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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 6 Recap

Because she was obsessed with playing Go and affected her studies, Shi Shi’s mother was called to school by the teacher. After returning home, my mother confiscated the Go of Time, and she also asked if Go can be eaten as a meal. Time argued that rice could not be used as a Go. If he was not allowed to play chess, he would not eat and sleep well. It’s like letting him go on a hunger strike. His mother asked him to advance fifteen in the midterm exam, and had to agree in order to play chess.

When Yu Xiaoyang learned that his son hadn’t signed up for the fixed stage match, he asked him what was going on. Yu Liang said that he wanted to participate in the Go League and win the time and then sign up for the fixed stage. Time gave him a lot of fighting spirit. He just wants to beat him now. His father said that if he couldn’t win, Yu Liang said that he would stay at the Go Club for another year until he won. His father said ridiculously angry. Yu Liang explained that he wanted to stay upright with time next time.

The powerful Yu Liang was hated by other students in the Go Club. Some people wanted to fix him. Two members challenged Yu Liang to play blind chess in the honor room. Yu Liang did not look at the chessboard and asked for one-to-two. They were playing the game. I went to help Yu Liang in the past.

Then the Go president found Yu Liang and said that he was not at the same level as them. He stayed in the Go club and asked him to leave. Yu Liang said that he has his own reasons and reasons for joining the Go Club, and he apologizes to the president if he causes trouble and trouble.

That day, Time was in English class, and suddenly Chu Ying saw Gu Ying downstairs and quickly told Time. At this time, the bell rang for the end of get out of class, and Time immediately chased out with his schoolbag on his back. He chased into a chess and card room with dirty air and saw Gu Yu playing Go with someone. It was clear that Gu Yu was downwind but he won in the end. Chu Ying said that he cheated and stole. It is a pity that he did such a thing at a young age. shameful. Gu Yu couldn’t help but feel that it was a coincidence when he saw Time. Before he left, he told the loser that the CD given to him must be a genuine one instead of a burned one. When the time went after him, Gu Yu was gone.

The next day, he stopped Gu Yu at the door of the classroom, and he persuaded him to join the Go Club. Gu Yu said that he still owed himself a CD, and also said that a person like time who is not sincere is embarrassed to make a request to him. Cheating, who knows that Gu Yu was not afraid of cheating and instead yelled for him that he had cheated, but the other students did not respond. Time drove him to the next game of Go Club and Wu Di. Gu Yu still cheated him and got up and left.

Wu Di was about to chase out to find Gu Yu to reason and was stopped by time. Time said that Gu Yu was just like that. In the chessboard room last night, he relied on clever means to win the opponent. He felt that Gu Yu was quite talented. Wu Di said angrily that it was not a talent. He did not agree to let Gu Yu participate in the Go League. Time felt that Wu Di had lost his anger, and Wu Di went out after a few quarrels.

Chu Ying also reminded that Time Guyu could not be used because he cheated. Time felt that Gu Yu was just trying to win by doing this. Chu Ying remembered that painful experience, which made him unforgettable for more than a thousand years. He wanted Xiaoguang to remember that in this world, there is nothing worth tainting a game of chess. Go for it.

Gu Yu went to the chess and card room again, and wanted to take him away when time arrived, but Gu Yu did not leave. Unexpectedly, the opponent would treat his body in his own way. The calculated Gu Yu left angrily. Time chased out Gu Yu but told him not to follow him in the future. Chu Ying turned and returned to the chess room. What would he do to Gu Yu? How to win back the calculated.

The uncle who was playing against Gu Yu asked Shi Shi what level of chess he was. Shi Shi said it was probably Bai Ziqiu in the Qing Dynasty. The uncle laughed and said that if time is Bai Ziqiu, he is Yu Xiaoyang. It didn’t take long for the uncle to lose. After time passed, he stared at the chessboard and smiled and said that Bai Ziqiu was reborn. Then time stopped Gu Yu again and told him one thing. It turned out that the man playing chess with him was hired by the owner of the chess room, Cao Cao, who paid him money. He wanted to give him some color to see and let him stop early. Gu Yu was better off with grievances. Time can’t figure out how old Cao treats people like him as his grandson.

Gu Yu wondered how Time knew this. When time saw Gu Yu was calculated, he went back to find that person to play chess, and overheard the conversation between him and Cao. Cao did this because he was afraid that Gu Yu would cheat and went on a crooked road. . Then Gu Yu came to the chess and card room and saw that Cao was repairing the worn-out electric fan, so he left a new one and walked away quietly.

Time’s results advanced by seven or eight. His mother returned the chessboard to him. When he came to the gate of the Go Club, he was surprised to see Gu Yu waiting for them. Gu Yu said that he was not here to give time face but to look at Lao Cao. For the sake of face, time happily led him into the Go Club.

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