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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 30 Recap

Zhou Dingbei held a cocktail party at the company to celebrate the successful cooperation with Chuangkai game research and development. Holding the wine before launching it on the market will make Wang Yong very worried. Although the game has been developed, the response to the market is still unknown. Preliminary work. The company has already spent a lot of money, and if the consequences are not good, it will bring down the company.

Zhou Dingbei comforted Wang Yong not to worry too much about what has not happened yet. Just drink and talk at the celebration party, Wang Yong is still worried but let go of worry for the time being. Jiang Cheng brought the resignation letter from himself and most of the backbone of the sales department to Kwong Mingchou.

The sales department put a lot of effort into collecting funds for the company’s performance, but did not get the return it should have. This chilled the sales department and made himself faceless. Jiang Cheng asked him not to leave, and Jiang Cheng’s condition was that Yao Kun left Chaoxin. Yu Wenjing was meeting with President Lin, but suddenly she received a call from the employees of the Shanghai factory asking for bonuses outside the company.

Although Jingqi and Chuangkai’s games were on the market, they didn’t get much response. Zhou Dingbei proposed to increase investment in promotion. This is not a small amount of money, but Jingqi has already taken this step and must continue to go forward.

Wang Yong also firmly Signed his name on the consent form. After Yu Wenjing dealt with the employees of the Shanghai factory, she returned to the office and saw Mei Zhaohe’s surprise for herself. Jiang Cheng met Su Yan and complained about what was going on. Although it was not the original intention to force Yao Kun away, she can only come and give everyone an explanation.

Looking at the troubled Jiang Cheng, Su Yan also said what she was saying, but didn’t figure it out. I left without feeling in my heart. Not only that, the person who had lived in my heart never left. Jiang Cheng was excited when he heard Su Yan’s words, and finally said the truth that had been buried in his heart for many years, Su Yan and Jiang Cheng Is there a future in between.

Kwong Mingchou told Yao Kun’s request to Yao Kun at home. Yao Kun understood that Kuang Mingchou meant to agree to her leaving, and was angry. When facing Jiang Cheng, the other party also refused to give in. Zhou Dingbei continued to ask Wang Yong for the promotion fee, but Wang Yong believes that the game created by Chuangkai may be a bottomless pit.

The flag investment is huge but the particles are not collected. It is difficult for the flag to be in the quagmire and it is impossible to make more investment to continue this project. Without seeing the future and hope, Wang Yong could not build confidence in this project. Zhou Dingbei was speechless, and all this was heard by Hong Yuqiao just outside the door. Su Yan told Hong Yuqiao that if the stamina of the banner was insufficient, all the hard work was wasted.

Hong Yuqiao was worried, and he put in the efforts of countless people for his dream, and dragged the flag to sink deeper. Yao Kun decided to resign after thinking about it again and again. Ming-Chiu Kwong assured him that she would not be allowed to leave in vain, acquired Hi-Tech Technology, entered the Internet, and fulfilled their common dream.

Mingchou Kwong announced the resignation of Yao Kun to the board of directors. The board agreed but demanded that a new general manager be selected immediately to manage the company. This candidate is Jiangcheng. As soon as Jiangcheng took office, he announced the replacement of bonuses for all employees and the suspension of the acquisition plan of Hi-Tech.

Hong Yuqiao was standing in the high-rise emptying himself and caused the nearby people to think that Hong Yuqiao couldn’t open it. When Guan Tao arrived, he wanted to persuade Hong Yuqiao, but Hong Yuqiao didn’t intend to commit suicide but to find a place where no one wanted to think about it.

This time, Guan Tao was too scared, but fortunately there was no danger. Gaoke Technology was panicked when it learned that Chaoxin had replaced its general manager. Gaoke Technology’s acquisition plan has already begun, and other interested companies have withdrawn their quotations. If the acquisition stops, Gaoke Technology will face a bad situation in its book deficit. President Li of Hi-Tech Technology also got a reply to terminate the acquisition when he went to find Jiangcheng to confirm.

Mr. Li was invited to the office by Kwong Mingchou when he was leaving. Kwong Mingchou said that although he is the chairman of Chaoxin, there are many shareholders in the company, and he can’t take charge of all big and small matters. The situation of Chaoxin is not optimistic before the financial crisis Therefore, the additional conditions proposed by Gaoke Technology make it impossible for Chaoxin’s internal senior management to understand.

If Gaoke Technology’s determination is sufficient, then the additional conditions can be alleviated, and the acquisition will have room for maneuver. Mr. Li somewhat agrees. When Yao Kun saw Kuang Mingchou returned home, he directly asked about the termination of the acquisition. Kuang Mingchou had already figured out a countermeasure for Yao Kun to go to Hi-Tech Technology the next day. Standing in the high-rise building, Hong Yuqiao realized a great truth and hurriedly found Zhou Dingbei.

The reason why people like to watch the excitement is because it is free, and you can get a brand new experience without spending money. If you want to attract more people, you need to be free. The free loading on all computers first attracts everyone’s attention.

Later, Zhou Dingbei can’t figure it out. If it’s free on all computers, then the banner computer’s The selling point disappeared, and Hong Yuqiao pointed out the key problem. Now the capital invested by the banner needs to be paid back. If the market is not exchanged for free, the creation and banner will all collapse. Zhou Dingbei told Wang Yong about the free market exchange strategy. It happened that Mintong Company requested to extend the account period at this time. Wang Yong made up his mind to agree to Mintong’s request. When everyone is in difficulty, each step back and exchange for another day to meet.

Zhou Dingbei knew that Wang Yong was agreeing to a free market exchange strategy, so he hurried to plan. After thinking about it, Wang Yong took out his own equity to accompany Zhou Dingbei through the barrier. For the banner, he also trusted Zhou Dingbei. Wang Yong would fight side by side with Zhou Dingbei to carry the banner. After Yao Kun discussed with Gaoke Technology, Kuang Mingchou proposed to the board of directors to restart the acquisition plan. At this time, the price of Gaoke Technology was favorable and the additional conditions were eliminated.

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