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Professional Single 我凭本事单身 Episode 19 Recap

Luo Xinxin told Yuanqian Ancient Town that the peach blossoms were particularly accurate, but Qin Shen took Yuanqian and left. The two of them got on the cruise ship. After everyone came out, they couldn’t find the two of them. Unexpectedly, they used to explain to their old classmates at the same time. Yuan Qian was a little worried about them being discovered. Back on the shore, Ling Wei and Dai Yaqing happened to see the two people walking hand in hand from the back, hurriedly chasing them but did not see anyone. Yuan Qian and Qin Shen came to the Hanfu accessories store, and Qin Shen bought a hairpin for Yuan Qian. After eating the mochi bought by Qin Shen, Yuan Qian felt exhausted today. When Qin Shen was about to ask Yuan Qian, Yuan Qian hurriedly covered her mouth, and Qin Shen had to eat mochi.

The two looked at everyone secretly and decided to stagger back. At this time Ling Wei saw everyone and asked them where they lived. Qin Shen has been suggesting free activities the next day, but Yuan Qian was still afraid of being discovered and did not agree. Ling Wei and Dai Yaqing also moved to the homestay where they lived. The female dormitory was discussing that Ling Wei was still unwilling to give up on Qin Shen, and then questioned whether Yuan Qian and Qin Shen were together. Yuan Qian was so scared that he hurried to dry the towels on the balcony, but Qin Shen was also preparing for a night party with Yuan Qian on the balcony. The two were chatting happily, Ling Wei appeared on the balcony next door, Yuan Qian left awkwardly, and Qin Shen went back without seeing Ling Wei.

Luo Xinxin had been quarreling with Chen Qinan. They decided to go to nearby attractions to play activities, and when they heard these, Ling Wei decided to go with them. With the encouragement of his roommates, Qin Shen signed up for a couple game for himself and Yuan Qian, but Yuan Qian didn’t want to be too ostentatious, so he walked out of the activity area and said that she wanted to look at the bag. Ling Wei also ran over and wanted to pull Yuan Qian and Qin Shen together. Participating in the game, Qin Shen, who could not move Yuan Qian, deliberately agreed to Ling Wei. So Ling Wei and Qin Shen left to go to the game, leaving Yuan Qian and Dai Yaqing to watch the bag together. Yuan Qian heard that Dai Yaqing said that Ling Wei’s depression was much better, and the medicine stopped last semester.

Yuan Qian heard that Qin Shen and Ling Wei might form a couple team, and walked away angrily. Qin Shen ignored Ling Wei and pulled Chen Qinan onto the stage to participate in the game. The atmosphere of the match was fierce, Qin Shen and Chen Qinan cooperated tacitly and answered quickly. In his free time, Qin Shen bought lemon juice for Yuan Qian who was sulking alone, and told Yuan Qian that if the princess was also the first place, his group should be the first today. Yuan Qian heard the princess hug, and imagined Qin Shen hugging Ling Wei. She was angry that she was Qin Shen’s girlfriend, and Qin Shen should be hugging herself.

When I went back, Yuan Qian heard that Chen Qinan was showing off and Qin Shen gave herself the first prize, the latest mobile phone generously. Yuan Qian thought about it for a while and felt very spicy. She also heard Chen Qinan say that Qin Shen only left one. Necklace of “Eternal First Love”. Yuan Qian ran to Qin Shen and tentatively asked Qin Shen if she had any prizes. She looked at Luo Xinxin holding a gift box in her hand, thinking that Qin Shen gave Luo Xinxin the necklace, and Qin Shen also gave it to Luo. Xinxin was gone, Yuan Qian was angry, Luo Xinxin ran over to show Yuan Qian the pebbles she had picked up in the gift box. Unexpectedly, Qin Shen only gave the box to Luo Xinxin.

Yuan Qian came over to act like a baby with Qin Shen again. She asked Qin Shen if he was deliberately angry. Yuan Qian apologized to Qin Shen. She said that she had ignored Qin Shen’s feelings and would make it public when she returned. Qin Shen’s apology was not enough. Just as the two were kissing together, Ling Wei appeared from behind and saw them.

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