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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 8 Recap

Shi Shi and his teammates sat in front of the barbecue booth, and everyone looked sad. Gu Yu introspected and said that he had counted the game time. He Jiajia ate and commented that they were the uncrowned kings last year. How could they have fallen into Pingyang this year. The four members of the Go Club had no appetite and got up and left, leaving He Jiajia in a daze looking at the pile of signatures in front of him.

When Shi Shi and Teacher Bai replayed the chess game he played with Yu Liang, Teacher Bai said that the first half of the game was a match, and the style of chess in the second half of the game changed. Later, when time heard from Jiang Xueming that Yu Liang had dropped out of school and quit the Go club, he couldn’t help feeling very complicated. He told Chu Ying that he was wrong. He underestimated the game of chess. Chu Ying and Yu Liang are the opponents of each other. The game of chess carried their painstaking efforts. Expecting, he felt that he had ruined a game of chess and let down the two of them.

Time wanted to make up for the mistake, so he went to the chess hall to find Yu Liang, but was stopped by the staff. The staff said that Xiao Liang was preparing for the fixed stage and would not play chess with him. At this time, Yu Liang came out and told Shi Shi that he would not play chess with him again, because he didn’t want to waste a minute and a second on Shi Shi, so he turned and entered the chess hall. Shi Shi was waiting at the door. Yu Liang didn’t come out of the chess hall until it was dark, but he got into a car. The staff let Shi Shi go back. Shi Shi said he would look for him when Yu Liang finished the game.

When I got home, I felt aggrieved. I waited for 6 hours in the Black and White Chess Hall. When Yu Liang came out, he didn’t even look at him. He angrily said why Yu Liang treated him like this. Chu Ying laughed and said that people have waited for him for six years to be more aggrieved than him, or let Yu Liang tell the truth. Time didn’t think it worked. If he told the truth, Yu Liang would definitely feel that he was humiliating himself. He decided to wait for Yu Liang to play chess after the final match ended.

Fang Xu told his brother Shirakawa that he had built a Go website called Wei Da, which is the online home of Go masters. He will find some professional chess players to station in order to increase the popularity of the website. He wanted to work together with his brother, and he paid for the money, but his idea was rejected by the brother.

The old venue of their Go club was being renovated, and the new venue was occupied by people from the basketball club. Jiang Xueming and them theorized that the people from the basketball club proposed to decide who to use the new venue by shooting. Then the people from the Go Club practiced shooting in the basketball court, but they gave up one after another when it didn’t work. Jiang Xueming didn’t give up and thought of a move. The people in the basketball club only talked about shooting but didn’t say how to compare them. After that, she and Shiguang and Gu Yu competed with people in the basketball club to shoot the games in the game hall, and the Go club won. They finally won back the venue of the Go Club. They were very happy time.

On the show, Fang Xu talked about his idea of ​​building a Go website. He wanted those who could not find an opponent to play chess anytime and anywhere online. After Shirakawa listened to his show, he agreed to be his resident chess player part-time. On this day, Shirakawa was distributing a leaflet for Go online on the roadside. When he saw the time, he gave him one and told him that he didn’t need to go to the chess hall to play chess. Time to go online and try, seeing that he was about to lose to his opponent Braised Shrimp, he quickly pulled out the network cable and strayed. Chu Ying teased that he would rather lose chess than chess.

Time told Chu Ying that he didn’t feel much embarrassment. Anyway, he didn’t really play chess. Just register a name on the Internet. Others didn’t know his true identity. Speaking of this, time suddenly thought that Chu Ying could play chess with his real identity. He went to to help Chu Ying register. After registering, he selected his opponent and met the braised shrimp again. He asked Chu Ying to clean up the braised shrimp. After a few rounds, the braised shrimp lost. The braised shrimp was very frustrated and surprised. Never seen such a powerful opponent. At this time, Yu Liang came over and said that the trick just now was Bai Ziqiu’s trick.

The first battle was a good start, knocking down a young man who was in the middle of the game. Time was very proud. Chu Ying was also full of emotions. After more than three hundred years, the name Chu Ying finally returned to the world and returned to this chessboard. He thanked God. Thanks for the time, Shizhuang confidently said that he will help Chu Ying become a famous chess king in the world.

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