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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 21 Recap

Ou Xiaojian opened the door of the room and saw Ma Xiaoxiao was holding a flashlight at him. The two of them had an appointment to talk together. Grandma Ou was very happy to see their sweet looks. Ou Xiaojian expressed his love to Ma Xiaoxiao, and Ma Xiaoxiao also felt very happy when he was with Ou Xiaojian. Ou Xiaojian promised Ma Xiaoxiao that Grandma Ou was his dearest person. Before going to Beijing, she would open Little Hong Kong and make achievements in front of Ma Xiaoxiao’s parents so that they could see their sincerity.

Ou Xiaojian remembered the first time he met Ma Xiaoxiao when he was a child. There were other children who bullied Ou Xiaojian. Ma Xiaoxiao took the initiative to help him. From that time on, the two of them played together with their childhood sweethearts.

Little Hong Kong is about to open, Ou Xiaojian let the big fat learn to manage. A Fei called and wanted to send Ou Xiaojian a batch of goods before, but Ou Xiaojian refused, and Mapi suddenly sent a message that An Ge was picked up by Hua Ge’s people. A Fei always felt something was wrong. Ou Xiaojian handed the last recorder to Li Zhaohang. The arrest of A Fei was about to come to an end. Li Zhaohang also asked his superiors to let Ou Xiaojian go to Beijing, planning to introduce a good unit to him. Ou Xiaojian must have done a great job this time.

Little Hong Kong opened, and neighbors from Mayang Street came to celebrate. The store supplied many overseas goods shipped from Hong Kong, which was very popular. Ou Xiaojian was also very happy. He came to the Nanhua Cinema alone and watched a movie, but he didn’t expect that he was arrested by a group of police as soon as he left the cinema.

Li Zhaohang came to interrogate Ou Xiaojian. Ou Xiaojian became angry. Li Zhaohang told Ou Xiaojian that A Fei’s rival Hua had designed to frame Ou Xiaojian, and they had no way to capture Ou Xiaojian together. After Mapi learned the news, he quickly reported the situation to A Fei, hoping that A Fei could save Ou Xiaojian as soon as possible. A Fei is playing billiards, he has known about this a long time ago, so Ma Pi should not interfere, which can also test whether Ou Xiaojian can be reused. Ma Pi used his own life to guarantee Ou Xiaojian’s life, but A Fei pinched his neck and pressed it on the table. A Fei asked him not to use his life guarantee.

Grandma Ou was particularly worried that Ou Xiaojian had not come back and couldn’t eat anything. Aunt Niu and Ma Xiaoxiao stayed with Grandma Ou. Li Zhaohang believed that A Fei was not an ordinary smuggler, and that there might be a huge smuggling group behind him. He took out two photos for Ou Xiaojian to recognize, but Ou Xiaojian did not recognize the person from behind.

Sun Benyan came back after inquiring about the news and told everyone about the imprisonment of Ou Xiaojian in the Public Security Bureau. The neighbors in the neighborhood couldn’t think of a solution, and currently they couldn’t find a suitable lawyer to guarantee him. Ma Xiaoxiao felt very depressed after learning about it. Aunt Niu was worried that Ma Xiaoxiao might be affected by Ou Xiaojian’s affairs in applying for her volunteers. She brought out the rice wine and talked with Ma Xiaoxiao. Ma Xiaoxiao finally decided to become a lawyer and choose a law major.

Yi Dongdong intends to carve an object and give it to Ma Xiaoxiao, although his hands are cut. After Yi Nannan saw it, he satirized Yi Dongdong’s unrequited love, thinking that he had nothing to do with Ma Xiaoxiao. After all, Ma Xiaoxiao is relatively strong, and she might choose a man who can suppress her. Yi Dongdong imagined the scene of giving things to Ma Xiaoxiao, and he was happy by himself.

The teachers of Yucai Middle School all guided everyone to fill in their volunteers, and only the volunteers of Zeng Hao and Ma Xiaoxiao were recognized by the teacher. Everyone met for a dinner together, and Sun Yan was particularly impressed when he heard that Liang Yuanchao ran away from home again.

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