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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 22 Recap

Du Changfeng designed to blame Li Qingliu and was taken into the trial hall along with Long Ao. Just as the two were about to be questioned, Lu Erye came in from the door wearing armor, holding a guard token in his hand, claiming to be the leader of Jinwuwei, Lu Chengyun, and telling a secret of the palace. .

Twenty years ago, a Liangyuan gave birth to her dragon son. It coincided with an incident in the palace. Lu Erye was ordered by the emperor to escort Liangyuan out of the palace. Lu Erye and his accompanying Gong E took advantage of the chaos to escape with the prince, and immediately let Gong E hide the prince in an abandoned thatched hut, and he first led away the officers and soldiers, turned around and no trace of Gong E, and the prince has been living in the people.

Lu Erye admitted that he was insulting to the emperor, and he simply dismissed Jin Wuwei’s position as the commander, and then settled down near Yincheng, looking for the whereabouts of the prince around a hundred miles around Yincheng. However, many people searched for no results, but they did not know that this son had already taken root in Yincheng, and even became the richest man in the giant, that is, Li Qingliu, the master of the new Silk Road.

As for why Gong E disappeared, it was entirely because she was hidden in the Li Family Buddha Hall that day, and was discovered by the Li Family Patriarch. In order to avoid chasing soldiers, Gong E gave the prince to the childless Li family, and became a nanny incognito. Later, the prince grew up, and the high-profile business man gave Lu Erye a chance to witness his look more similar to the emperor.

Because of doubts, it happened that the Longzhu Gang and the New Silk Road formed a bridge. Before leaving the palace, the wise wife smashed the prince’s personal token leopard talisman into two pieces, one of which was on the prince’s left arm, and the other was in the hands of the emperor.

Everyone present was shocked as soon as he said this, especially Li Qingliu was really unbelievable. Du Changfeng jumped over the wall in a hurry and framed Lu Erye deliberately as a courtier until the prime minister Yuan Zai Feng Tianzi came to the scene to confirm Li Qingliu’s true identity. Du Changfeng didn’t expect that harming others would not harm himself. Because he was worried that he would be accused of crimes, he hurriedly shirk his responsibility, causing the county magistrate to take the blame and ask him on the spot.

Now that the truth is clear, Li Qingliu is the prince of the first dynasty, and Wuyun Pavilion is very lively. The entire northern and southern city knows that Long Aoyi has an affair with Li Qingliu and calls her “the king’s woman.” However, Long Aoyi was sitting alone in the backyard of Wuyun Pavilion, drinking and watching the sky lonely, thinking about his trip, including Li Qingliu’s tenderness and consideration for her, as well as his unfinished love.

Sister Feng came to the mountain at night and dug out Jinpa from the soil with a piece of white jade koi bread in it. Then she knelt in front of the master’s tomb. She was ashamed that she had failed to complete her mission. Fortunately, Long Aoyi lives up to expectations, knows how to be soft and strong, and care about people’s hearts, but Feng Jie has been hiding in the Wuyun Pavilion for many years. She never thought that Li Qingliu was actually the prince, and she did not know whether the white koi should be passed on to Long Aoyi. I was afraid that she would return. Chang’an will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors.

Du Changfeng worried that if Li Qingliu entered the palace, he would face the disaster of extinction. Although he had thought of climbing up the royal in-laws and matching Li Zhao and Du Xiaoxian, it was a pity that Li Zhao’s entire mind was on Long Aoyi. Just as Du Changfeng was depressed, he suddenly thought that Datang had stipulated that the prince should not be engaged in business, so he wanted to take this opportunity to close the new Silk Road clearing house and take the customs clearance as his own.

Li Qingliu was still thinking about Long Aoyi, and it happened that the nanny came to see him, and then talked about Li Qingliu’s biological mother, hoping that he would recognize his ancestor. The next day, Lu Erye had arranged the matter of returning to Beijing. Li Qingliu wanted to see Long Aoyi before leaving, so he asked Lu Erye to forward the note on his behalf. After Long Ao received the news, he couldn’t hide his joy. That night, he dreamed that Li Qingliu confessed to her.

As a result, when Long Aoyi was carefully grooming and preparing to go to the appointment, he suddenly heard the sound of fighting in Sister Feng’s room. Other women in the brothel rushed to hear the news, saying that today Carpenter Tan was looking for Sister Feng for a drink, and the two should be on their heads, but Long Ao noticed the abnormality and hurriedly kicked open the door, just in time to see Carpenter Tan being killed.

The assassin rushed out, and Long Ao had no time to chase him, and directly supported the falling sister Feng. When she was dying, Sister Feng told Long Aoyi to avoid Chang’an and stay away from right and wrong. As the white koi dropped, Sister Feng finally died.

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