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The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 36 End Recap

Regarding this battle, Lin Fang was well-informed, but others had a lot of worries, especially Wang Dun’s high martial arts, coupled with the seven-star swordsmanship he had already practiced, I am afraid it would be difficult to compete with it. However, Lin Fang said that he deliberately missed one sentence when he was transcribing swordsmanship.

Even though Wang Dun has deep internal strength, he has not learned important formulas now, he will not be able to adjust his breath smoothly, resulting in unsatisfactory qi and blood, and eventually he vomits blood and died.

Wen Yousi and Wang Dun covered the position of their right ribs while practicing, and showed pain on their faces, so they were convinced that backlash might still be the key to their victory.

Huo Yang gave the polished sword to Zhan Qinghong, but Zhan Qinghong already had an ancient sword beside him. It just so happened that Wen You had no weapon in his hand, so he simply used Zhan Qinghong’s old sword.

Seeing the war is imminent, everyone has their own minds. Xiaolan hugged Huo Yang in safety and asked him to come back alive, and then the two hugged tightly. Wen You took Hua Yao to admire the flowers under the moon. She was moved by the beauty. She wanted to get married for a long time and was the happiest today. So she leaned in Wen You’s arms and looked forward to the old age.

Zhan Qinghong looked at the moon with a heavy heart, until Lin Fang hugged her from behind and said reassuring words, the worries that had just disappeared immediately. Lin Fang believes that no matter what the outcome of tomorrow is, at least it is satisfied now, because he knows Zhan Qinghong’s name; has heard Zhan Qinghong’s voice; felt Zhan Qinghong’s tenderness; and even has her embrace. From then on, Zhan Qinghong will It is the paradise in Lin Fang’s life.

The emperor set out to worship the sky, and a row of forbidden troops escorted the emperor, attracting people to scramble to watch. Hua Yao sorted clothes for Wen You, always worried, Wen You comforted her patiently, stroked Hua Yao’s belly, and told the unborn child to be obedient and wait for his father to return.

According to Wang Dun’s pre-arrangement, Wen You first let Ji Xiaoran lead a team of men and horses into the team in disguise, and then went to the palace with Wang Dun and witnessed his personal killing of the emperor’s close eunuch. Ji Xiaoran was killed by Wen You with a sword.

Before Wang Dun could respond, the palace gate suddenly opened and Xia Houying led a group of soldiers to surround the palace.

Facing the prospects, Wang Dun knew that his plan had failed, but he was still not afraid. Zhan Qinghong led Lin Fang and descended from the sky. She and everyone drew their swords to fight, broke out of the encirclement of the rebels, and then entered the Hall of Longevity. Seeing Wang Dun sitting on the main seat of the main hall, she seemed to occupy the mountain as king.

Wang Dunwugong is highly unpredictable, even the combination of Huo Yang, Wen You and Zhan Qinghong is not his opponent. Wen You took advantage of the stalemate in the fight between Zhan Qinghong and Wang Dun, and took the opportunity to hit Wang Dun, trying to find the door.

Unexpectedly, Wang Dun had mixed the seven-star swordsmanship with the unique internal skills and had become an invincible body.

The long sword was broken in half, and Wang Dun slapped Wen You on the head, knocking him to the ground. Before Wen You died, he asked Zhan Qinghong and Lin Fang to take care of Huayao’s mother and son, and died afterwards. Huo Yang’s attack was unsuccessful and Wang Dun was knocked out instead. Zhan Qinghong used the seven-star swordsmanship to fight with Wang Dun.

In addition, Lin Fang saw through Wang Dun’s martial arts sets and guided him from the side, making Zhan Qinghong forget all the swordsmanship formulas. Pushing forward, Lin Fang took advantage of the situation and stabbed Wang Dun at the door, causing him to die on the throne he dreamed of.

Wen Rou heard the news of Wen You’s death from Xia Houying, she was immediately sorrowful, and then went to Luma Mansion to tell the truth. Hua Yao fainted on the spot when he heard the bad news, and died of dystocia after giving birth to a baby boy. He finally got his wish, but he could watch the lantern in another world with Wen You. The usurper of Wang Dun was shattered, and the Great Depression returned to tranquility.

The people of Junan learned that Qiu An continued to hold the position of the leader through the wind of martial arts, while Zhan Qinghong passed on to Huo Yang and followed Lin Fang to retreat. Huo Yang vowed to carry forward the war family.

Time flies, eight years have passed. Xia Houying is accompanied by gentle acquaintances, Xiaolan manages the Lin Mansion in good order, Huo Yang participated in the martial arts conference and successfully won the position of the leader, so he decided to return the Zhan Family Sect Master to Master.

At the same time, the scenery of Zhanjia Villa remains the same, but the people are different. Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong not only gave birth to their daughter Lin Ruoqing, but also adopted Wen You’s son, named Wen Zijin.

The two were childhood sweethearts, Lin Ruoqing seemed like Xiao Zhan Qinghong, mischievous and omnipotent. It happened that Wen Zijin had a gentle temperament and was obedient in everything.

Zhan Qinghong found that Lin Ruoqing was pulling Wen Zijin to go to the back mountain to pick the ice blue, so he stopped at the door and planned to educate him, but Lin Fang stopped in time and told the two little guys to go.

Zhan Qinghong complained that Lin Fang spoiled the child too much, but he didn’t know that Lin Fang spoiled her more. Now Zhan Qinghong is a mother. She has faded away from her immaturity and still remains naughty. There is still a child in her belly who has not yet been born. Lin Ruoxuan.

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