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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 31 Recap

At Yin Qiansu’s funeral, people came one after another, and everything went as planned by Section Chief Cao. Ouyang Xiangling asked Secretary Lin if he was looking for the enchanter. Secretary Lin said that he was the most famous enchanter in Songjiang, and he was a Japanese. Section Chief Cao suddenly cancelled the surveillance outside the gate of Yin’s house. Thousands of people came outside. It was impossible for them to find Su Wenqian from outside.

The only hope was that he could come in. Ouyang Xiangling deliberately took out the small wooden fish and dropped it next to the enchanter. The enchanter picked it up and gave it to her. At that moment, Ouyang Xiangling saw the wound on his right hand. He was Su Wenqian! Su Wenqian took off the mask, and Ouyang Xiangling was surprised.

At the funeral, the song chosen by Mayor Wen was Yin Qiansu’s favorite song during his lifetime. He told Yin Qiansu’s life story. When they were studying in France, Yin Qiansu liked photography very much. He saved thousands of refugees. Cracked the food shortage. The old man outside was very unhappy and chose to leave. Yin Qiansu uses life to interpret the yearning for the light and the desire for life. The crowd sent away Yin Qiansu. As soon as Chi Tiecheng was about to leave, he saw Qin He came to pay his respects. He solemnly took off his hat and everyone sang farewell together.

Section Chief Cao did not find Su Wenqian, Ouyang Xiangling stood aside and said nothing. Section Chief Cao said that he was going to issue a wanted order, and asked Ouyang Xiangling for the woodcarving fish. This is evidence to be archived. Section Chief Cao couldn’t help scolding Ouyang Xiangling. Does she want to investigate the case or prove that Su Wenqian is innocent? Ouyang Xiangling didn’t say a word, and suddenly drove away. It turned out that Su Wenqian asked her to meet at Songjiang Cemetery after the funeral.

Principal Fang satirized Chi Tiecheng’s cat crying and the mouse’s fake mercy, and then asked what the task of the second stage was. Chi Tiecheng said that the goal of the second stage was Qin Henian. Mayor Wen told Qin Henian that not only did the Tenth Corps participate in the war, but Liao Jie also served as the main offensive. This time our army’s strength was at least 300,000 or more. It really reached the point where the Chu army had nothing but death. .

Mayor Wen is very grateful to Qin Henian for personally coming to carry the coffin for Yin Qiansu, and hopes that Qin Henian will think twice about whether the war can be avoided. Mayor Wen said that they would get the corresponding news tonight. Qin Henian said that there was something private in the afternoon, and asked him to have a look at the evening. He was willing to do something for the soldiers of the two parties.

Principal Fang really didn’t understand why the assassination target was Qin Henian. Although he was the founder of the Chu Army, he had already gone down the field. He had no influence on the Tenth Corps. Qin Henian and Liao Jie had long since been cut off.

Liao Jie couldn’t listen to Qin Henian’s words. Chi Tiecheng didn’t think so. If Qin Henian’s words did not affect Liao Jie and Yin Qiansu, he would not come to him. Qin Henian’s position in Liao Jie’s heart is very important. He said one sentence is the most important weight of the balance. Moreover, Qin Henian went to attend Yin Qiansu’s funeral and even carried the coffin for him. The rebellion was only in the morning.

At Songjiang Cemetery, Ouyang Xiangling rushed to find Su Wenqian. Su Wenqian stood in front of Yang Zhiliang’s grave and said that it would be his memorial day in three days. He was afraid that he would not be able to come, so he would sweep his grave today. Su Wenqian went to Yin Qiansu’s funeral today not just to send him off, but also hoped Ouyang Xiangling would do him a favor.

Chi Tiecheng said that Qin Henian could not be killed clearly, at least not to make Liao Jie think that he died in their hands. Qin Henian would go to Songjiang Primary School every day to eat snacks. Principal Fang also investigated that Qin Zishu was Qin Henian. Ten years ago, Qin Zishu was unmarried and conceived. The two broke off father-son relationship. Qin Henian went to elementary school every day just to see his granddaughter Xiaoxue. Qin Henian regularly appears at Songjiang Primary School every day. This is the opportunity for Chi Tiecheng to start.

He will let the Communist Party’s car hit Qin Henian’s car, intending to blame Qin Henian’s death on the Communist Party, Liao Jie After seeing the news, I will be heartbroken. Chi Tiecheng asked Principal Fang to ensure that all students cannot leave early before four o’clock in the afternoon, especially Xiaoxue. In order to prevent the mission from failing, Chi Tiecheng asked Principal Fang to arrange for some people to follow Qin Henian.

Chi Tiecheng did not tell Principal Fang the specific plan for the afternoon operation, and Principal Fang had no choice but to leave. Su Wenqian told Ouyang Xiangling that she asked her to take Qin Zishu to a coffee shop alone in the afternoon. If she did not receive a call at four o’clock, she would take Qin Zishu to the Public Security Bureau. There were two letters, one for him and one for Qin Zishu. Yes, I hope Ouyang Xiangling will take good care of Qin Zishu and Xiaoxue.

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