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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 21 Recap

In the library, Yuan Qian looked at Qin Shen and wanted Qin Shen to explain to herself. Qin Shen still said nothing. Yuan Qian looked at Qin Shen silently and left angrily. Yuan Qian ignored Qin Shen in the canteen, and Luo Xinxin told Qin Shen that Yuan Qian felt that he might give up if he couldn’t coax him well. Qin Shen actively came to Yuan Qian and asked her why she was hiding from herself.

Yuan Qian said to Qin Shen angrily that he couldn’t coax him well, so if you want to break up, just break up. Qin Shen smiled and said to Yuan Qian that he had never thought of breaking up, and he was no longer angry. It turned out that Yuan Qian was also deliberate, and Qin Shen had already seen Yuan Qian pretending to be sick.

The oil painting department counselor called Yuan Qian and asked her to get the registration materials, but Yuan Qian was not as happy as she had imagined when she got the materials. Qin Shen told Yuan Qian that she didn’t want her to make choices because of her existence, no matter what she did The decisions are unconditionally supported. Back in the classroom, Yuan Qian looked at the classmates who were fighting, and couldn’t help feeling sad.

Yi Ming tells everyone that the school will reform the sculpture department and begin to change to the direction of sculpture art design next semester, and the sculpture classroom will also be removed. There was a lot of discussion. Jia Sicheng said that it would be easier to find a job. Professor Jin also told everyone that the school reform is for the sake of employment, and the sculpture department will focus on landscape design in the future. Facing the emotional students who didn’t want to change majors, Professor Jin left tiredly. Jia Sicheng persuaded everyone to accept the arrangement. Everyone in the classroom kept arguing. Qin Shen said that he would not change his profession and he would continue to think of ways.

Yuan Qian came out to comfort Qin Shen. Qin Shen asked Yuan Qian about changing his profession. Yuan Qian said that he would not even know how to design. Yuan Qian looked at the deep Qin Shen, not knowing what to say, Qin Shen answered the phone and left. When studying in the library, Qin Shen had been looking at his mobile phone. Yuan Qian asked Qin Shen. Qin Shen said he was fine, but soon he answered the phone and left. When asked by her roommate if Qin Shen had thought of a way to keep the sculpture department, Yuan Qianlily replied that she didn’t know, she felt that Qin Shen was mysterious and worried about Qin Shen’s other circumstances.

In the canteen, Lu Jianing and Yuan Qian were eating, watching Qin Shen stop a girl from going out, Yuan Qian heard her roommate’s reminder and saw it, she immediately chased him and ran into the uncle’s box in the canteen. Sadly, he never thought of anything else. In the evening, Yuan Qian sent a message to Qin Shen, but Qin Shen replied with the senior. The roommates helped Yuan Qian find a way.

They inquired about Qin Shen’s whereabouts through Chen Qinan and decided to follow Qin Shen. Yuan Qian, dressed in disguise, watched a long-haired man walking towards Qin Shen. She was about to jump up angrily, but did not see that the long-haired man was a boy. It was Lin Xuechang who was doing sculpture projects before, and Qin Shen wanted him too. Help to find out about Professor Jin.

Qin Shen tilted his head to see Yuan Qian hiding in the grass, and put his hand on Senior Lin’s shoulder. Yuan Qian was furious when he saw it, and immediately ran out and grabbed senior’s hair to get him away from his boyfriend. Go further. Yuan Qian was embarrassed when she saw it, and Qin Shen told her senior to cut her hair without even eating.

Qin Shen went back to his grandmother’s house with something, and in the evening with Yuan Qian’s video, suddenly the video went dark. Yuan Qian thought that the internet was not good, so she looked at the screen and looked at her nostrils. Unexpectedly, it was Granny Qin who was blocking the camera. Look at the original shallow. Yuan Qian heard that he was embarrassed again and hung up the video angrily.

In the classroom, Jia Sicheng said that Professor Jin was giving a lecture now and was finding another way. Everyone still believed in Professor Jin and decided to continue to wait for Professor Jin’s notification. Chen Qinan told Yuan Qian that Qin Shen’s family had always opposed him to study sculpture and did not give Qin Shen a life.

Roommates were worried that Qin Shen would just drop out of school, but Jia Sicheng heard it secretly, and he hurried back to the classroom to tell everyone Qin Shen left school early, Professor Jin and Qin Shen both gave up on them, picked up their bags and prepared to leave. Jia Sicheng said that he loves sculpture more than anyone else. As long as someone has a way, he will support it. Yuan Qian decided to continue to think of ways.

Yuan Qian came to the preaching Professor Jin. He heard that Professor Jin gave free lectures and books around the city and wanted to expand enrollment. She asked Professor Jin if it was for the Department of Sculpture. Professor Jin told Yuan Qian that if the next session is enough to recruit 60 Students, maybe they can keep the sculpture department. Professor Jin was not sure, he didn’t want the students to know, he gave them hope and disappointed them.

Yuan Qian posted Professor Jin’s lecture and enrollment in the group. She wanted everyone to find a way to help Professor Jin. Everyone in the classroom arrived early, waiting to discuss together. Qin Shen also came, and everyone was very happy to see it. Qin Shen suggested that he could try the city sculpture competition.

As long as he wins the national city sculpture competition, the reputation of the sculpture department of Xuanzhou University can be established. Hearing all this, Professor Jin also laughed with satisfaction and said that he could go to the museum to study. But Yuan Qian was angry that Qin Shen had lost contact for so many days, waiting for Qin Shen to explain to himself.

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