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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 9 Recap

The Go website founded by Fang Xu has skyrocketed in popularity, and “World Go” also came to make an appointment with him. This makes Fang Xu feel very happy, but one person has robbed him of the limelight. The enemy’s Chu Ying, even the title of the magazine cover was Who Chu Ying is, which made Fang Xu a little unhappy. He also wanted to know who this powerful Chu Ying was.

Fang Xu was very happy to see his brilliant record. Time said he hadn’t lost more than 200 rounds. If he didn’t lose once, it would seem a bit false. Chu Ying smiled and said that he hadn’t lost for more than a thousand years, and he seemed false after losing. Many people sent him messages on the Internet, which made him seem to have returned to Nanliang where he was like a star holding the moon overnight.

Time went to Wu Di. Seeing that his president was unconcerned about the activities of the Go Club, it inspired him to just leave the group and leave after talking about time. Chu Ying saw Fang Xu online on the Internet that day. He had already played with a few masters in the station, so he missed Fang Xu. Time immediately invited Fang Xu to fight but was rejected. Time thought he might be afraid of losing and mumbled. Can’t fall in love.

When I was about to write my winter homework, I suddenly saw Wu Di sent an application to add Chu Ying as a friend. When I was still angry, I didn’t want to pass, but Chu Yingrang passed him and did it. Then Wu Di called and excitedly told TimeGo, the great god Chu Ying, to add him as a friend. He admires Chu Ying and is a fan of the Great God, so he named himself Phosphor. This day, Wu Di sent a long private message to Chu Ying. He loves Go, but he feels that he is not talented. His friends have surpassed him after only one year of Go. Now he is standing at the crossroads for half of high school and is very confused. If he persists Playing chess would miss a lot. He gave up being a deserter and was sorry for the group of friends behind him. He asked the great god Chu Ying to help him.

After reading the time, he blamed himself for not taking Wu Di’s matter to heart. He asked Chu Ying what to do. Chu Ying said that of course he encouraged Wu Di to continue playing chess. Because Go is something that people can’t live without once they fall in love, Go can give people a strong spiritual power. Shi Shi felt that he knew his friends better. He replied that Wu Di asked him to temporarily leave Go to concentrate on the college entrance examination. He also said that Go and friends will never leave once they meet. Even if he leaves Go, his friends will not leave him. Wu Di was very happy when he saw it, and then he received a call from Time. Time said that after so long, he could turn it over. He wanted to ask Wu Di to eat a hamburger, and Wu Di said that anyone who wants a hamburger would eat a pizza.

On this day, the Weiqi Club held a retirement ceremony for Wu Di. Everyone dressed up the Weiqi Club very festively and bought cakes. Jiang Xueming was very reluctant to leave Wu Di. Shiguang and Gu Yu persuaded her to support Wu Di to concentrate on her studies. After he came back, they were all there. Wu Di, who was outside, couldn’t help crying when he heard what everyone said in the room. Then he calmed down and walked into the room with a smile.

Fang Xu convened a meeting with the resident chess players to discuss Chu Ying’s chess approach and style. Everyone said that his chess approach was ancient. Just as Yu Liang was coming, he had seen Chu Ying used Bai Ziqiu’s tricks that day. Some people suspect that Chu Ying is a child, because as long as he is online, it must be on weekends or winter vacations, which is consistent with student holidays. After listening to it, Yu Liang seemed to think of something. He told Fang Xu that he might have a clue, and he wanted to win a game with Chu.

Chu Ying went online this day and met his opponent again. The English name of his opponent was very familiar with time. He seemed to have seen it on the chessboard of Black and White Wendao Chess Hall, guessing that the opponent should be Yu Liang. Time felt that it was really no effort to break through the iron shoes and find no place to find it. He wanted to help Yu Liang and his wish to confront the great god. Yu Liang played but felt that the opponent’s chess style was similar to that of time, so he withdrew from the game. Time quickly sent a message asking him to fight again on Sunday, but Sunday was the first game of Yu Liang’s fixed stage match, but he still agreed.

Then time encountered something that made him a big deal. Fang Xu was going to play against Chu Ying offline. They were all fried online, and they were speculating whether Chu Ying would fight. Chu Ying agreed to help him think of a solution when he wanted to fight. On Sunday, Yu Liang and Chu Ying started to fight online. No matter how he made his move, Chu Ying seemed to see everything through. Every move was one step faster than him. Playing chess with Chu Ying made him feel desperate, and finally Yu Liang surrendered. Judging from the way he played chess, Chu Ying determined that his opponent was Yu Liang.

On the day of the battle of the century between Chu Ying and Fang Xu, many people came to the scene, and many media reporters also came to report. However, Chu Ying had a fever that day and Chu Ying didn’t want to go anymore. Time had promised to help Chu Ying become famous all over the world, so he took the medicine on the table and drank it, and then came to the scene wearing a mask.

It turned out that there were many imposters, Chu Ying, and these people fought and the scene was in chaos. Chu Ying couldn’t help but lament that such a fame and fortune had already violated his original aspirations. What is the point of winning the chess king. They should return to the original place to comprehend the hand of the gods. As he and Shi Shi turned and left, Yu Liang could not help chasing after seeing Shi Shi’s back.

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