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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 25 Recap

Shen Jin woke up without seeing Chu Xiuming, thinking that he had left without saying goodbye. In fact, he was entering the palace, and the emperor gave him a banquet to see him off. Speaking of the frontier fortress, the food and grass are tense, and the border has already been stable, this time I went to just take care of a group of fish that slipped through the net, so don’t worry, but in the end, it is to let the soldiers fight hungry. Shen Jin gifted Chu Xiuming the jade pendant that his mother left to him, hoping to bless him with an early return.

Every day, I embroidered the clothes of my child with my mother. I think of the fight with Chu Xiuming in the past, but now I look back and look so sweet. On the other side of the frontier camp, Chu Xiuming studied the battle plan, and the Leopard Head reported on the military situation. Several small forces merged and prepared to seize the Eagle power. It was the Maya Princess who came to ask for help. While talking, Feng asked about Shen Jin. Leopard head learned that Shen Jin was pregnant and hurried to bring the good news to Xiao Cong and the others.

The gifts from various officials in the capital to congratulate her squeezed through the door of the General’s Mansion. Wu Ruonan saw Shen Jin staying in the house all day and was bored, and brought a little girl to make her happy. The little girl was holding a pot of grass in her hand, looking like it was rare, saying that it was picked for her from the village. Shen Jin was excited to go. Wu Ruonan could not persuade her to take her to the small village. Uncle Hua was dealing with these flowers. , The old man takes care of all the flowers in the village.

After finally coming out, Wu Ruonan and Shen Jin went to have a look at the cloth shop. The husband who met her at the house earlier, Shen Jin, mentioned her cloth shop. Now all the capitals of the capital come to her to buy cloth. , The business is booming. Shen Jin thought about becoming one with Ruonan Cloth Village, and he was about to become a family anyway, so he didn’t care too much.

When Shen Jin came home and saw her mother hurriedly walk out, she knew that this time something was going on again. Before she said a few words of apology, her mother took her directly to the Royal Palace. A woman took a letter and claimed to be pregnant with Chu Xiuming’s flesh and blood. After she went to the main hall, Shen Jin calmly asked her. The letter asked her to find Mrs. Yongningbo, so instead of going to Yongningbofu, this woman ran directly to Ruiwangfu. A stranger knew so well about the relationship between families in Beijing. Shen Jin cheated her about the birthmark again, and the woman quickly said that she had seen it, but in fact Chu Xiuming had no birthmark at all. Someone wanted to use the hand of a woman to find her unhappy. The woman quickly confessed that she was intimidated when she saw the incident. Lord Rui asked the painter to draw the instigator according to the description of the woman, and took a closer look at the portrait that the eyebrows looked like Shen Zi’s room. Mother Liu.

The cloth house of Shen Jin and Wu Ruonan merged into one and changed its name to Jinxiu Huazhang, and the lion dance at the entrance of the store was on stage, and it was very lively. Shen Zi and Shen Jing came to congratulate him, and Shen Jinsi didn’t wait to see them and gave them both behind closed doors. At the beginning, Shen Zi was going to marry Chu Xiuming. Now these spring breeze is not because she Shen Zi gave Shen Jin alms. The emperor also heard about Shen Jin’s business. The Chu Xiuming couple had the military power, and the money flowed to the cloth village. Is it convenient to have money and power? So the emperor decreed a banquet for King Rui’s family tomorrow, congratulating Shen Jin with joy.

On the carriage, Shen Jing and Shen Zi talked about the marriage of the first generation. If it is not said that Shen Jin was married, then who knows whether she robbed Shen Jing’s marriage or was forced to marry. This is the crime of deceiving the emperor, enough to ruin Shen Jin. When entering the palace to see Shen Jin, Shen Zi had a proud posture again. In front of her eldest sister Shen Shu, she said that Shen Jinniang’s pro-concubine Chen was a foot washing slave, and Shen Jin Yang slapped her hand.

The family is waiting for the holy driver in the pavilion. Shen Shu thinks of marrying with her fingers, but Shen Jin hopes to give her children enough freedom. It depends on them. Speaking of the emperor’s arrival, Chu Xiuming swept away the rebels in one fell swoop, and named Mrs. Yongningbo’s wife, Shen Jin, the second princess of Ruiwang’s mansion, but Shen Zi suddenly came out to expose, saying that Shen Jin imposingly married into Yongningbo’s mansion is actually true The second princess is her.

The emperor Longyan was furious and decreed to imprison the family members of the Royal Palace. The imperial decree not only spread to the Royal Palace of Rui, but also to Boss Palace of Yongning. When Shen Jin was leaving, she told Rourou that she had always been under the bed. She wanted to wait for Xiao Su to marry her to give her a gift, but now she had to send it out early.

Shen Shu from Yongle Hou Mansion also wants to go back to the mansion to take care of him. There cannot be no one at home. The eldest son was going to accompany her back, but suddenly he was called by the old lady. Shen Shu knew that he might not be able to wait for him. The dowry bank notes are gone. The old lady sent a maid to tell her that she was unwell, so she left the elder son to wait by her side, and sent some silver taels to show her concern, but Shen Shu didn’t want it. After a hastily thanked her, she rewarded the maid who had sent the money. Until she got on the carriage and looked at the plaque of Yongle Houfu, Shen Shu whispered quietly. When the carriage came to a sudden stop, Shi Zi stopped the carriage and asked, why not wait for me? Shen Shu looked at him, sad and happy for a while.

Master Liu played chess with a mysterious man in a cloak, discussing strategies, Chu Xiuming is now being taken into prison, forcing him to protect him, and no one can stop the emperor if he wants to convict.

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