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Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主 Episode 20 Recap

On the way to the Tuojiang Wharf, Li Qingliu learned from the helpers about the recent famine, and the boats and ships were full of water in front of him. He remembered that the imperial court stipulated that land transportation should be changed to water transportation after the disaster year. The whole country will be carried out around waterways, so he and Long Ao Yi saw the immediate business opportunity and immediately discussed how to make money by taking advantage of it.

If the Yangtze River is used for water transportation, there are ten points that are most critical, and they are governed by the four major water gangs, especially the Han River water gang in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It happened that Long Aoyi had previously saved the helper Weng Dayou, because he drank Longhu’s medicinal liquor and caused an overdose of erysipelas, so this life-saving grace can help them achieve their wishes.

Since this trip to Jiaermu has been going back and forth for more than a month, Li Qingliu decided to complete the entire layout before Jiaermu returned to Silver City, so he arranged for Yanbin and Xiaoqin to return to the city secretly, responsible for renting the warehouse and staring at the contact. After the two of them left, Li Qingliu and Long Ao went to see Weng Dayou, open the door to express their intentions, and plan to rent large warehouses at major wharves to share the two warehouses. Commissions and commissions can be drawn from each order. , And even provide extra work for Caobang.

Although Li Qingliu offered good conditions, Weng Dayou knew that the gang brothers depended on the loyalty of the world to maintain, so he was worried that if he worked with businessmen, he would inevitably lose the population. However, in order to dispel Weng’s scruples, Li Qingliu directly set up a tea bowl array, held up a tea bowl representing “loyalty” and handed it to Weng Dayou, claiming that doing business is like being a man, and that people rely on traitors to divide goods, not an industry.

Weng Dayou hadn’t expected that a wealthy merchant who was a top nine-rate merchant knew the rules of the rivers and lakes, so he drank the bowl of tea, and then took out the Panlong stick, the sacred item of the Cao Gang, and told them to order the national water transport customs with this item. The gate is unobstructed. Long Ao and Li Qingliu made a big difference, but Weng Dayou also praised him in front of Long Aoyi, saying that she was a top-grade fisherman.

De Fei and Pang Shizhong came, and the two deliberately talked in front of Li Zhao about this year’s scientific research examiner Liang Hongtu’s personal fraud, so that his son was also named in the gold list and ranked in the top three, and sold all the list except the top ten to wealthy businessmen Ju Jia’s children, earn millions of taels.

Li Zhaoxin believed that it was true, and then became angrily. He heard that Zhao Jin, the servant of the Criminal Department, reported the impeachment of Liang Hongtu. In addition, Liang Hongtu belonged to the celebrity in front of the prince. He had been grieving with the concubine’s mother for a long time. The good time of the dissidents turned out that Concubine De Fei gave Zhao Jin’s Yunlong sword as a gift from Li Zhao’s collection.

On the other side, everyone else was busy with official business, but Liu Qingliu was the only one who was leisurely and contented. He went into the lake barefoot in disregard of the image, looking for fish with a wooden fork in his hand, in order to please the beauty of Long Aoyi. Regardless of how Li Qingliu is good at embroidering and practicing martial arts, but at a critical moment, he has been repeatedly frustrated on the fish, and he has been unable to make it.

Seeing this situation, Long Ao couldn’t help making trouble in the past. Li Qingliu ended up in failure, so he had to walk ashore and deliberately approached Long Aoyi, making her panic and shy. Li Qingliu teased, and it was enough. He picked up the grilled fish and talked about love, which made Long Aoyi a little surprised. He was curious about how his previous words were few and hurtful, but now he has become slick, even his tone is gentle.

Later, the two met a man who robbed horses and found out that they had escaped from the tribe. Seeing that the man was captured again, Li Qingliu and Long Ao bypassed the pass and went directly to the hunting tribe named “Zhe Luo”. Because the tribe is dominated by matriarch, women are good at martial arts and have respected status, and they can win men’s marriage rights by wrestling, regardless of whether the other party has a sweetheart.

The man who escaped from marriage was called Anim. Seeing that he was about to be taken over by Dabaru, Long Aoyi fought for Anim and went up to argue with Dabaru. Because Long Aoyi showed her men’s clothing, the daughter Yuwu Aji of the chief had a good impression of her, and allowed her to compete with Dabaru. As long as she wins, she can change the decision.

Long Aoyi is not Dabaru’s opponent. Li Qingliu competed for her and easily defeated the opponent. How could Dabaru like Li Qingliu, and even came to Li Qingliu’s door to show his love on the wedding night. Li Qingliu refused and rejected her. Drive away. At the same time, Du Changfeng seized all the shops in the city, including the New Silk Road. Xiaoqin followed Yanbin into the warehouse overnight, taking the officers and soldiers to carry the goods and leave.

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