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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 5 Recap

Time passed the high school entrance of the 13th Middle School, and his grandpa rewarded him with a little smart. After entering the journal, Shiguang and Jiang Xueming went to find Wu Di. He was in the chemistry laboratory, the venue of the Go Club. Jiang Xueming also applied to join the Go club. Shiguang said that she could not play Go. She said that she could be the manager of the club, and all the miscellaneous things were covered by her. Wu Di happily agreed.

The club must have a name. They were not satisfied after writing a few on the blackboard. Chu Ying said one of them is the Three Musketeers. Time listened to the idea and wrote the Four Musketeers on the blackboard, because he ignored Chu Ying. Go in. He explained to Wu Di and Jiang Xueming that he was a good partner, so the Sijianke Go Club was established.

Yu Liang has been waiting for Shimo’s call. He asked the staff of the chess house if Shimo had come to him. The staff said Shimo hadn’t been here this holiday. Yu Liang was very disappointed to play chess and went home. That day, Shi Xiao waited for the three people to put up a new Go Club recruiting poster on the campus. They were covered by the basketball club poster as soon as they were posted. Shi Shi started arguing with their theoretical sides.

At this time, He Jiajia came over and heard the other party say that the people in the Go club were rubbish, he went up and started hands with the other party, and was beaten up by the tall opponent and bruised his face. When he returned to the club, he looked at his injuries in the mirror and complained that everyone did not help him. Jiang Xueming said that if he didn’t fight the Go Club, he wouldn’t be canceled. He Jiajia said that they turned around and left.

Yu Liang went to the 13th Middle School to find the Go Club and asked many people who didn’t know where the Go Club was. When he saw the name of the time on the poster on the wall, he opened the basketball poster on it to check the phone. As a result, the last person on the phone was blurred because of glue. He tried one call after another, and finally got through the phone of Time. Time asked who he was, but he eagerly asked where Time is.

When I was in the Go Club and Chu Ying felt that Yu Liang’s voice was very close to him, he opened the curtains of the laboratory to see that Yu Liang was outside. Shi Shi opened the window and Yu Liang asked Shi Shi why he didn’t call him. Shi Shi said the number was lost. Yu Liang wanted to play chess with him very much, but Shi Shi said that he had no time to let him go back, and said that he hurriedly closed the window. Yu Liang wondered why Shi Shi did not play chess with him and what he was afraid of.

Time is worried that Yu Liang will come to him again in the future. He must prepare first. He asked Chu Ying how long it would take for half a year to catch up with Yu Liang. Chu Ying decided to train him in the devil, and teach him how to play music in the first class.

In the evening, my mother asked Yu Liang why he didn’t participate in the registration for the fixed stage match. Yu Liang said he wanted to wait. After his mother left the room, Yu Liang opened the drawer and took out the watch that Time gave him back then, lost in thought. The next day, Yu Liang came to the school’s Go club. The teacher introduced him to the world champion Yu Xiaoyang’s son. His joining the Go club would be even more powerful. Then the teacher took Yu Liang to visit the honor room of the Go Club. He also mentioned the student time that impressed him in the last Go League. The style of chess was very special and it looked like a child at all. He believes that time is not Yu Liang’s opponent, and Yu Liang said that he is looking forward to the day when he confronts him.

Shiguang and Wu Di want to participate in this round of the Go League, because He Jiajia has no time to take the college entrance examination, so they are still one person away. One day, Time wrote a Go question in the toilet, but he didn’t expect someone to add it. Time thought he had taken a good step, so he wanted to find out the person, so he continued to write the question and the person continued to add one to the question. Pen, Wu Di hasn’t blocked him even several times.

At the last moment, he used prizes to attract the answerer, and that person’s name was Gu Yu. Gu Yu asked for a prize CD as soon as he met. He put on his headphones and got up and left as soon as he heard the nursery rhyme coming out. It turned out that funds were limited, and Shiguang bought a cheap disc to pretend to be a genuine one in Tianqiao, but he was determined to bring Gu Yu into the club.

Yu Liang heard that the Go League did not register in the 13th Middle School, and couldn’t help feeling very disappointed. He sent a message to Shi Shi that if Shi was afraid of him, he would be looked down upon in this life. Shi Shi thought that Yu Liang would not participate in the Go club but was busy participating in the fixed stage match, so they would not feel relieved when confronted in the Go League, and replied to Yu Liang that they could not understand what he was talking about.

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