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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 29 Recap

As soon as Hong Yuqiao got home, he heard Guantao talk about the start-up funds sent by the folks in his hometown to Hong Yuqiao. The right was to repay Hong Yuqiao for helping the folks, but the amount of money was huge, Hong Yuqiao. I don’t want the folks to help out like this. Under the stalemate with Guan Tao, she guessed that the money was from Guan Tao’s house loan. Guan Tao was willing to lend the house to support Hong Yuqiao’s business again. She firmly believes that Hong Yuqiao can succeed.

Redeem the house again. Jiangcheng’s rural market development plan was successful, and now there are as many goods as you need. Yu Wenjing notified the Shanghai factory of the good news, and everyone is eager to produce Chaoxin computers. No one knows when the financial crisis will pass, but China’s informatization process is inevitable. Trendy information needs to walk on two legs. Kuang Mingchoo thinks over and over again that the best time to acquire Hi-Tech has arrived. Now this moment is just a matter of time.

Hong Yuqiao received venture capital and took the time to form a team to develop games with Su Yan. Zhou Dingbei and Hongke Computer discussed the issue of the billing period for the supply of goods, but now the market is shrinking. Hongke Technology can temporarily agree to the flag request, but the upstream suppliers still have pressure from the parts manufacturers.

Zhou Dingbei understands the person in charge of Hongke In the meantime, a preliminary cooperation agreement was drawn up and submitted to Ren Jie for review. Chaoxin’s sales business is picking up, and funds are returning. After a while, Chaoxin’s finances will be stable, so Yao Kun took advantage of the trend to temporarily propose to the company’s senior management to restart the acquisition of Hi-Tech.

The person in charge of Gaoke Technology also came to Yao Kun. The server developed by Gaoke Technology is the direction of China’s Internet development in the future. And Zhou Dingbei will also report to Jingqi’s senior management about the cooperation with Hongke. Mr. Li, the head of Hi-Tech Science and Technology, was very clear about his intentions, and he directly asked Chuchao Xin if he had any plans to cooperate, but he was also outspoken on some conditions.

Zhou Dingbei’s proposal has been reported and is about to be voted on by all directors. Zhou Dingbei, in order to allow everyone to agree, specifically stated that they will invest all their shares in this project as a trial and error. Zhou Dingbei is the founder of the banner.

People will never ruin the future of the banner. The directors were moved by Zhou Dingbei’s determination and raised their hands in agreement. Although Gaoke Technology has the intention to transfer equity, the request put forward is that Chaoxin needs to continuously transfuse blood to Gaoke Technology in the early stage. Considering the high returns and bright future of Gaoke Technology in the future, Yao Kun immediately reported the matter to Mingchou Kwong. Hi-Tech Technology put forward high terms, and Kwong Mingchou wanted to seize it. What’s more, this time the favorable terms should be seized firmly.

However, the situation of the tide letter is not optimistic. Kwong Mingchou’s decision has been made and Yao Kun immediately organized the acquisition plan. Zhou Dingbei’s trial and error by giving shares for Jingqi, Wang Yong was very moved and said that he never questioned Zhou Dingbei’s loyalty, but once the project started, then the future of Jingqi was decisive.

Zhou Dingbei’s wife was unwilling to give up the shares that they had earned for most of their hard work, but in order to save Jingqi, despite his wife’s objections, Zhou Dingbei insisted on a plan to sign a contract with Hongke. Jingqi provided the raw materials, and Hongke processed and produced them. The computer was finally sold by Jingqi.

The acquisition plan proposed by Yao Kun on the board of directors was approved by more than half of the directors, but Jiang Cheng firmly opposed to leaving directly, but the high-tech server is an important weapon to determine the future of the Internet, so it is correct to prepare for the future in advance. Yao Kun Quickly complete the acquisition of Gaoke Technology. However, after the first acquisition of Hi-Tech Technology has passed, the remaining liquidity on the banner account is insufficient, and the payday is approaching, the bonus and benefits of employees may not be guaranteed. Mei Zhaohe is also working for the headquarters. Did not call the salary payment in a hurry.

Zhou Dingbei also produced computers to reach a cooperation with Hong Yuqiao. His own computer carried Hong Yuqiao’s games and found a new way out for Jingqi. However, a small problem occurred during Su Yan’s test. The computer is not compatible. Wang Yong is still worried about the cooperation with Hong Ke. Ren Jie thinks that Wang Yong is too timid and conservative. At this time, he needs to show courage and think about what is really good for the banner.

Ren Jie held Wang Yong’s hand and said he would Having always supported him, Wang Yong was greatly encouraged and decided not to be timid and flinching. Su Yan is repairing the game bug. Jiang Cheng was upset to chat with Su Yan because of the company’s affairs, but the chat was interrupted. Jiang Cheng’s salesman Xu Yibei was injured in a car accident due to heavy sales. Jiang Cheng rushed to the hospital to see his men. Yu Wenjing asked why Yao Kun could not issue the bonus. Yao Kun explained to Yu Wenjing that the acquisition plan had caused the company’s insufficient liquidity, and hoped that Yu Wenjing would explain to the workers and ask for understanding.

Yu Wenjing embarrassedly asked the director of the Shanghai factory, but it was difficult to gain understanding. Zhou Dingbei asked Wang Yong to transfer the company’s R&D talents to work with Chuangkai to solve the incompatibility problem. Wang Yong has encouraged the courage to take on the company with Zhou Dingbei and readily agreed to the request. I am very pleased. After Jiang Cheng solved Xu Yibei’s matter, he just returned to the sales department and learned that the company would suspend the distribution of sales staff’s commission.

The sales staff worked hard for the company but in vain. Jiang Cheng couldn’t understand that Yao Kun’s acquisition of Hi-Tech made employees suffer and was angry. When Yao Kun was found to ask him to pay the sales staff’s commission in full, Jiang Cheng had a big argument with Yao Kun. Su Yan successfully solved the incompatibility problem of the game, Hong Yuqiao and Zhou Dingbei were too happy. Jiang Cheng has a new response strategy for Yao Kun’s stubborn behavior.

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