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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 12 Recap

Cai Siyu did not expect that he would still be greeted by a table of bread in Lu Fangning’s office. Lu Fangning is going to wash away the bad memories of the abuse by personally trying it out. Cai Siyu looked at Lu Fangning anxiously trying to make good memories for Ling Rui, and concluded that Lu Fangning in front of him was truly in love. In Ling Rui, you can say love, these two adults are still just elementary school chickens.

As soon as Lu Fangning returned home, he found that Ling Rui had returned home, in the kitchen, and preparing dishes in front of the chopping board. Still afraid that it was an illusion, Lu Fangning stared at Ling Rui, recalling what Yu Teacher and Curly had said, Lu Fangning had an inexplicable feeling in his heart, and hugged Ling Rui in front of him, Ling Rui in order to continue cooking. Lu Fangning can only “station” Lu Fangning, but even if he doesn’t move, Lu Fangning keeps thinking in his heart.

He has a faint and vague feeling about love, but all the phantoms are dispersed at this time, and there is clarity Lu Fangning finally understood that his inner feelings were love. I was about to speak out what I thought, but at this time the bell was ringing. Tang Pingping, who knew everything from Yazhi’s side, rushed to Lu Fangning’s house, questioned and questioned the marriage between the two, seeing the contract.

When the truth of the marriage was seen through, Tang Pingping would never let it go, and simply came to Lu Fangning’s home to make a big noise. Listening to Tang Pingping’s aggressive questioning, Lu Fangning confessed to Ling Rui while retorting Tang Pingping’s questioning. Hearing Lu Fangning talked about love, both Tang Pingping and Ling Rui froze in place. Tang Pingping, who was driven out of Lu Fangning’s house, was less than angry and planned to ask her father four million to “redempt her body” for Ling Rui.

Lu Fangning and Ling Rui continued their silent dinner at the table, but after the confession just now, both of them were uneasy. Lu Fangning was worried about Ling Rui’s reaction, while Ling Rui puzzled Lu. Fang Ning confessed the authenticity this time. When it was light on the next day, Ling Rui convinced herself that everything was nothing but novelty, but Lu Fangning wanted to show her sincerity and improve herself so as to become a partner who could truly “deserve” Ling Rui.

Tang Pingping’s loan was severely rejected by Tang Dong, but Tang Pingping still refused to give up and asked Ling Rui, but Tang Pingping kept saying the word love and heard that Tang Pingping abused “love” too much. Ling Rui frowned, hurriedly bid farewell after indifferently refused. Back at the hospital, Ling Rui was about to undergo surgery. Tang Pingping, who broke into the office later, did not see Ling Rui, but she saw Ling Rui’s badge in front of her uniform…

The hospital prepared a charity auction in the afternoon. Curly and Lu Fangning colluded and prepared to show Lu Fangning’s kind personality and charm. In order not to scare Ling Rui with a high profile, Lu Fangning asked Curly to bid for himself. Who knows Passing by, Tang Ping broke into the auction. Tang Pingping and Lu Fangning competed vaguely. Every painting could be accepted, but the painting named Ling Rui became the target of Lu Fangning’s competition with Tang Pingping. . Ling Rui, who saw everything in his eyes, appeared, and stopped this messy farce in time.

After Tang Pingping left triumphantly, Ling Rui and Lu Fangning looked at each other speechlessly. Lu Fangning’s casual and “indifferent” made Ling Rui even more convinced that that confession was nothing more than freshness. It’s just taking a pity. Seeing Ling Rui leaving with disappointment, Lu Fangning’s mood plummeted.

Cai Siyu sat at the work station and watched all the flowers that belonged to Lu Yiyao faded. He couldn’t help but miss the love that had ended before he even started. But at this time, Lu Yiyao appeared, walking towards him in a suit and leather shoes, gracefully, and seeing that his love was about to stage a series, Cai Siyu showed an expression of expectation.

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