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Sniper 瞄准 Episode 30 Recap

Liao Jie refused to let Zhuang Gaoshen be taken away, but Zhuang Gaoshen was willing to be taken away. Staff Qian announced a telegram to promote Liao Jie as acting commander of the Tenth Corps. Liao Jie had concerns and refused to agree to Staff Chief Qian, saying that since Shangfeng gave the order, he believed in Liao Jie. He also talked about Qin Henian.

Qin Henian was not drawn to Yin Qiansu and Tang Siyuan, saying that everyone here is definitely not a stubborn head. Liao Jie had to agree, but there was a condition that he must evacuate immediately after completing the task. Staff Officer Qian then issued a military order to withdraw south, and now Liao Jie has no reason to refuse.

The 10th Corps set out to support Hengzhou to fight the Communists. The commander ordered a retreat. Liao Jie’s assist was obviously a goal. The first column would be planted in it if it did not withdraw. Songjiang People’s Broadcasting Station broadcasted a farewell song, which was Yin Qiansu’s favorite song during his lifetime.

The participation of the Tenth Corps has brought major changes to the front-line battle. Mayor Wen believes that they have a heavy responsibility and will ask for punishment. The director will also be punished accordingly. His position as director may not be retained. The director said that no matter what he did He obeyed the handling, but hoped to open up the team’s gay network.

Ouyang Xiangling hadn’t found Su Wenqian yet. Section Chief Cao comforted Su Wenqian to know that they had monitored Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, and would not find him for a while. Ouyang Xiangling promised that the director would find Su Wenqian within twelve hours. Now it has been more than a few hours. Ouyang Xiangling asked to give herself a few more hours. She thinks that Su Wenqian will come to Yin Qiansu’s funeral, just like Su Wenqian did.

Like the woodcarving fish in front of Yang Zhiliang’s grave, he has always felt guilty for Yang Zhiliang’s death. After talking that day, Ouyang Xiangling discovered that Su Wenqian was carving a new woodcarving fish, because it was the third anniversary of Yang Zhiliang’s memorial day in a few days. Yin Qiansu’s death is directly related to Su Wenqian. Su Wenqian will definitely be very guilty, and must find a breakthrough to vent, so he will definitely come even if he takes the big risk.

Qin Zishu called Principal Fang and said that he would take time off with Xiaoxue to attend Yin Qiansu’s funeral. Section Chief Cao still agreed to give Ouyang Xiangling time, but if Su Wenqian was not found before Yin Qiansu’s funeral, he would have to sign a wanted warrant. The funeral was held at ten o’clock. Chief Cao asked Secretary Li how many guests were there. Secretary Li estimated that there were nearly a hundred people, but it’s hard to tell the people outside. After all, Yin Qiansu did a lot of practical things for the people. Will anyone send the funeral?

It’s hard to estimate. Su Wenqian can only get in if he wants to attend the funeral, but his disguise ability may be very strong. Ouyang Xiangling mentioned that Su Wenqian had a wound on his right hand, so they set up a spot with white flowers and black gauze. If they pick things up with their left hand, they are the target they want to identify. Section Chief Cao asked the third child, Dagu and Xiucai to observe the environment with a sniper scope, and if Su Wenqian arrived, he should be found as soon as possible.

If Su Wenqian came and saw Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter, he would have looked for them. Section Chief Cao also arranged for someone to be beside Qin Zishu’s mother and daughter. The situation outside is not easy to say, so Section Chief Cao arranged for the three scholars to be outside to prevent him from escaping, but the three obviously were not willing to shoot Su Wenqian, and Ouyang Xiangling was not allowed to shoot Su Wenqian, and the task force would never. You can give up Su Wenqian. Everyone agreed, but Section Chief Cao gave the guns to the three. Protecting the masses is the first task.

Li Beicai asked Chi Tiecheng what the mission was, and Chi Tiecheng said that they would know from the beginning of the funeral. The survivor had to guard the coffin before leaving. There were already many guests outside. Before the funeral, Section Chief Cao and Ouyang Xiangling led the task force to bid farewell to Yin Qiansu.

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