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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 7 Recap

Shi Shi and Chu Ying agreed that he would play this Go tournament by himself. Chu Ying was reluctant but agreed. After Gu Yu joined the Go Club, Wu Di had to make a rule that he could not be late or leave early, and that he could not do things that violate sports ethics. Thinking that Wu Di was unhappy with his own Gu Yu, he replied that a team won the championship last time and was disqualified again. Is this a violation of sportsmanship? He felt that they looked down on him and got up and left. Wu Di looked at his back and said anxiously that the name of the game was reported to him, and it was the main player.

When Yu Liang heard the teacher say that Time is not the leader, it is Santai, so he applied to the teacher that he also wants to become Santai and Time Game but was rejected. Then the list and order of the competition came out, and Yu Liang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw that he was on the three.

Time catches up with Gu Yu on the playground to keep him from getting angry, Gu Yu said that they are better than pull-ups. As a result, he lost, and time asked him to participate in the game with himself, and also told him not to bully the honest Wu Di. On the day of the game, when the teams drew lots, Yu Liang walked in front of Time and said that he was the third station of the experimental middle school so that he could prepare well. Time could not help being surprised to see Yu Liang coming to participate in this kind of competition. Chu Ying said happily that it was interesting, and he let time later not beg him to take action.

When Gu Yu came back from the lottery and saw Shi Shi and Wu Di’s frustration, he said that they would encounter the experimental middle school in the second round. Chu Ying was gloating on the sidelines. He couldn’t help them in this game. Who made someone stiff their wings? They were suspended this time. Time allowed everyone to cheer up. At this time, the members of the experimental middle school also said cool words to make them abstain as soon as possible. They also mocked the unknown leader of the 13th Middle School. Wu Di stood up to support Gu Yu.

When Gu Yu played chess, he kept talking to his opponent. The opponent raised his hand to report to the referee that Gu Yu had deliberately talked to disturb him. Gu Yu explained to the referee that he wanted to speak when he was nervous, and the referee told him to keep quiet. Gu Yu didn’t speak, but he distracted the opponent with his actions and expressions, and the opponent gave in helplessly. In this time, relying on his own chess to win the opponent, although it was a narrow victory, he felt that he did not rely on Chu to win.

The next game is about to play with Yu Liang, and time can’t help being very nervous. He knew that it was not him that Yu Liang wanted to face off this time but Chu Ying, so he asked Chu Ying to make a move. Chu Ying also wanted to know how Xiao Liang’s chess skills would be, and agreed. It’s time for Yu Liang to play against Shimo. Seeing that Yu Liang’s speed is so fast, Shimo says he must play so fast. Yu Liang said that this game of chess has been played in his mind countless times.

Chu Ying makes time don’t worry, he wants to try Xiao Liang’s skills in a different way. Time praised Yu Liang for improving a lot, but Yu Liang felt that time was humiliating him, so he replied that his chess posture was more standardized than before. Chu Ying tells Shi Shi where his next man is, but Shi Shi changes his mind but falls elsewhere. Shi Shi tells Chu Ying that he wants to play by himself. Chu Ying asked him why he regretted it. Time said it was because of the look in Yu Liang and Chu Ying’s eyes when they played chess. He also wanted to play it personally, wondering how far he was from Yu Liang.

Watching the sudden changes in the style of chess, Yu Liang got more and more angry. He couldn’t help but get up and asked Time’s joke loudly. At this time, someone came over and asked him to sit down. Yu Liang held back his breath and continued to play chess with Time. Finally, Time gave up. Although Yu Liang won, he was sad. The previous time showed him the shadow of the chess god. In order to catch up with the time, he went abroad to study and came back. He persisted even if it was difficult, but now he feels stupid. Wu Di and Gu Yu also lost.

They were eliminated in the 13th Middle School with a score of 3 to zero. He Jiajia rushed to see the three people looking depressed, and encouraged them when they knew they had lost. Wu Di wiped away tears and said that they did their best, and the three embraced. At this time, they saw Jiang Xueming and others in the spectator stand with a banner saying that they were champions in the 13th Middle School. They felt very warm when they heard their cheering. Gu Yu said that they must win the championship. Time tells Chu Ying that he will definitely let Yu Liang sees his own chess.

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