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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 24 Recap

The royal father and son reunited for a long time, and they haven’t recounted the old too much, and then the canonization on the court. Regarding the distribution of Li Qingliu’s duties, the ministers believed that King Jun entered the palace and it was difficult to manage complicated affairs in a short period of time. In addition, the staff of the ministries were neat and there were no vacancies. It would be better to condescend to the Ministry of Concierge and take charge of foreign affairs..

In this way, the emperor arranged Li Qingliu from the five-tier ritual department doctor, and gave the prime minister Yuan Zai and Lu Chenyun five boxes of silver treasures. Since Li Qingliu recognized his ancestor and returned to his clan, according to clan conventions, the weakly crowned prince needed to get married before he could enter the royal genealogy, so the emperor ignored Li Qingliu’s wishes and promoted Du Changfeng to be a minister of the Ministry of War.

Long Aoyi pretended to go to Bu Yu Pavilion according to what Lu Erye said. The so-called Bo Yu Ge is a high-level gambling house on the surface, but in fact it secretly trades and exchanges information. Long Aoyi lied that he was from Jiaermu, deliberately helping the officials and eunuchs to win money, and pressured the white jade koi. Sure enough, the boss of the Bo Yu Ge showed up, please She gathered in the elegant room on the second floor.

Bo Yuge took a fancy to the jade koi in Long Ao’s hand, and at the same time saw through her identity, and simply placed a bet to compete in a game called “Seeing the Needle”. Participants need to match the five fingers of their left hand to the strings and listen. The sound of the piano determines the position of the strings, and the silver needle needs to be inserted between the fingers according to the position. If it succeeds, it can ask questions, if it fails, it will have to waste the fingers.

Xiaoqin knew her master was not good at temperament and wanted to persuade her to quit, but Long Aoyi had to bite the bullet in search of clues. In the end, she and Bo Yuge’s boss were difficult to distinguish between victory and defeat, and the tie was tied. Long Aoyi proposed to blindfold the needle, but Bo Yuge’s boss was a little timid, only to point out that the white jade koi was a court item.

After leaving Bo Yu Pavilion, Long Ao was puzzled and curious about the relationship between Feng Sister and the royal family. Xiaoqin was worried that Long Ao would be hungry, so she went to the street to buy her elbows, but Xiaoqin had just walked on her front foot, and several people in black appeared afterwards. Long Ao’s martial arts failed, and her heart was pierced by a long dart. Go to the carriage and make sure they belong to the same group as the assassin who killed Sister Feng before fainting.

After receiving the edict, Du Xiaoxian packed his things overnight and moved to the Prince Jun’s Mansion, and ordered his servants to decorate the mansion in the shape of an old silk mansion. Not only did he surprise Li Qingliu, he also wanted to discuss many details of the marriage with him. Seeing her like this, Li Qingliu didn’t know how to refuse, but Du Xiaoxian jumped into his arms, feeling that he had been looking forward to it for a long time and finally achieved what he wanted.

Xiao Qin bought her elbow but didn’t see Long Aoyi. She anxiously searched for no results, but she didn’t know that Long Aoyi was being swept over by grass and placed in the Zhaowangfu courtyard, surrounded by many servants and maids. Originally, Li Zhao planned to order the next person to send the unseen wounded person to a nearby medical clinic, but when he heard a familiar whisper from the straw mat, he hurried forward and opened the straw mat, only to see Long Aoyi covered in blood. .

The doctor Qin hurriedly entered the house for diagnosis and treatment, but the wound was too deep and he lost too much blood, and the process of taking the dart was extremely dangerous. If he was not careful, he might be killed on the spot. According to Qin Taiyi, the assurance of taking a dart is only 40%, even if it is successfully taken, it depends on the fate of life or death. Li Zhao didn’t dare to rescue him, but the longer the delay, the more serious the injury, so Li Zhao sat on the bedside, begging Long Aoyi to wake up as soon as possible, promising to take her to the murderer for revenge, and even to see Li Clear stream.

Although Emperor Qin took out the long dart smoothly, Long Aoyi lost too much blood in the early stage. If there is a purple ginseng from Bohai Country in the Far East, he can hang on that breath. However, this thing is very precious. The two ginsengs attacked by Silla have been given to the crown prince and Concubine Deok by the emperor. Therefore, Li Zhao steals the ginseng privately under the pretext of visiting his mother concubine, but he does not know that Concubine Deok has seen him.

At the same time, Xiaoqin was looking for Long Aoyi on the street, and she happened to meet Yan Bin who had come to buy her elbows, and suddenly threw herself into the other’s arms and cried. Yan Bin took Xiaoqin back, and Li Qingliu found out that Long Aoyi was missing, and was very anxious. He immediately sent people to search for it and investigate all brothels, gambling shops and casinos.

Du Xiaoxian was drinking tea in Junwang’s Mansion, and when he happened to see Xiaoqin appearing here, he and the maid Yue’er mocked her. Faced with these two disgusting masters and servants, Xiao Qin spoke mercilessly and turned back. Yue’er was so angry that she was about to raise her hand to hit her, but Yan Bin appeared in time to stop her. Xiaoqin learned that Li Qingliu was about to marry Du Xiaoxian, resented that Li Qingliu was unreasonable, turned around and left, Yan Bin hurried to explain, just as the two of them had not made it clear, they saw Du Xiaoxian taking Yue’er to Zhaowang Mansion. It seems that Long Aoyi is known to be in the Zhaowang Mansion.

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