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Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 Episode 10 Recap

Lu Fangning and Ling Rui came to the restaurant agreed with Cai Yujiang at the same time. Lu Fangning and Ling Rui who met again were a little embarrassed, but for the purpose of the marriage contract, they had to fake the show again.

Cai Yujiang sent a group photo of the three to Lu Yiyao. Lu Yiyao realized that it was not easy, and hurriedly called to question Cai Siyu’s intentions. Lu Fangning took the opportunity. Knowing that he couldn’t say more, Lu Yiyao decided to come in person, and Cai Siyu hung up the phone.

When Lu Yiyao arrived, Cai Siyu filled everyone with wine. Cai Siyu asked about Lu Fangning and Ling Rui’s acquaintance, and the two began to act like a loving couple again.

At this time, Lu Yiyao was sitting on pins and needles, silently calling Cai Siyu away, wanting to talk privately.
Lu Yiyao questioned Cai Siyu’s true intentions, Cai Siyu guessed Lu Yiyao’s mind, Lu Yiyao only thought of Lu Fangning in his heart, it doesn’t matter who the marriage partner is.

Cai Siyu, who is very vindictive, proposed that otherwise Lu Yiyao could fall in love with him again, otherwise he would tell Lu Fangning about the person Lu Yiyao really loves in his heart. The dispute between the two was clearly heard by Ling Rui who was passing to the toilet at this time. Lu Yiyao, who had difficulty riding a horse, had to hold back his depression in his heart.

Knowing the truth, Ling Rui truly realized that Lu Yiyao in front of him was his love rival. Under the entanglement, Ling Rui decided to keep the secret in his heart.

Cai Siyu came to the company again, and learned that Cai Siyu was looking for Lu Fangning again. Lu Yiyao hurried to the company, looking at Lu Fangning’s silent expression, it turned out that the Jiangcheng Group represented by Cai Siyu decided to cancel the cooperation.

Looking at Lu Fangning’s distressed expression for Infinite, Lu Yiyao decided to call Cai Siyu, but who knows that Cai Siyu still insists on the conditions made with Lu Yiyao last night, otherwise he will expose all the secrets.

Everyone in the company is discussing other cooperation plans, and losing the cooperation of Jiangcheng Group, the idea of carrying forward the brand with hard work is likely to be overwhelmed. At this time, Lu Fangning felt exhausted.

Ling Rui was about to go to the class reunion. Because of the appearance of her teacher, Ling Rui wanted to see her teacher again, so Ling Rui appeared in the class reunion. His handsome face was instantly surrounded by female classmates.

Lu Fangning, who overheard Ling Rui’s reunion plan, had already prepared in the next room, waiting for the opportunity to come forward. When Ling Rui and her mentor returned to the box, they happened to hear their classmates talk about their family background and the identity of their wealthy wife.

Listening to the classmate’s secretly slander, Ling Rui frowned, but still resisted. But at this time, Lu Fangning heard everything and pushed everyone away and came in front of the classmates.

Faced with the malicious slander, Lu Fangning retorted one by one, wanting to rectify Ling Rui’s name, and the classmates on the side wanted to get hurt. Lu Fangning was stopped by Ling Rui. Looking at the masculine Ling Rui in front of him, Lu Fangning was tempted and had to obediently let Ling Rui take him away.

Ling Rui and Lu Fangning accidentally bridged the gap between the two in the support event of this classmate meeting. But at this time, Lu Fangning’s menstrual period arrived. In order to take care of Lu Fangning, the two returned home.

Although they encountered such a situation for the first time, Ling Rui still tried to stay calm in the panic and prepared for Lu Fangning intimately. Warm water bag. Looking at Lu Fangning who was rolling in pain, Ling Rui couldn’t bear to say anything.

Seeing Lu Fangning begging to stay, Ling Rui couldn’t tell how to refuse. Had to lie on the other side of the bed obediently. The two who had been married for many days, at this time, ushered in the first time sharing the same bed.

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