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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 22 Recap

Yuan Qian and Professor Jin came late, and Qin Shen asked Professor Jin to go first, and he had to go to print the museum materials with Yuan Qian. Yuan Qian thought that Qin Shen finally wanted to explain the loss of contact. Qin Shen only told Yuan Qian that something went wrong in his family, and he didn’t know how to explain it. Yuan Qian thought she really felt the loss, she didn’t even have Ling Wei understand Qin Shen, she hoped to enter Qin Shen’s world.

Ling Wei came to Qin Shen and asked him if he had quarreled with Yuan Qian and didn’t tell Yuan Qian what happened to him because he didn’t like Yuan Qian that much. Ling Wei thinks that Qin Shen really likes Yuan Qian, so he should tell Yuan Qian without reservation that if Yuan Qian likes him, he won’t care about his family affairs. Qin Shen said that he had identified Yuan Qian and said that he should carefully consider the best way for Yuan Qian to enter his world.

Ling Wei, who was rejected by Qin Shen, threw the bag to the ground angrily. At this moment Yuan Qian came out. Ling Wei asked Yuan Qian why he was standing next to Qin Shen. Ling Wei excitedly pulled Yuan Qian’s hand, and she kept asking, He accidentally pushed Yuan Qian into the mud pool. The classmates saw Yuan Qian falling into the mud pool and hurried back to the classroom to inform everyone.

Chen Qinan quickly called Qin Shen and said that Yuan Qian had been beaten. Qin Shen appeared and hugged Yuan Qian. Yuan Qian wanted to explain that it was not Ling Wei who pushed herself. Qin Shen told Ling Wei not to appear in front of him. Jia Sicheng handed the tissue to the crying Ling Wei, and everyone was also watching.

Qin Shen apologized to Yuan Qian, saying that he was late, and Yuan Qian said that he accidentally fell into the mud pool. Qin Shen told Yuan Qian that he was really angry just now, he held Yuan Qian, Yuan Qian said that they had not reconciled yet, and let Qin Shen explain the loss of contact.

Professor Jin told everyone that the works of the sculpture exhibition are regarded as the results of extracurricular practice, and also said that the winning rate of the group participation is higher. Qin Shen, Yuan Qian and Jia Sicheng formed three groups.

Jia Sicheng proposed the direction of the two-dimensional expression pack. Qin Shen thinks that it is better to be grounded, and the final decision lies with Yuan Qian. Yuan Qian thinks that Qin Shen’s direction is more suitable. The city sculpture exhibition is about depth rather than catering. Everyone agreed with Yuan Qian’s words, and Jia Sicheng could only go to the side unconvinced.

In the library, Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian if he only supported Yuan Qian because his direction was in line with the theme of the competition. Yuan Qian replied that he didn’t dare to call himself a girlfriend. How could a girlfriend even know the whereabouts of her boyfriend?

Qin Shen told Yuan Qian that his mother had never supported her to learn sculpture, because of her insistence, her mother fell ill and was hospitalized. Qin Shen wanted to go back and have a good talk with his family, but he was worried that Yuan Qian knew it because of the bloody troubles at home.

Yuan Qian said that he was willing to worry, and hoped that Qin Shen would tell him everything. The two of them hugged each other, Yuan Qian decided not to switch teams and helped the sculpture department together. Jia Sicheng watched the two people embracing together leave the library.

In the classroom, Jia Sicheng told everyone not to be discouraged and let everyone continue to cheer. Qin Shen passed the creative draft when he said three o’clock. Qin Shen looked at Jia Sicheng’s unaltered draft and thought that there was a problem with Jia Sicheng’s attitude. Jia Sicheng went to Professor Jin alone and told the teacher that Qin Shen denied him completely.

Yuan Qian came to Professor Jin to find out the latest news. Professor Jin told Yuan Qian that Qin Shen’s work had been approved and was being revised. Professor Jin asked Yuan Qian if there was a gap between their group leaders, and the teacher asked Yuan Qian to have a chat with Jia Sicheng.

Jia Sicheng believes that Yuan Qian chose her boyfriend because of her own selfish desires, which killed their group’s ideas, and the new direction was denied. Yuan Qian explained to Jia Sicheng that no matter how good his idea is, it is not the theme of Xuanzhou’s characteristic culture, and it is off the point.

She patiently explained to Jia Sicheng that their purpose of participating in mainstream awards such as the City Sculpture Exhibition was to win awards and to be recognized by the mainstream.

In the classroom, Jia Sizheng wanted to talk to Yuan Qian happily, but looking at Yuan Qian’s manuscript, he quickly collected the manuscript in his hand. Professor Jin came to ask everyone about the progress, looked at the sketches in Jia Sicheng’s hand, and showed them directly to the class.

Yuan Qian looked at the mother and child in Jia Sicheng’s paintings. When they were chatting, Yuan Qian mentioned that college students and cities are like mothers and children. She used her own creative direction as an example. Jia Sicheng didn’t know that Yuan Qian used this idea. Yuan Qian decided to continue thinking about new ideas.

In the library, Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian’s urban breastfeeding plan why he suddenly gave up. Yuan Qian explained that he didn’t make it clear, and Jia Sicheng directly used his own direction. Yuan Qian and Qin Shen said that Jia Sicheng’s recent level has dropped from before, and Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian to continue thinking about creative directions.

Yuan Qian acted like a baby with Qin Shen and wanted Qin Shen to help. Qin Shen gave Yuan Qian the information he found and said that it should be helpful. After everyone voted, the girls group decided on the direction of the sport and asked Song Siyi as a model. Yuan Qian muttered in her heart that she wanted to talk to Qin Shen first.

Yuan Qian discussed Song Siyi with Qin Shen, and Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian to accompany him back to see her grandma during the summer vacation. Yuan Qian had no choice but to agree. Song Siyi readily agreed to Yuan Qian’s request, and Yuan Qian deliberately avoided Song Siyi during the meal, and did not look at Song Siyi.

Qin Shen called Yuan Qian and heard that they were coming together for dinner, so Yuan Qian had to tell his roommate that Qin Shen and Song Siyi are brothers. When Qin Shen came, he took the initiative to pick up dishes for the original light-hot tableware.

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