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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 19 Recap

A Fei suspected that Ou Xiaojian was betraying himself. How could the goods sold to him be sold so well, and the accounts he got were not correct. He thought that Ou Xiaojian was making small moves behind his back, suspecting that he was an undercover agent sent by the police, and sent to Ou Xiaojian. caveat. Ou Xiaojian responded frankly. He always said nothing in his work. Since he wants to sell goods, he will definitely sell well, and he has his own way of selling goods.

Under A Fei’s questioning, Ou Xiaojian told A Fei how he sells goods. Seeing that Ou Xiaojian is so smart, A Fei began to believe in him again and said that he was very optimistic about him, and hoped that Ou Xiaojian would not let him down. Ou Xiaojian helped Mapi again indirectly, and Mapi expressed his gratitude to him, because the accounts were wrong and he misappropriated the money from the accounts.

Ou Xiaojian thought that he could go to Beijing after this time. Grandma Ou was very worried about his current situation and asked when Ou Xiaojian could return to the grocery store to help. Ou Xiaojian told Grandma Ou that she was going to quit her job in the repair shop, to see if Grandma Ou would like to live in Beijing with him. Grandma Ou thought that Ou Xiaojian was in trouble again, so Ou Xiaojian hurriedly explained that she had found a stable job in Beijing, which made Grandma Ou at ease. Grandma Ou hopes that as long as Ou Xiaojian lives in a stable and stable life, she will wait for Ou Xiaojian to return in Mayang Street.

On the day of the college entrance examination, the neighbors in Mayang Street all expressed concern for their children and told them to answer well in the examination room without panic. When Sun Wei left, Chen Lili prepared eggs for him, and Hao Pushi personally sent Yi Dongdong to the examination room to cheer him on. Ma Xiaoxiao’s family is even more looking forward to her, cheering for her, Ou Xiaojian also came out to cheer Ma Xiaoxiao, Ma Xiaoxiao happily arrived at the examination room with the hope of the whole family, and calmly dealt with the college entrance examination.

After the college entrance examination, a few friends met and began to compare the answers. Some were happy and some were annoyed. After Ma Xiaoxiao returned home, she saw Aunt Niu crying. It turned out that Aunt Niu sent the family’s two thousand yuan to the casino to buy a bid, but it was all gone. Ma Xiaoxiao accused Aunt Niu for not being careful and shouldn’t spend such a large sum of money in such a place, it is not safe at all. With Ma Xiaoxiao’s temper, she rushed to the casino single-handedly after talking about Aunt Niu and asked Ah Tian for money.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Ma Xiaoxiao entered the casino, he saw Ou Xiaojian playing mahjong with the group of people. Ou Xiaojian also saw Ma Xiaoxiao. He was worried that Ma Xiaoxiao would be involved in danger. He took Ma Xiaoxiao out first. Ma Xiaoxiao told Ou Xiaojian about Aunt Niu. Ou Xiaojian said that he could help her settle the matter.

No one can say no to Ou Xiaojian’s courage in the gang. He asked A Tian to get Aunt Niu’s money back, and told him not to place bids on Mayang Street in the future, otherwise he would take the consequences. Tian hurriedly returned the money to Ou Xiaojian, and Ou Xiaojian took the money to Ma Xiaoxiao, and the two chatted a few more words. The two encouraged each other, and Ma Xiaoxiao kept giving Ou Xiaojian time, believing that he was finally back on track.

The college entrance examination results finally came down, Ma Xiaoxiao lived up to expectations, took the third place in the province’s liberal arts, and finally can choose the university major she wants to study. Her score is also their highest score in the past five years in Yucai Middle School. Yi Dongdong also got his wish. Although only one point more than the college entrance examination line, he can still apply for universities in Beijing. Zeng Hao was also admitted to the university, and only Sun Xun was admitted to the junior college, but everyone was very happy.

Ma Yingjun decided to hold a celebration banquet for Ma Xiaoxiao. Congratulations to her for her excellent results, but Aunt Niu thought that the girls’ results were too good to be a good target. Chen Lili saw that Sun Fal likes to take pictures. She offered to buy Sun Fal a camera as a reward. Yi Dongdong suggested that everyone go to the park to take pictures. In fact, he himself wanted to take a photo with Ma Xiaoxiao. But unexpectedly, Ma Xiaoxiao was chatting with Ou Xiaojian all the way, completely ignoring the existence of Yi Dongdong, Yi Dongdong felt a little lost.

Some people were dissatisfied with Ma Xiaoxiao and reported her cheating during the college entrance examination. The above hoped that Ma Xiaoxiao could produce evidence to prove that he was not cheating innocent before filling in the volunteers, otherwise Ma Xiaoxiao’s college entrance examination results would be cancelled. Ma Xiaoxiao was very angry when she heard it. If no evidence is available, it means that she will not be able to take the college entrance examination for the past three years, and everyone is worried for her.

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