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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 22 Recap

A few friends drank drunk from eating during the day to night. Liang Xiaobao mentioned Ou Xiaojian again, but did not see him in many ways. Liang Xiaobao was drunk and suggested that he should fight so that he could be locked in to see Ou Xiaojian. Ma Xiaoxiao made fun of him for not having common sense. In this way, after everyone played all night, Liang Xiaobao burst into tears.

He didn’t do well in the exam. He hoped that Zeng Hao went to Shanghai to study and would not forget him in Shenzhen. Sun Sun thinks that although his grades are not good, he has a big dream and is determined to buy a cruise ship and put the Madada poster on the cruise ship. Yi Dongdong hopes that he will have a small family and will accompany his wife to watch the stars in the future.

My friend in Mayang Street finally graduated. Yi Dongdong quietly went to the public security bureau to look around and was caught by two policemen. Yi Dongdong lied that he was going to the bathroom, but he was actually looking for Ou Xiaojian. Ou Xiaojian finally came out. After returning to Little Hong Kong, Grandma Ou felt distressed that he hadn’t eaten well, and Fatty was moved to cry. Business in Little Hong Kong is getting better and better, and Yi Dongdong and others like to buy things here. After Ma Xiaoxiao heard that Ou Xiaojian came back, he quickly came to see him, but Ou Xiaojian deliberately avoided her.

Ma Xiaoxiao wanted to talk to Ou Xiaojian. After hearing that Da Pang said that Ou Xiaojian had gone out, she also chased it out. She accidentally saw Ou Xiaojian, A Fei and others beating others. Ma Xiaoxiao was about to step forward and call to stop Ou Xiaojian. Unfortunately, Grandma Ou came. Ma Xiaoxiao worried that Grandma Ou saw it, so she had to follow Grandma Ou back.

A Fei re-arranged the task for Ou Xiaojian, he asked Ou Xiaojian to guarantee that nothing went wrong, and Mapi was very happy to cooperate with Ou Xiaojian. Yi Dongdong wanted to bring something to Ma Xiaoxiao, but saw Ma Xiaoxiao holding Ou Xiaojian’s hand, the two seemed to be separated. Ma Xiaoxiao told Ou Xiaojian not to be prestigious in the fight, but Ou Xiaojian deliberately said something that hurt Ma Xiaoxiao and told her to stop worrying about her own affairs. Ma Xiaoxiaoqiang held back her tears, turned around and took a hoe to smash Ou Xiaojian’s motorcycle to vent her anger. She didn’t believe Ou Xiaojian would say these things, and the sky suddenly rained heavily.

There was no way for Ou Xiaojian, he continued to explode in his heart. Li Zhaohang told Ou Xiaojian in prison that those gangsters had been eyeing the people around Ou Xiaojian, and Ou Xiaojian said such nasty things to her in order to protect Ma Xiaoxiao. Yi Dongdong stood in the rain looking at them in embarrassment, but he seemed so insignificant.

Remembering that he planned to send a pen to Ma Xiaoxiao during the day, but was ignored by Ma Xiaoxiao and fell to the ground, Yi Dongdong felt a little disappointed. Li Zhaohang found Ou Xiaojian again, and Ou Xiaojian continued to work undercover to help him collect evidence. When Li Zhaohang saw Ou Xiaojian’s hand injury, he thought it was Brother Hua who was causing him trouble. He hoped that Ou Xiaojian could speak his mind, and don’t miss it. Li Zhaohang said that if Ou Xiaojian wants to quit now, he can understand it, but Ou Xiaojian does not want to be like Ou Jianguo, he must insist on finishing this work. Ou Xiaojian intends to hand over Little Hong Kong to Big Fat, and he wants to stay away from Mayang Street to protect the safety of the people around him.

A Fei found out that Xiao Si betrayed him, and found someone to beat him up. Ange was angry. However, I heard that Ou Xiaojian had a fight for Ma Xiaoxiao during the day. Ange thought that the relationship between Ou Xiaojian and Ma Xiaoxiao was definitely not normal, and he was going to find Ma Xiaoxiao to vent his anger. Grandma Ou has been waiting for Ou Xiaojian to come back, talking to him, and wanting to ask him if he is still going to Beijing, Ou Xiaojian said that she would not go.

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