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General’s Lady 将军家的小娘子 Episode 24 Recap

Chu Xiuming brought a lot of candied fruits, and Shen Jin invited him to go after he was full. His mother returned after a while, but when he said it, he remembered that his mother might not be back. Chu Xiuming must have bought his mother. He didn’t care to continue feeding her the fruit, Shen Jin insisted that it was not delicious, so Chu Xiuming tasted the sweetness of the fruit in the kiss, and Shen Jin was ashamed and annoyed about it. He stopped her abruptly, aftertaste carefully, it was obviously very sweet.

Sleeping at night, Shen Jin covered all the quilts, and Chu Xiuming, the extra person, was bare, and Shen Jin was sweating hotly. Chu Xiuming took advantage of the situation and got into Shen Jin’s quilt. He obediently slept with only his own wife. That’s it.

In the past few days, the general did not pay attention to any family and country events, and followed Shen Jin all day long. Shen Jin was reluctant. When Chu Xiuming came, she forced her mother to sleep in the side room. He even looked for a rogue for excuses. He couldn’t sleep without Shen Jin. After the young couple flirted and scolded Shen Jin and left, Shen Jing in the pavilion on the side saw Chu Xiuming coming over, pretending to be bullied. The three grievances and neither sentence left Shen Jin, and Chu Xiuming naturally had a straight face. , Unlike when he spoke to Shen Jin just now.

At the urging of her mother, Shen Jin was sent to the gate before he could react. He set off with Chu Xiuming and returned to the general’s mansion. The mother took Shen Jin’s hand and handed her to Chu Xiuming cautiously. She ran back all night so sad. Chu Xiuming will follow his mother-in-law’s order, and never make a mistake a second time. From now on, he will take care of Shen Jin. Unexpectedly, Shen Jing also came to send them off, hoping to be a guest at the General’s Mansion. Shen Jin pushed it back inconveniently, and Shen Jing was aggrieved again, making Shen Jin even more ravaged on her. This is easy to handle, and Chu Xiuming suggested that in the future, everyone should not stay in the same room and no longer communicate, so that no one would be wronged, and he immediately got into the carriage.

A group of officials followed a certain adult and discussed that they would make early plans to bring down Chu Xiuming, but the adult was not in a hurry, and ordered everyone to wait for the opportunity to proceed slowly. The prime minister told the emperor that he had been paying for the army for a long time and couldn’t find out who was behind the scenes. When the emperor knew about it, he remembered another matter and sent Chu Xiuming back to guard the border.

In the small village of Wu Ruonan’s paradise, Chu Xiuyuan has become a teacher that children are accustomed to, and children can already read poems silently. Suddenly, Chu Xiuyuan glanced at him and saw Wu Ruonan in the distance. Her smile made people feel comfortable, as if a warm stream passed through his heart. Wu Ruonan is a woman with a clear purpose and firm will. She has never been influenced by emotions, but Chu Xiuyuan’s appearance made her start to shake. If she could, she would tell him first that she actually cares about Chu Xiuyuan and has him by his side. It’s really practical.

When the imperial physician came to ask Shen Jin for her pulse, she also helped Shen Shu to take a look, but the two sisters became pregnant one after another because they didn’t think of a good thing. Shen Shu just said to tell her concubine first, and Yonglehou said it herself. When the first son of Yongle Hou came, Shen Shulihua was worried about the rain. Through the mouth of the maid, who else in the whole government could be unprepared, except for the cousin Yunniang, only Mrs. Yongle Hou could Erase the clues. As soon as the elder son left, Shen Shu wiped one or two drops of tears, let’s wash, it’s time to rest.

Chu Xiuming has already begun to explore fetal movement, which is really new to him as a new father. Entering the main hall of the house, Chu Xiuyuan and Wu Ruonan have been waiting for a long time. They really hope to receive Chu Xiuming’s blessing. But Chu Xiuming has a knot in his heart, and it’s hard to live easily. Shen Jin took her as an example. Chu Xiuyuan loved Wu Ruonan, and Chu Xiuming had also become an arrogant beauty. If someone prevented them from being together, Chu Xiuming would definitely do his best. For the same reason, why did Chu Xiuyuan become a restraint of feelings. Such a simple and easy-to-understand truth, Chu Xiuming pierced the horns but forgot behind his ears, Shen Jin was more emotionally clearer than him, and at this moment, he was enlightened and suddenly realized.

Shen Jin and Wu Ruonan officially became concubines, and they kissed each other. They discussed combining Jiner Cloth Village and Ruonan Cloth Village into one, and the business would be bigger and stronger. Chu Xiuming also has requirements, no matter what she does, she just remembers not to go out.

Shen Jin couldn’t get out, but Flesh informed about a trivial matter. Her seven aunts and eight aunts came to the house. Shen Jin wondered when she had such two relatives. In front of the main hall, two women brought their daughters to climb relatives. One said it was a cousin and the other said that it was a cousin. When Chu Xiuming heard about this, he asked Shen Jin’s attitude, and when he heard that Shen Jin’s face was calm, he smiled slightly, presumably his wife can’t suffer. Shen Jinnian, since you are all relatives, naturally can’t treat him badly. How could he be a concubine and gave fifty taels of silver as a dowry from the general’s mansion. If anyone is crying poor, it’s just fine to send them away to learn crafts.

After sending away these clinging relatives, Shen Jin still clamored to go out, forcing Furou to be a stepping stone for her to use over the wall. Unexpectedly, Chu Xiuming caught him when she climbed halfway and fled in surprise. Shen Jinluo fell into Chu Xiuming’s arms, Chu Xiuming took it steadily, still groaning, and returned to the room with Shen Jin in his arms, and ordered the maid to take good care of him, and brought back a dozen supplements, and invited his mother-in-law to take care of Shen. Brocade. After arranging Shen Jin’s surroundings, Chu Xiuming was relieved that the emperor sent him to the border, and he had to set off in a few days.

Shen Jin could not go to the border with Chu Xiuming. He felt uncomfortable when he thought of having to be separated for a long time, and shrank into Chu Xiuming’s arms and cried like a child. No one cares about Chu Xiuming when she leaves. It is reasonable to say that she should be happy, but now she is super sad, probably the mood swings of pregnant people will be greater.

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