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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 20 Recap

Although Ma Xiaoxiao was angry, she was not worried at all. After all, she was not afraid of the shadow crooked and did not cheat. The friends all want to know who is so wicked, but the report letter is anonymous and there is no way to check it temporarily. After Ou Xiaojian found out, he asked Da Pang to investigate the relationship between Ma Xiaoxiao and his classmates to see if anyone was following Ma Xiaoxiao recently.

Ou Xiaojian has been waiting for Ma Xiaoxiao, knowing that someone has reported Ma Xiaoxiao. He thinks this matter is strange. The Yucai Center knew about it the first time. The person who spread the rumors will definitely spread to Mayang Street soon. If you let him know who it is. To do, he must beat that person.

Yi Nannan went to a cram school with Madada, and Ma Xiaoxiao went out to the school to cooperate with the investigation, and happened to meet Zeng Xinglai at his home. Zeng Xing also learned that Ma Xiaoxiao was reported to have cheated. Zeng Xing found Ma Yingjun and asked him if he had any ideas for Ma Xiaoxiao to study abroad. Ma Yingjun said that as a girl, Ma Xiaoxiao will get married and have children sooner or later, and does not need to go abroad. He acted for his own self-interest, and even told Ma Yingjun when he cheated. Ma Yingjun was very angry when he heard that, but he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was sent to the hospital.

Neighbors in the neighbourhood knew that Ma Yingjun had entered the hospital, and everyone accompanied Niu to the hospital to wait. After being rescued by the doctor, Ma Yingjun was in no serious condition for the time being, and he could be discharged after another observation. Zeng Zhenmei asked Zeng Xing to apologize to Aunt Niu. Not only did Zeng Xing not admit his mistakes, he also continued to talk about Ma Xiaoxiao’s cheating in front of everyone. He believed that everything he did was for Ma Xiaoxiao’s good, and that if he did not go abroad, others would Will point to Ma Xiaoxiao, saying that she is not good at her character.

Ma Xiaoxiao and Madada rushed to the hospital. In front of Aunt Niu, Ma Xiaoxiao said that she had never cheated since childhood, but Aunt Niu was not in the mood to continue talking to her and asked her to go through Ma Yingjun’s discharge procedures first. When Ou Xiaojian heard what Zeng Xing said, he felt a little suspicious.

Yi Dongdong decided to do something for Ma Xiaoxiao, he wrote a joint letter, ready to reflect the true situation. Because after the college entrance examination was over, Ma Xiaoxiao took the answers out of the examination room in order to evaluate the scores of his friends. The person who reported anonymously used that piece of paper, believing that Ma Xiaoxiao knew the answer in advance and reported her.

It was learned from Liang Xiaobao that the four-page answer sheet written by Ma Xiaoxiao was finally taken home by Zeng Hao. Ou Xiaojian confirmed that his guess was correct. He found Zeng Xing and asked him to take the report letter back and apologize to Ma Xiaoxiao. Zeng Xing’s mentality has been distorted, but he was still afraid that Ou Xiaojian would make trouble for himself. Ma Xiaoxiao and Yi Dongdong saw all this. Ma Xiaoxiao believed that Ou Xiaojian should not do things in such a society, and the two quarreled unhappy.

Yi Dongdong saw that Zeng Xing was sneaky and punched Zeng Xing. Zeng Xing asked Yi Dongdong back. He knew that Yi Dongdong liked Ma Xiaoxiao. Yi Dongdong said that although he likes Ma Xiaoxiao, he never asks Ma Xiaoxiao to respond to him, and only hopes that she can be happy. Zeng Xing wanted to drink and confided in the low self-esteem of his single-parent family. He has always had a crush on Ma Xiaoxiao. He thinks that he is so good. Ma Xiaoxiao should like him instead of the slumbering Ou Xiaojian.

After that night, Zeng Xing was finally relieved. He took the initiative to find the school and confessed the matter. The friends on Mayang Street forgave him. When Zeng Xing was about to study abroad, a few friends came to see him off. Ma Xiaoxiao thought about whether the relationship with Ou Xiaojian would continue, Madada asked Ma Xiaoxiao to take the initiative and give Ou Xiaojian a chance.

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