Jin and Qin Shen both guessed who it was. Professor Jin said he would deal with it and let Qin Shen prepare his work. Yuan Qian also guessed from Jia Sicheng’s habits that Jia Sicheng destroyed it. Professor Jin told everyone that the sculpture was blown by the wind without closing, but Liu Chengren was still full of doubts.

Grandma called Qin Shen and wanted Qin Shen to take Yuan Qian back for a look. The roommates lamented Qin Shen’s rapid progress. Qin Shen took the initiative to help Yuan Qian make sculptures and asked Yuan Qian to answer the phone for herself. Unexpectedly, it was her grandma who called. Grandma told Yuan Qian if she could go back with Qin Shen on weekends. Yuan Qian could only agree. After answering the phone, Qin Shen stopped helping Yuan Qian make sculptures.

Yuan Qian thought of staying at Qin Shen’s house for two days, and couldn’t help worrying about how to arrange accommodation. Yuan Qian looked at Qin Shen, who was studying next to her, and was always guilty. She wanted to find out how old Qin Shen’s grandmother’s house was from the side. Qin Shen frightened her and said that of course she would live together. There were only two rooms in her grandma’s house.

Yuan Qian checked the necessary things for the first time spending the night with her boyfriend on the Internet. Qin Shen couldn’t help but smile when he looked at Yuan Qian’s anti-wolf spray.

Yuan Qian cut a new hairstyle in order to see her grandma, but the effect was so bad that she was ridiculed by her roommate. In order to prevent Qin Shen from seeing his new hairstyle, Yuan Qian lied and refused to see Qin Shen. When he arrived at the sculpture classroom, Yuan Qian wore a hat, but Qin Shen saw it. Qin Shen comforted Yuan Qian not to be ugly. Qin Shen gave Yuan Qian a hairpin, and it really got better.

Professor Jin looked at the sculptures made by Jia Sicheng and his group and said that they should not take part in the competition this year. He also asked Jia Sicheng to polish his own character. Liu Chengren still doubted Qin Shen. Qin Shen said that everyone is an adult and he must be responsible for what he does. Yuan Qian asked Qin Shen if he had a holiday with Jia Sicheng.

Qin Shen explained that they were once best friends and Jia Sicheng had a high artistic talent since he was a child. Ling Wei asked Jia Sicheng to apologize again. For Jia Sicheng’s previous questions on the classmates, Ling Wei now replied the answers. She hoped that Jia Sicheng could put aside the past and have a better future.

Qin Shen still did not return to his grandmother’s house with Yuan Qian. He wanted to stay to help Jia Sicheng handle the sculpture. Qin Shen wanted to combine the damaged and remaining parts and redefine it as a rebirth in the ruins. Everyone agreed, but Liu Chengren opposed him. He thought Qin Shen just wanted to be a good man. At this time, Jia Sicheng appeared, apologized to everyone, and admitted that he broke the sculpture.

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