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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 32 Recap

Su Wenqian told Ouyang Xiangling that he was going to fight Chi Tiecheng. He didn’t know where the duel was before two o’clock. Before four o’clock in the afternoon, Su Wenqian gave them time to investigate. But Ouyang Xiangling doesn’t believe that Chi Tiecheng can’t do it. Did he forget how Yang Zhiliang died?

Sure enough, Chi Tiecheng went to the duel just to hold Su Wenqian. But Su Wenqian felt that Chi Tiecheng would not lie to him this time. He must stop Chi Tiecheng. Ouyang Xiangling refused to watch him go to death like this.

He was never alone, and there were colleagues in their task force. Ouyang Xiangling took out the wooden carved fish, and Yang Zhiliang was waiting for him to hang it on the grave! Su Wenqian insisted on going, because Yang Zhiliang was even more reluctant to watch innocent people die. Ouyang Xiangling reluctantly watched Su Wenqian leave, returned to the bureau and was told that the task force was going to disband today.

Section Chief Cao asked Ouyang Xiangling to return to the original unit. The jellyfish group should be evacuated immediately, and the task force will be revoked if the task fails. Ouyang Xiangling refused to leave, and the case has not been solved yet. Section Chief Cao took out Su Wenqian’s wanted order and asked her to hand it over to Jiang Lan for a copy. Ouyang Xiangling thought for a long time, and asked Jiang Lan to take the car back to the Ministry of Social Affairs instead of him, and there was a secret letter.

Ouyang Xiangling went to Qin Zishu’s house and asked the people stationed in her house to evacuate. He also said that Section Chief Cao asked her to take Qin Zishu back to investigate directly. After Chi Tiecheng made the bread, he left Kaile West Dianfang and said that he was going to Hong Kong. Ouyang Xiangling took Qin Zishu into the car, and she had no time to explain anything because of time rush. Su Wenqian called the Red Rose Cafe as agreed, but Ouyang Xiangling and Qin Zishu hadn’t arrived yet.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Dad was going to call Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng on time. Ouyang Xiangling and Qin Zishu rushed to the coffee shop in time to receive the call. Su Wenqian told Qin Zishu that he had something to say, and they were in the coffee shop. Don’t go, if he doesn’t call at four o’clock in the afternoon, he must pick up Xiaoxue. Ouyang Xiangling persuaded Su Wenqian to stop, he owed himself too much, so he must come back alive. Su Wenqian hung up and got the address after receiving a call from his father.

Qin Zishu was very excited and didn’t understand what happened to Su Wenqian. Ouyang Xiangling told her that Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng were going to have a life and death duel. Qin Zishu refused to believe that they had broken off for a long time. How could they suddenly kill each other? Ouyang Xiangling asked if he would sit here and wait for a call at four o’clock. Qin Zishu complained that they shouldn’t just sit back and watch.

Ouyang Xiangling said that he didn’t know anything and how to stop it. Qin Zishu still decided to tell her the truth. When she met Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng, she was in the second year of high school. Songjiang fell for two years. Many students hated the Japanese, but they were limited in what they could do. One day Qin Zishu encountered a riot in the street and was rescued by Chi Tiecheng. The two met and Su Wenqian as well. Chi Tiecheng pursued Qin Zishu, and the two quickly fell in love with the help of Su Wenqian.

Qin Zishu told Ouyang Xiangling that they were just ordinary friends that they could chat with, and later learned that they came to Songjiang to complete an impossible task and kill Muto. The protection measures around Mu Teng were very strict, and they did not even leave the house, so they asked Qin Zishu to help. Because Mu Teng wanted to ask Qin Henian to come out, he asked Qin Henian’s student Bai Songqi to persuade him to serve the pseudo-government. Su Wenqian wanted Qin He will definitely visit Muto in the year of the crane. At first, Qin Zishu was very scared and was afraid to help.

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