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Great Age 创业年代 Episode 28 Recap

Zhou Dingbei persuaded Wang Yong not to blame the veteran employees who made trouble. These old employees have both old and young. After being fired, it means that the backbone of the family has also fallen. Wang Yong naturally considered these difficulties, but Jingqi could not bear it. With a lot of personnel burden, Zhou Dingbei cannot realize the difficulties here without working in the front line for a long time. Yao Kun and Yu Wenjing continued to negotiate with Mr. Lin. Mr. Lin insisted on asking Chaoxin to increase prices because of the meager profit.

Chaoxin is the leading company. As long as Chaoxin cooperates with Hongtu Technology, all enterprises in Longguan Town will think of the tide. Since the long-term cooperation between Xin and Hongtu Technology, the development of Hongtu Technology will not be bad, but the condition for reaching the cooperation is to deal with the price change of parts after the current price. This condition seems very attractive, and Mr. Lin is seriously considering it. But bad news followed. Kwong Mingchou believes that the company’s sales pressure is very high, and the storage burden is heavy. If the Shanghai factory starts, more products will accumulate.

Yao Kun was very sorry to explain these reasons to Yu Wenjing. Yu Wenjing, who was originally happy to inform the factory to resume work, had to accept it and comfort the employees who came to the factory to ask for an explanation. Chaoxin has never treated any employees wrongly since its establishment. It was difficult to resume work and stop production repeatedly. These old Chaoxin employees also understood the company’s difficulties and remained silent. Hong Yuqiao is still working hard to draw the game drawings and strive to complete the game design as soon as possible.

Yao Kun returned home rushing the evening shift and told Kuang Mingchou about the difficulties of the Shanghai branch. Kuang Mingchou decided to propose to the board of directors to find a way for the Shanghai branch. Zhou Dingbei was also worried about the development of Jingqi alone. Kwong Mingchou, Yao Kun and Jiangcheng met to discuss countermeasures. The decline in sales has always been the company’s biggest problem. Jiangcheng initiated a meeting with the sales department and proposed to develop new consumer groups with rural areas as an entry point. Now that the city is saturated, the products will be sold to wealthy farmers.

After much deliberation, Zhou Dingbei went to the former Director of the Foreign Trade Bureau Li to recommend a new agent for Jingqi. Hong Yuqiao found Su Yan to restart Chuangkai, and informed her of her creativity. Su Yan was naturally willing to work with Hong Yuqiao to save Chuangkai again. The new list of layoffs at Banner was released. Most of the executives and directors of Banner agreed with the decision to lay off employees. Only Zhou Dingbei was reluctant to let these employees who worked hard for the development of Banner be abandoned for no reason. He begged the directors and senior executives to give themselves time to come up with a good response.

Strategy. The Chaoxin Sales Department surveyed the rural market and quickly found that although the income of some rural areas is lower than that of the cities, the income of rural farmers in developed areas is even higher than that of the cities, and they do not have high requirements for computers. They only need a network card to support them to access the Internet. However, Jiang Cheng believes that the sales department will sink to the countryside and firmly grasp the vast rural market.

The new sales strategy of the sales department of the head office needs the inventory data of the old models of the Shanghai branch as support, and the bidding between the company’s manufacturers is to be launched. Yuwenjing immediately launched the action to ask the finance and the factory to provide the latest inventory data and cost support. The company’s decision. Hong Yuqiao wanted to conduct the first round of financing for the development of a new game, but the financing path was not smooth, and the bank refused to require real or movable property as collateral for the dream loan.

Su Yan told Hong Yuqiao that the development of the game was slow and needed to form a team to carry out, but there was a financing problem, Hong Yuqiao refused to mortgage the house, and financing has become the biggest obstacle to restarting the innovation. Mei Zhaohe reported to Yu Wenjing the computer cost of the Shanghai factory. The cost price was not low, but Yu Wenjing directly contacted Yao Kun by telephone in order to win orders from the head office. The Shanghai factory could reach the lowest price and hope the head office would approve the production of the Shanghai factory.

Yao Kun took into account the long-term shutdown of the Shanghai factory and agreed to approve. Yu Wenjing was happy to celebrate with Mei Zhaohe. Mei Zhaohe had made all preparations. As a result, Yu Wenjing brought her colleagues from the company to surprise Mei Zhaohe. And disappointed. Jiangcheng has already obtained the Shanghai factory’s offer, which is the lowest in the country, but there is still a problem before the sales department, that is, there is no rigid demand for this small 10,000 yuan for farmers. Although rich farmers may not lack money, they Not necessarily willing to waste money on computers, Jiang Cheng thought of injecting agricultural knowledge into computers so that farmers can learn knowledge as soon as they turn on the computer.

Farmers realize that computers can bring wealth to them, so computers don’t worry about it. The rural market has opened up. Yu Wenjing is also making sufficient preparations for the start of the Shanghai plant. And Zhou Dingbei got his son to popularize games at home, and he also had plans for the game market. Jiangcheng brought the sales backbone of the sales department to the countryside for terminal stimulation. Once the terminal consumer demand is stimulated, he will find dealers to buy goods. When the goods are sold out, they will find Chaoxin to purchase. Now all the members of the Chaoxin sales department can only continue. wait.

Hong Yuqiao approached Wang Yong for support. Chuangkai games have been designed initially. Money is second. The most important thing is to find a branded computer to launch the game on the market. Wang Yong wants to help Hong Yuqiao, but Jingqi can only Self-protection and not wanting to take risks to develop new projects can only refuse Hong Yuqiao. However, Zhou Dingbei learned that Hong Yuqiao was looking for a partner for the game.

Zhou Dingbei was very optimistic about the game market and invited Hong Yuqiao to cooperate, but Wang Yong did not agree. The cooperation still needs to find a way. Chaoxin salesmen continued to go deep into the countryside and asked farmers to endorse the advertisements. They used catchy slogans, but the market response was still poor. Jiangcheng plans to make computers a real tool for farmers. The fellows of Guantao received the help of Hongyuqiao and learned that Hongyuqiao would start a business again, so they sent money to help Hongyuqiao.

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