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The Moon Brightens For You 明月曾照江东寒 Episode 35 Recap

Lin Fang awoke Zhan Qinghong and took her to the cave, only to see a nine-star map of Tiangang engraved on the wall, with two more stars, Zuopu and Youbi. Therefore, Lin Fang guessed that Tiangang Star was related to the hidden beauty of the Seven Star Swordsmanship, and happened to find Jian Ling hiding next to him peeping, so the two pretended to pick the Sanqing Fruit.

Sure enough, Jian Ling rushed out anxiously, desiring to get back Sanqing Guo, Zhan Qinghong had to fight him and swallowed it on the spot, but she didn’t expect Jian Ling to laugh instead of anger and praise again and again. It turned out that Jian Ling was like this, deliberately, and specially invited him to come here to study the Seven-Star Swordsmanship, and then angered Zhan Qinghong to take the fairy fruit, not only can reshape the bones, regenerate blood, but also make Zhan Qinghong add to the strength.

More than twenty years of martial arts. Zhan Qinghong could get through at one point and instantly understood the key to the Seven-Star Sword Art formula. However, Jian Ling promised to release the two of them out of the valley, but Zhan Qinghong had to win against him, otherwise everything would be ignored.

Gentle came to visit Xia Houying in prison in person, and used the space of delivering cakes to convey the message and bring it to Huo Yang. The banner had the date “October 16th” written on it, but Huo Yang didn’t understand the meaning, so he decided to wait for Qiu An to return to the city to discuss. At the same time, Wulin Fengsheng sent someone to send a token, which was the golden hairpin Qiu An gave to Zhan Qinghong.

Seeing this thing as Miss, Xiaolan burst into tears, knowing that she was still alive.

In the blink of an eye, when it came to the competition, Zhan Qinghong’s momentum lost at first, and his sword moves were messy. Even Feng Bufei was sure Jian Ling would win. As a result, Zhan Qinghong made a small plan, expecting that Jian Ling would not hurt herself, so he simply resorted to self-defeating methods to retreat and advance, and then took advantage of it to defeat Jian Ling in one fell swoop.

Jian Ling confessed to his gambling, and gave the ancient sword to the two of them before leaving the valley. Feng Bufei wanted to follow, but he was not Jian Ling’s opponent, especially Jian Ling really wanted to keep him in the valley.

At this moment Huo Yang sharpened his sword as usual, and Xiao Lan was by his side. Suddenly seeing him staring at the front in a daze, he looked away, and saw Zhan Qinghong and Lin Fang coming side by side. Xiaolan was pleasantly surprised, and immediately rushed up to hug Zhan Qinghong, everyone gathered again, and couldn’t help sighing that things were wrong.

That night, Gentle used his mother’s illness as an excuse to deceive Wen You out of the house, and took him to the outskirts to meet with Lin Fang and others. Originally, Huo Yang and Xiao Lan were still reprimanding Wen You’s traitors, but when they saw Lin Fanghe Wen You shook hands with each other and smiled at each other, suddenly a little puzzled.

When Lin Fang saw the doubts on the faces of others, he took the initiative to explain the reason. He had secretly gathered Wen You and Xia Houying long before the martial arts conference was held. The three conspired to discuss the connection between the real murderer and Wang Dun behind the scenes.

Wen You was willing to take the courage and become Lin Fang’s undercover agent next to Wang Dun. Whenever Lin Fang would retreat to the position of the lord, and surrendered the re-transcribed Seven-Star Sword Technique, which led the snake out of the cave.

Even though Lin Fang was thoughtful, but in the end it was a hundred secrets. In order to save Zhan Qinghong’s life, Wen You arbitrarily prosecuted his hands and hamstrings was a result he had not thought of. As for arresting Xia Houying and persuading Wulin to submit to the court, it was also Unexpected action, fortunately everyone is safe now.

Huo Yang knew that Wen You was wrong, and felt guilty. However, Wen You did not blame, he truthfully informed Wang Dun’s plan. Lin Fang is going to release Xia Houying when Wang Dun goes to the palace. I believe he will be able to lead the imperial army. Huo Yang has contacted Luo Wu and others according to Xia Houying’s instructions. Qiu An also secretly set up ambush near Jun’an, just waiting for the time to come. , Everything went according to plan.

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