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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 23 Recap

Li Qingliu waited at the agreed place, but he did not see Long Aoyi attending the appointment for a long time, only that she was disturbed by her status, and she didn’t even know that the other party was experiencing family destruction. On the day when he went to Beijing, Li Qingliu personally edited the book and handed it to the nurse with the peony flower, and hoped that she would pass it to Long Aoyi. The content of the letter was Li Qingliu’s most sincere confession, describing his long-troubled feelings, as well as his promises. Marry a promise.

However, since Li Qingliu left, the letters hidden in the vase have been stolen away. When the nurse handed the vase to Long Ao’s hand, it was empty, so Long Ao couldn’t help asking if there were other items. Unexpectedly, the nurse only took Yanbin’s sachet and letters to Xiaoqin. Long Ao, who was full of expectation, was lost for a moment, so she misunderstood that Li Qingliu wanted to be the prince securely, so as to get rid of the relationship.

Du Changfeng asked the butler to release an announcement to promote craftsmanship. As a result, not long after the announcement, many people came to take care of it. The next step was to set up an official city. Under Du Changfeng’s intentional arrangement, several major chambers of commerce have elected Fang Jia as the outfit, and the amount of tax payment is in the bag. When Du Xiaoxian learned that Li Qingliu arrived in Chang’an immediately, he couldn’t help but feel happy. At the same time, he also worried about the grievances between his father and Li Qingliu and the stumbling block Long Aoyi.

New Silk Road Silk Road Silk Shop was ordered to suspend work for one year. Although everyone can receive monthly wages, it is not a long-term solution. So Long Aoyi recruited all the workers into Qingtaki, and then disappeared with Xiaoqin. At this time, Li Zhao and Wulin came to Nancheng. When the master and servant saw the torii of the Longzhu Gang with the “Qingtaki”, they almost thought that they were in the wrong place. Especially when they learned that Long Aoyi had suffered recently, they were distressed and annoyed. They wanted to go. Looking for her, but Wulin worried that Concubine De was to blame, and simply persuaded Li Zhao to return to Chang’an first, and then send someone to look for it later.

After a long journey, Li Qingliu finally arrived at the Chang’an Imperial Palace. Not only did he see the head of the military department and the concubine de concubine and the educating grandmother, he even recognized his father and son with the emperor and was made king by the emperor.

Long Ao thought of Sister Feng’s request during her lifetime, and determined that the cause of Sister Feng’s death was related to Chang’an. If she wanted to find the killer, she had to go to Chang’an in person. Perhaps the white jade koi was the clue. Seeing Long Ao Yi depressed, she gradually became haggard, worried that she would be devastated, and simply took her to the Jinjiang elbow restaurant in Chang’an for a meal. She did not expect that there was nothing in the restaurant, even a few sesame cakes would follow. The price of rice has risen.

Due to the shocking prices in the Chang’an Food Market, Long Aoyi thought that the meal was not in vain, so he wanted Xiao Er to take her to the water transport market. The shopkeeper of the elbow shop heard that Long Aoyi’s Qingtaki was responsible for delivering food, and wanted to buy a batch from her. So Long Aoyi started the business smoothly and asked the shopkeeper for a list of the ingredients in short supply.

Concubine De condemned Li Zhao for being restless lately and often running to Yincheng. Pang Shizhong also thought that he should try his best to be as diligent as possible to win the emperor’s favor. After Du Changfeng arrived in Chang’an, he immediately went to see Pang Shizhong and handed him a letter of loyalty. Pang Shizhong knew that Du Xiaoxian had a good relationship with Li Qingliu, but he felt that he could achieve the good of the two surnames. As long as the relationship between each other changes, even national affairs can become family affairs, and major events can be turned into small ones.

Weng Dayou learned of Long Aoyi’s situation through the water transport, and hurriedly arranged an inn for her. Xiaoqin returned with the wine from the shopkeeper of the elbow, but the wine had been stolen and poisoned. That night, Long Aoyi deliberately led the snake out of the cave. As a result, the other party was not trying to make money, but wanted to take the life of the master and servant.

Fortunately, Long Aoyi had the foresight and took Xiaoqin to escape in time. Afterwards, he went to the seventh antique shop on Zhuque Street. By the way, he analyzed that Du Changfeng should not be the mastermind behind the scenes, and there is no need to make the effort. Long Ao always showed his token to the owner of the antique shop and wanted to see Lu Erye. Unexpectedly, several men wrapped her and Xiaoqin with sack, and when he opened the sack again, Lu Erye was already standing in front of him. It was just a false alarm.

Erye Lu had asked the boss to arrange a place for Long Aoyi and took out a bag of silver for them. Long Ao always asked Lu Erye about the white jade koi, but Lu Erye only felt familiar and did not have the slightest impression, so he simply suggested that she go to Bo Yuge to inquire.

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