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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 20 Recap

Ling Wei looked at Qin Shen and Yuan Qian who were kissing together, and ran away by herself. Qin Shen put the necklace on Yuan Qian’s neck, and she told Qin Shen that she liked it very much. Ling Wei looked at Yuan Qian all the time. She asked if the necklace on Yuan Qian’s neck was given by Qin Shen? Yuan Qian admitted, she boldly told Ling Wei that Qin Shen was her boyfriend. Yuan Qian asked if Ling Wei approached herself on purpose. Ling Wei admitted that she gave Yuan Qian a gift and helped her find a part-time job because she wanted Yuan Qian to remember her well. She deliberately let Yuan Qian see her antidepressant medicine. I want Yuan Qian to worry about not accepting Qin Shen.

Yuan Qian felt that she could be sure at this moment that she was not sorry for Ling Wei. It was Qin Shen that she was really sorry for. Ling Wei was still asking Qin Shen what is good about Yuan Qian, Qin Shen directly said that no matter where she is good or not, as long as she likes it. On the bus, Luo Xinxin greeted Yuan Qian to sit together. Yuan Qian looked at Qin Shen and bowed and apologized to everyone. She confessed their love affair with everyone and posted it to the circle of friends. Together, everyone screamed with envy and hatred.

In the dormitory, Ling Wei was lying on the bed and didn’t want to eat anything. Roommate Dai Yaqing looked distressed and helpless. Qin Shen and Yuan Qian invited the girls to eat together in the dormitory. The two of them wore red clothes together. They wentssiping about their various love issues together, and they made fun of them for a drink. Xue Congyang asked Yuan Qian and Qin Shen if he had told Song Siyi about the fact that Yuan Qian was together with Qin Shen. Yuan Qian thought about not affecting him before the game and said it after the game.

Yuan Qian told Qin Shen that she wanted to eat with Song Siyi, and explained clearly to him, Qin Shen reluctantly offered five conditions. Chen Qinan saw Qin Shen invited the girls’ dormitory to eat, and also yelled for Qin Shen to treat him in the classroom. The students also began to know that Qin Shen and Yuan Qian were together. At this time, Jia Sicheng’s expression became sad when he heard it. He came to the cafeteria and asked Ling Wei if he still had to wait for Qin Shen? Ling Wei still didn’t give up. Jia Sicheng saw the self-deceiving Ling Wei angrily left.

Yuan Qian and Song Siyi ate together. She just wanted to explain to Song Siyi when she was grabbed. Yuan Qian looked at Qin Shen, who was watching the table next to him, and was uneasy. Song Siyi knew what Yuan Qian wanted to say, but he didn’t want Qin Shen to see it, so he ran to the lake with Yuan Qian. Song Siyi seriously told Yuan Qian that he liked it, and Yuan Qian told himself that he only regarded Song Siyi as a friend. Song Siyi generously congratulated Yuan Qian. Song Siyi looked at Yuan Qian, who was leaving, holding the game coins in his hand, saying that there were some things that couldn’t be sent out, and they were destined to never be sent out.

Yuan Qian called to ask Qin Shen if he was angry, but Qin Shen didn’t want to talk to Yuan Qian. Yuan Qian had no choice but to ask Luo Xinxin for advice, and Luo Xinxin asked Yuan Qian to sell cuteness for peace. Yuan Qian waited to hand Qin Shen water on the basketball court and asked Qin Shen to eat. Qin Shen didn’t speak to Yuan Qian, and sent a message to Yuan Qian that he was going to the cafeteria. In the cafeteria, Qin Shen still didn’t talk to each other, and returned to the dormitory and the two people expressed their love for each other. Qin Shen laughed silently on the bed. Chen Qinan and Yi Ming watched Qin Shen, who had been cold and cold, became the stupid son of the landlord at this moment, and couldn’t help feeling the power of love.

Yuan Qian continued to work hard, and continued to beat Qin Shen’s arm and sweat on the basketball court, and used tears to tenderly attack. Yuan Qian wanted to hand Qin Shen some water to drink, but he was caught by his golfers and drank it. Qin Shen and the ball The friends played basketball together, and laid each other exhausted on the basketball court.

Yuan Qian told Luo Xinxin that Qin Shen seemed to enjoy this state and didn’t plan to reconcile. Luo Xinxin gave Yuan Qian a bitter trick and asked Qin Shen to take the initiative to coax Yuan Qian. In the classroom, Qin Shen watched Yuan Qian never come. He listened to Luo Xinxin telling Chen Qinan that Yuan Qian had a chest pain this morning, which might be a myocardial infarction.

Qin Shen flew out. Yuan Qian in the dormitory heard Qin Shen’s visit to her, and hurriedly packed up the snacks, she told Qin Shen that her aunt had a stomachache, not her chest. Qin Shen still caught Yuan Qian and went to the hospital to get expensive Chinese medicine.

Every day Yuan Qian looked for various reasons to avoid taking medicine, Qin Shen stared at Yuan Qian perseveringly, Yuan Qian couldn’t help but get angry at Luo Xinxin’s bad idea. Holding the candy Qin Shen brought to herself, Yuan Qian decided to take the initiative to ask for peace again. When she came to the classroom and heard Chen Qinan and Yi Ming say that Qin Shen is happy every day and not angry at all, she found out that she was cheated.

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