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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 8 Recap

Ling Rui was slowly approaching Lu Fangning, but there was a flow of heat from his nose. Looking at Ling Rui with a nosebleed, Lu Fangning sighed that the soup he prepared was so on top.

Ling Rui understood that when he heard this. Fang Ning’s intention is precisely to crystallize with herself. Ready to have a serious discussion with Lu Fangning, and heard Lu Fangning say that he is willing to have children and does not need Ling Rui to be responsible.

Listening to Lu Fangning’s cold-blooded and unconsidered plan. Ling Rui found out that he had become Lu Fangning’s “tool man”. The two people who had disagreeable personalities and disagreements started a quarrel. Ling Rui hurriedly left the Lu’s family after rejecting it. Go back to your own home.

Mother Ling had doubts ever since she watched Ling Rui go home in the middle of the night. Who knew that early in the morning, Ling Rui actually immersed herself in housework, meticulously and silently. Everyone was puzzled and asked Ling Rui about the reason.

At this time, Lu Fangning came to Ling’s house with a large package of gifts and greeted him with a smile. Lu Fangning is not fighting an unprepared battle. After opening the gift box, all were prepared baby products. Lu Fangning stimulated Ling’s mother with actions and words.

He wanted to use the pressure of his parents to force Ling Rui to obey him, but Ling Rui also had a plan to persuade himself with words. mother. Ling Mu, who really didn’t understand the situation, was not going to participate in this melee. Lu Fangning, who had lost all battles in Ling’s family, had nothing to do. Looking at Ling Rui’s triumphant smile, Lu Fangning was still ready to dig deeper from Ling Mu.

When he came to Ling’s mother’s room, Lu Fangning secretly communicated with Ling’s mother. Ling’s mother really wanted a grandchild in his heart, but at this time, Lu Fangning told himself that it was Ling Rui’s party who was not “reliable”. Ling Mu, who listened in her ears and worried in her heart, quickly soaked up Ling Rui’s “self-improvement” prescription. Due to her mother’s pressure, Ling Rui had to drink it all.

Ling Rui came to the bathroom to take a bath. Everyone quickly signaled Lu Fangning to help Lu Fangning set up the scene and create an atmosphere. Ling’s mother sent Lu Fangning into the bathroom. Seeing the looming naked figure behind the shower curtain, Ling Rui pulled the curtain open at this moment. Lu Fangning looked down nervously. Who knows that Ling Rui was prepared and put on all the protective clothes…

Ling Rui and Lu Fangning were sitting in the room, but Ling Rui still resisted stubbornly. Lu Fangning wanted to use the contract as an argument, but was helpless that all the terms that were beneficial to him had been changed by Ling Rui. The Iron Lady had a chance to hit an iron board, and Lu Fangning was helpless at this time.

Cai Siyu is full of confidence in the plan he is going to submit to Lu Yiyao. But the trivial matters of exhibition preparation caused all employees to stay to arrange the exhibition. Watching Lu Yiyao take off his suit and experience it personally. Cai Siyu was heartbroken. At work, Cai Siyu found an error in the product label.

In order to prevent the error from continuing, Cai Siyu had to replace all the tags alone. I thought everything was just my own silent contribution, but in fact, everything was seen by Lu Yiyao. In the final collection, Lu Yiyao also mentioned this incident immediately. Hearing Lu Yiyao’s words, Cai Siyu couldn’t help but develop a good impression. .

Holding the meal and handing it to Lu Yiyao, everything happened so coincidentally and so with the idol drama atmosphere. Cai Siyu couldn’t help but sigh in her heart for the wonderful and old-fashioned fate of the two. It was also at this time that a chandelier loosened.

After falling, Lu Yiyao quickly pulled Cai Siyu away with quick eyes and hands, and escaped the catastrophe. Cai Siyu fell into Lu Yiyao’s arms. Although the hero’s plot to save the United States was old-fashioned, he tried to avoid it. Cai Siyu shyly put aside, but Lu Yiyao looked at the chandelier above his head and thought carefully.

At the end of the arrangement, Lu Fangning suddenly appeared and asked for an inspection. Everyone came to the sofa and asked the person in charge Li to sit on the sofa. Although President Li kept a smile on his face, the chandelier dangling above his head suggested danger. It turned out that the chandelier was deliberately manipulated. Although President Li understands that everything is self-sufficient, seeing the tricks being debunked, President Li becomes angry and leaves quickly.

Lu Fangning chatted with Lu Yiyao, looking at Cai Siyu passing by, Lu Fangning suddenly had a plan, took Cai Siyu away, and said goodbye to Lu Yiyao in a hurry.

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